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#DarkDungeons House of Darkness

House of Darkness cover


A book of house rules and addons for Dark Dungeons RPG


Contents                                                                                          Page

Addendum to Chapter 4: Creating a Character                                              5

Amazon                                                                                                                    5

Cleric options                                                                                                          6

The Corruptor                                                                                              6

Half-Elves                                                                                                                 8

Dragon Rider                                                                                               9

Warlord                                                                                                         12

Humanoid Animals                                                                                                14

Moreauvian                                                                                                 18

Master Animal                                                                                            19

Magic-User options                                                                                               21

Wood Wizard                                                                                              21

Renouncing Immortality                                                                                      24


Addendum to Chapter 5: Ability Checks & Skills                                           25

Colleges                                                                                                                    25

Guilds                                                                                                                                    26

The Bard                                                                                                        30

The Jester                                                                                                      30

The Acrobat                                                                                                 30

The Fortune Teller                                                                                       31

The Charlatan                                                                                              31

The Hermit                                                                                                   32

The Mummer                                                                                               32

The Jongleur                                                                                                 33

Herbal Remedies                                                                                                    34

Herbal Remedy Ingredients                                                                    36

Reagents                                                                                                                  40

Reagent Recipe Type                                                                                 42

Snobbery                                                                                                                  48


Addendum to Chapter 7: Spells & Spellcasting                                             55

Ool’s Spallbok                                                                                                         55


Addendum to Chapter 9: Dungeon Delving                                                   60

Dungeon Randomiser                                                                                           60

Customised Wandering Monsters                                                                    77


Addendum to Chapter 12: Into the Wider World                                          92

Aeroliths                                                                                                                   92

Castle Generator                                                                                                    100


Addendum to Chapter 15: Out of This World                                                 112

The Inner Dark                                                                                                         112


Addendum to Chapter 18: Monsters                                                                124

Alphabetical list of monsters                                                                               124


Addendum to Chapter 19: Treasure                                                                  223

Gifts from the Gods: Crates                                                                                 223

Non-random Treasure: Power Gems                                                                224


Addendum to Part 5-Additional Material:                                                       238

Flavour Text and Campaign Threads                                                                238


OPEN GAME LICENCE version 1.0a                                                                 255


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#DarkDungeons Monster Entry: The Migou


Type: Animal

Habitat: Arctic or Mountains (Rare)

Wandering Group: 1 (U)

Lair Group: 1 + 1d4 juveniles (minimum hit points) (U x 2)

Move 40’ (bipedal) 60’ (quadrupedal)

Armor Class: 6

Hit Dice: 6* (28 hp)

Attack Bonus +6


Claw (1d6) &

Claw (1d6) &

Bite (1d12)

Phantasmal Visions* (see below)

NOTE: if both Claw attacks are successful against a single target in that combat round the Migou does an extra (2d8) crushing damage to that target.

vs Death / Poison: 11

vs Wand: 12

vs Paralyze / Petrify: 7

vs Dragon Breath: 17

vs Rod / Staff / Spell: 14

Alignment: Chaotic

Intelligence: 6

Morale: 9

XP Value: 485

The Migou or Yueh-Teh is a prehistoric survival, being an ancestral offshoot of the bear species that eventually became the Bear (Black) and Bear (Polar) subspecies.

The Migou is a relentless and extremely savage predator, preferentially attacking humans, demihumans and canines as it obviously sees the taste of these prey as a delicacy.

The Migou’s paws are foot-like on its hind legs since although it is a quadruped its light build and proportions allow it to move rapidly on two legs as well as four. The front paws of the Migou are covered in long shaggy fur, and its claws are in a row on the front paws almost resembling a spiky fin.

Migou are solitary, mating is a one-off event each year and females give birth to live young that follow her around for a year before going their own way.

At some point in their existence the Migou have developed mental powers as an adaptation to hunting Mystics and Magic-Users and these powers make them a vastly more formidable opponent than a conventional Bear of any type. This attack which the Migou can use once per combat round is called Phantasmal Visions and operates as a form of mental illusion that creates an effect somewhat similar to Hold Person or Hold Monster. The Migou emits a psychic field with a 60’ radius of its body. Within this spherical zone all characters must save vs Paralyze / Petrify or be treated as if under the influence of a Hold Person (or Hold Monster or Hold Animal as appropriate) spell. The Phantasmal Visions effect lasts only a maximum of ten minutes, and each time a character suffers any form injury it can re-roll its save to end the effect upon it. Characters can be re-affected by the Migou as long as they are within the range of the effect. The Migou uses this effect either when in direct combat or as its first attack on potential prey, sleeping campers or anyone else it encounters who it decides to eat.

The nature of the Phantasmal Visions are such that the affected victim sees the Migou as a character or animal for whom it has love, trust or respect. At the same time, the victim stops moving, as if under the Hold spell as described above. The character does nothing but murmur quietly to itself, as it sees the Migou as a peaceful figure standing nearby in a friendly way. This despite the fact that most likely the Migou is in all reality a slavering bloodthirsty attacker at that point in time.

It is said that a Mystic who can fight a Migou to the death single handedly whilst at equal or lesser hit dice to the creature gains permanent total immunity to all Hold and illusion magic. Such a Mystic is henceforth known as a Monk of the Iron Mind, and accorded great honor amongst his or her class.