#PKD ‘Time out of Joint’, 1959

“What would you get on your crystal set?” Vic asked his son. “Are there any stations still transmitting?” It had been his impression that radio stations had folded up several years ago.

Ragle said, “He can probably monitor ship-to-shore signals. Aircraft landing instructions.”

“Police calls,” Sammy declared.

“That’s right,” Ragle said. “The police still use radio for their cars.” Holding out his hand he accepted the crystal set from Vic. “I can trace the circuit later, Sammy,” he said. “But I’ve got too good a hand right now. How about tomorrow?”

Junie said, “Maybe he can pick up flying saucers.”

“Yes,” Marge agreed. “That’s what you ought to aim for.”

“I never thought of that,” Sammy said.

“There’s no such thing as flying saucers,” Bill Black said testily. He fiddled with his cards.

“Oh no?” Junie said. “Don’t kid yourself. Too many people have seen them for you to dismiss it. Or don’t you accept their documented testimony?”

“Weather balloons,” Bill Blake said. Vic was inclined to agree with him, and he saw Ragle nodding. “Meteors. Meteorological phenomena.”

“Absolutely,” Ragle said.

“But I read that people had actually ridden in them,” Margo said.

They all laughed, except Junie.

“It’s true,” Margo said. “I heard it over TV.”

Vic said, “I’ll go as far as admitting that there seems to be some sort of odd-ball stuff going on up there.” He remembered one experience of his own. The summer before, during a camping trip, he had watched a bright object flash across the sky at such velocity that no plane, even a jet-propelled plane, could have matched it. The thing had more the manner of a projectile. In an instant it had whisked off over the horizon. And occasionally, at night, he had heard rumblings, as if heavy vehicles were passing at reduced velocity across the sky. Windows had vibrated, so it had not been head-noises, as Margo had decided. In an article in a digest medical magazine she had read that head-noises indicate high blood pressure, and after that she had wanted him to visit their health-plan doctor for a checkup.

Philip K. Dick

Time Out Of Joint


Copyright © 1959 by Philip K. Dick.
ISBN 0-8398-2480-7

Dulce Base and the “new” laser starship idea

As the Valdez family so expertly, honestly and thoroughly revealed, the entire Dulce Base pack of lies – aliens, cattle mutilations by aliens, underground base full of aliens… All of it was bullshit.

The Valdez documents establish, beyond ANY doubt, and I mean ANY doubt, that it was elements of the US federal government (surprise!) that did the cattle mutilations, and flew the “UFO”. For example the proof of the UFO’s earthly but secret origins is that when the local sheriff and his men from the reservation switched from English language to local amerindian language, the UFO was no longer able to understand them and evade them.

Further, the reason for the mutilations and other strange events is monitoring of biological and nuclear contamination from various tests and from nuclear explosions used underground in the region for research and also for mining out the real underground base where the real spaceships – secret projects – flew and still do fly in fact.

Cut to April 2016, and now the same old media whore scientists and “entrepreneurs” are releasing other people’s once-secret information about laser-propelled sailing ships of space. This is EXACTLY the technology -much more advanced than what is currently being discussed in public- that was being tested around Dulce.

This type of slow release of secret technology has happened over and over again – with the Blackbird spy plane, biological testing in cities and so many more outrageous secrets.

The public version of the project is still a lie, because the secret version of the technology was perfected decades ago. At the same time the “we have the technology to send ET home” was made.

The timing is interesting too – “Earth like” planets in other solar systems supposedly discovered and analysed via telescopy have been announced in some detail at the time now it would have taken manned starships to fly there beginning in the early 1990s and return. Journeys taking years, to be sure, but well within 1960s technology, let alone 1990s technology.

There will be some amazing announcements over the next 6 years, but please don’t believe any of them are true as advertised. There is a secret space programme, a breakaway civilisation and there will NEVER be any form of “Disclosure”. There’s too much money involved not to mention a planned future where the surviving human subspecies will be ruled over forever by an Annunaki style elite. Not from another planet; from THIS planet.

Everything from the EU to NASA has clear public elements of this plan.

He that has eyes to see, let him look.



“Aurora”, Bird of Prey or similar #SecretSpace craft docked at ISS?

Schematic of ISS with screenshot of docked UFO


The incident happened on January 29, 2014 and was transmitted by NASA’s live camera feed of the ISS which is made freely available on the internet to the general public on Ustream. The live camera feed was recorded and part of it was initially uploaded to Youtube by the user Streetcap1 on January 29. After requests by users to see the full camera feed, Streetcap1 uploaded all that was recorded yesterday, February 5.

The full video shows that the UFO was stationary and appeared to be docked with the ISS. The UFO is seen clearly in relation to the ISS thereby allowing for an accurate estimate of its size. One estimate was 10 meters in length. While the earth slowly rotates, the UFO remains stationary suggesting it is not a lensflare, glare, reflected image or other kind of camera anomaly. A schematic of the ISS (see attached picture) shows the UFO was docked between the Soyuz escape module and the Russian research and service module. If a UFO was to dock with the ISS, this would be one of the five active docking locations where it could so in order for personnel to be transferred on to the ISS.


Ray Palmer invented UFOlogy – but who for? It’s misled so many for so long, it’s a worthy question.


In the first issue of Flying Saucers from Other Worlds, Rap angrily struck out at so-called journalists in May of 1957.

“When flying saucers first appeared, no writer had the gumption to sit down and state it was a plain news item. No, they had to make a huge joke out of it…Your editor has a word for that kind of writer, and it’s spelled ‘tramp.’ They ride the fourth estate rails free…Laughing jackasses, the whole lot of them.”

Apparently, only Rap acknowledged his vast contribution to ufology. The ghost of Tacoma still haunted him. He was being snubbed even by Flying saucer organizations like NICAP, who refused to acknowledge his work. Rap concluded NICAP was simply a “mouthpiece for the CIA” in one of his many searing editorials: “…In spite of the fact that this editor is not only the first flying saucer investigator, but the possessor of the largest private file of saucer information in the world, and the publisher of the only newsstand magazine on flying saucers, and has repeatedly offered to help NICAP, this help being refused.” John A. Keel remained unrepentant of his criticism of Rap’s ufological contribution, as revealed in a 1984 letter to Shavertron, a fanzine dedicated to the Shaver Mystery. Keel was bemoaning an apparent lack of interest in flying saucers at that time, making it more difficult to sell saucer-related material.

“Palmer created and sustained the field of ufology, and modeled it after science fiction fandom,” chided Keel. “If Palmer had not existed, it is very likely that widespread interest in flying saucers would have faded away after 1947. After his death in 1977, ufology and the subject of UFOs has slipped into total limbo…

“Because only a few copies of Amazing Stories from the 1940s remain intact, very few advocates of the Shaver Mystery have had a chance to study them. So the Shaver Mystery itself is now founded on hearsay and myth.

“Keep up the bad work,
“John A. Keel.”



Let’s waste not another second on JFK or Sandy Hook style disinfo and fucktard arguments.

Based on the documents, the National Security Committee- which publically set up the glove puppet CIA whilst going dark with the NSA at the same time- identified Charles Fort and his Forteana enthusiasts as the single biggest threat to cold war security surrounding the nazi magic technology stolen from Germany after World War 2 by predominantly Russia and the USA but also Great Britain and the anglosphere.

People noting weird rains, odd lights, stage magic deceptions and the continuity errors they cause- were the enemy of secrecy. Especially since their above average intelligence and natural skepticism (the opposite of today’s low IQ cheapjack debunker so-called Forteans) made them prickly pears to deal with when the men in dark suits came round to bully them into silence. Indeed the silencers themselves became exceptional or Fortean events themselves!

And so out of nowhere the hackjerk nitwittery of UFOlogy was born. There’s a reason why many smart teenagers get into UFOlogy- and grow out of it by 21.

So many people read John Keel in slack jawed ooh aah wonder at the Herodotian recitation of carnival wonders, whilst ignoring Keel’s semiosis.

Keel APPROVED of AFOSI and other intel tricks on the public- until he became a victim in his Great Phone Hack Mystery (hardly a mystery if he’d thought a bit clearer or been more honest in his books- it was a physical literal hack of his phone service and acknowledged as such- human agency).

Keel thought physical UFOs were human origin and the “alien” UFOs were entities from the superspectrum- a sane position to take but not one that will perpetuate mysteries and sell books, as he discovered.

Keel knew some of what he wrote about was a hoax. He knew the hoaxers responsible. But as a stage magician himself- Keel knew the game. He knew something very important about stage magic and intel agency hoaxing too. He knew that stage magic makes safe and keeps us separate from the real occult of mind eating shapeshifters, living hallucinations, fear eaters and egregores. He hints at all of this in his books and outright says it in two of them. But God forbid the fuckwittery factory of modern Fortean debunkerism ever discuss it, let alone the credulous magical thinkers of UFOlogy.

Jacques Vallee came up with his ridiculous Magonia “theory” at precisely the time people were researching and patenting superspectrum based technologies. And suddenly attention was diverted back to childish folklore comparisons and other nonsense. Magonia is NOT a good fit for UFO events because UFO events are not of singular origin. And it makes a wonderful cover for secret space technology, whose occupants need only dress or act alien to invalidate the experience. Use some fucking brains people!

But then as any stage magician can tell you, the entertainer has in some ways an easy task- people wilfully want to escape into fantasy. They willingly hypnotise themselves with the garish wallpaper when the alternative is to stare blankly at the walls of the Black Iron Prison.




The Testimony of Robert Vinson : #JFK , UFO, Mercury, Roswell and CIA saucers

As it turned out, they had not let him go at all.


Three months later, Robert Vinson was again ordered to report to a telephone number for the CIA, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The difference was he was no longer being asked to work for the CIA. He was told to work for the CIA. The Air Force had reassigned him to a top-secret CIA project, the Blackbird SR 71 spy plane, at an air base hidden in the Nellis Mountains, forty miles northwest of Las Vegas.[504] In more recent years, after the base was closed especially because of radioactive contamination from the Nevada Test Site, this former CIA testing area was identified as Site 51.[505]


On his new assignment, Vinson would soon learn that the CIA’s projects out of Site 51 included experimental aircraft shaped like saucers. The same was true at the CIA’s other base at Roswell, New Mexico, where the C-54 carrying the second Oswald had landed. Both Site 51 and Roswell were home to the “flying saucers” that people saw periodically in the area. They in fact came not from outer space but from the CIA, which encouraged the flying saucer reports as a convenient cover story for U.S. experimental aircraft.[506]


New Age, Same Old Gods

ashtar_s_message_by_flying_tiger_comics-d76o1uyThis is the message which interrupted television transmission across Southern Britain in the 1970s, origin unknown.

JFK murder conspiracy

JFK murder conspiracy- if JFK was killed because he was going to take USA out of Viet Nam, and he was, was he also killed because he was going to end the cold war, with all its lovely money for the military-industrial-congressional complex?

Rather than esoteric and frankly, silly, reasons such as JFK was killed because he was going to reveal the truth about Roswell, a more prosaic explanation, that still includes the UFO cover stories and secret space… Is that JFK was going to end the cold war by revealing that the missile gap was a lie. In one stroke that would end the cold war and also destroy the justification for the UFO cover stories.

What we are left with, behind all the stupidity of UFO cover stories such as Roswell, Zeta Reticuli and so on- is the reality of military abductions, intense programmes relating to gravity drive engines, electromagnetic parasitic fuel sources, mind control and occult forces by the least overt parts of the DIA CIA NSA DISC pool. It is incontrovertible that enormous sums have been spent and are still spent on what the common herd would consider beyond fringe topics such as contact with nonhuman entities, PK, exploring ruins on other planets and so on.

All the real focuses of research are identifiable quite easily, because they are the subjects that the lapdog media and the political puppets won’t go near.

The real question is the degree of linkage between the different subverted and suppressed subjects. Are they part of a grand design or not?

If they are, then not only is there a secret space programme and a whole corpus of secret John Dee style mathematics-magic being compiled by the spooks, but it would mean that all those missing people and missing and abused children are part of the experiments too. Perhaps they are the price the nonhumans demand.

If you self censor yourself rather than questioning everything- such as what “everybody knows” about JFK, UFOs, satanism and mind control- if you won’t question scientifically, no holds barred- you will get nowhere.