Zombienomicon TM

Zombienomicon (TM) was an outgrowth of my 2004 RPG Eternium, which is a superhero game set in a world as close to our own world as possible in terms of the corruption, evil scum in power, corrupt and incompetent police and so on. All that is altered is the publicity and frequency of Charles Fort’s “Wild Talents” – superheroes, supervillains and super powered randoms – who try and do the best they can in a world where as the tagline says “heroes are villains and the real villains are the rulers”.

Zombienomicon took the same basic material, already expanded in the teen-hero themed Silence Is Golden and ran with the idea of a world where predominantly supernatural powers flooded out after a single event – presumptively the finding and reading of a book of evil magic – the Zombienomicon.

Zombienomicon itself was followed by Gordian World right at the point where my game design and publishing activities entirely ceased. As of 2015 when I returned to this milieu in a small way I also thought adapting Zombienomicon into comic book form would be good, and certainly it lends itself to a bewildering variety of stories.

Gordian World added non-supernatural superpowered people and places to the Zombienomicon world, with the only possible supernatural or Fortean element to the technology being that perhaps before the Zombienomicon was read most of the technology wouldn’t have “worked” – the same shift in probably physics outcomes that permits the supernatural ecology to flourish also permits very unlikely technology to prosper.


Zombienomicon page 7: first look at Red Mogul

zp7Other than the digitally coloured figures this is all traditional art, and in fact collaged – the nineteenth century equivalent of photoshop layers I guess. 🙂

The Mighty Bill and Maeve emerge from the scene of the fight between the Bug Giant and Daemonosaur only to discover this enormous fortress, complete with impenetrable wall…




Zombienomicon was the second last gamebook I ever worked on. Together with Zombienomicon II Gordian World and the Silence is Golden campaign book it forms a complete campaign for teens / uni students versus eldritch horror RPG. Tabletop gaming lost its charms after this and I moved on. Still, it’s good stuff, able to be mined for ideas.

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