Special 7: dream team from current superheroes

Marvel (Disney) have turned their published comics into a trademark farm with no consideration for whether for example popular characters would actually join teams – sometimes one character is in five teams. Hilariously stupid and moneygrubbing.

Likewise DC’s car crash of a continuity has resulted in a basic porridge of unmemorable stories and incongruous characters doing questionable “adult” things with context being a passing fancy rather than essential element of story telling.

So let’s visit the world of 2114, when today’s trademarks and copyrights will in most cases long since have been destroyed or resold and broken up. In 2114 we will be more or less free to make a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (itself nothing more than the Alanmooreisation of the traditional pulp cliches).

The Special 7 – Justice Avengers

1. Wolverine

He’s too popular not to be included.

2. Wonder Woman

She’s iconic and by a century from now she will have reclaimed pop culture ascendancy.

3. Spider-Man

This will not be Peter Parker, but a spideroid of some kind will still be a folkloric popular figure

4. ?????????

A female character not yet known, probably non-white, definitely spawned from new media

5. Captain Marvel / Thor

A shazam type alter ego superhero will undoubtedly still be popular. I would tip Thor, made up in the colour scheme of Captain Marvel. So an updated green climate change is real Thor dressed in red and gold.

6. Flash

Flash will regain relevancy and obtain a dramatically revised origin as physics and revelations about anti gravity make his powers more UFO and less frankenstein

7. Hellboy / Hellgirl

A portmanteau character that allows people who don’t want to admit they find Jack Kirby’s autodidactic art ugly, Hellboy or an updated female version is probably the only non Disney / Warner character to be included.

Female Captain America by ToHeavenOrHell on deviantART