Dave McGowan / Stefano: Programmed To Kill

#CharlieHebdo : enjoy a rich full flavoured conspiracy theory

Great summary for first 4 minutes, after that you’re on your own with the videographer’s conclusions. I will say though that although I do NOT think #CharlieHebdo was a hoax, it does indeed have all the hallmarks of #GLADIO and the strategy of tension.

As one of the leading neonazis in Italy said of the Milan bombing of which he was part, whilst thinking they were fighting the forces of communist subversion and maintaining independence from the State, the terrorists were in fact tools of the security forces and the State.

They were genuine violent extremists but they were still totally coopted by NATO intel and CIA for use as tools to scare the population into clamoring for police state measures.

What were once called communist subversives tomorrow may be called something quite different…


Little Green Men

You’ve seen them in pickle jars from Puerto Rico, seen them mummified from the Alto Plana Atacalma and elsewhere- they were even conducting burials in eighteenth century Edinburgh… Now check out a live one, complete with trainers!

Joker Las Vegas fake patriot Democrat killers- and the psychic power of prediction

Labor tried to stop the boats (pig’s arse they did)

Marxists always market
Which means marxists always lie
Democracy’s just the means to and end
Tyranny is always their best friend
Until our countries die

#BundyRanch #ObamaHatesCowboys The Truth

You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.