#DoctorWho: the unintentionally funny ironic bloviating of dry drunk Peter Capaldi

“It can become a kind of franchise where it’s not a real character at all, but just an amalgam of elements that people think are Doctor Who: a scarf, a bow tie… I wanted to be the actual Doctor Who.” – Peter Capaldi


What, like sunglasses, adolescent wangst about being a good man, dressing in shit clothes which are basically a uniform, pantomime transvestites, black for black’s sake racecasting, mary sue companions, a character literally dressed in a bowtie and scarf, excruciating guitar playing scenes…

Not an amalgam of elements that people think are Doctor Who at all then, eh?


One more year of sub-McCoy shite then hopefully- a big change for the better.


#DoctorWho Gallifrey Base: left-wing thought control in action

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Attention everyone: These threads DO NOT say “praisers only” or “disdainers only”. Any member is allowed to read and post and comment. These threads have NOT been established to fence off discussion or create safe zones for people who want to praise or slag off without an opposing reaction.


I’ll just pop over to the praise thread then and see how long I last before getting banned.

You violated your own rules to silence dissent, no amount of posts at the top of one of these threads will change that.


Gallifrey Base stands as a perfect online example of gleichschaltung, thought control and left-wing spin doctoring. It might be for Doctor Who but that just indicates the depths marxists will sink to and the mind control addiction of the SJW PC wanktivists.

Doctor Who as a show is no more now than poisonous fan fiction, and the forum that seeks to support that- and manipulate online reaction to create favourable news stories- is at best a sinister and undeclared commercial attempt to shore up the failing show and at worst outright propaganda to push cultural marxism.


How to do an arc; how NOT to do an arc

http://avatarjuan.deviantart.com/art/Groot-474743410 http://avatarjuan.deviantart.com/ Groot by Avatarjuan on DeviantArt

How to do an arc: four more or less casual mentions, two sort of underlined, in a two hours film: Star Lord’s dad mystery in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Adds to the film, gets you engaged and thinking, totally not in the way of what is going on, drives plot in some ways and opens out the universe. Also, mystery.  Also, even though it’s dialogue, uses to the maximum the adage “show don’t tell”. Could have been done whatever the film’s budget or style and would have been as or more impactful.


How NOT to do an arc: shoehorn some bad fanfiction idea into an already threadbare and short on time season of Doctor Who: see Moffat, Steven – anything by as showrunner in DOCTOR WHO.

Gets right in the way of anything new or interesting, bores even the hardened fan, reduces loyal viewers to the position of the aunt or uncle of a disabled child who must be encouraged even when wrong, cheapens a show that can cover all time and space by going back to the same plot, same tiresome easily solved “mystery”, same characters and same female character types. Also slows down the show, get shoehorned in at the least appropriate moments and disengages the audience by breaking the unspoken contract to throw the whole cosmos at us- we know deep down it will be the same four locations in Wales and the same tired fanwank introspection, not because this is central to the show or because it can’t afford anything else but because nothing else can be thought of by the boy-king in charge.

They have made a desert of infinite potential.


#DoctorWho ‘s Jenna Coleman will NOT be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant

Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman will NOT be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant

The 28-year-old actress’s decision to remain as the Time Lord’s glamorous assistant Clara Oswald in another series will delight millions of fan

Getty Jenna Coleman attends the "Doctor Who"
Staying put: Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman will not be saying Ta-tardis to Doctor Who as expected this Christmas.

The 28-year-old actress’s decision to remain as the Time Lord’s glamorous assistant Clara Oswald in another series will delight millions of fans.

Jenna had originally planned to bow out in the upcoming BBC1 festive special, and it was reported in August that the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, would soon be in need of a new sidekick.

But since then she has changed her mind about departing and asked to remain for the first half of the new season, to be broadcast next autumn.

Her decision to linger has thrilled bosses, including Steven Moffat, who believe she has great chemistry with Capaldi, 56.

But it has meant scrapping the first set of new scripts. One show source revealed: “When it came to Clara, they had to tear them up and start again.”

The rest of the special, teasingly entitled Last Christmas, sees the Doctor and Clara unable to fully determine between a fantasy world and reality.

They are helped along by Nick Frost as Santa, who comes to the pair’s aid and is the hero of the hour.

BBC Doctor Who Christmas Special
Going nowhere: Jenna Coleman in the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Describing the Christmas Day show, the BBC said: “The Doctor and Clara face their last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base, under attack from terrifying creatures, who are you going to call? Santa Claus!”

The insider added that Jenna had had a “change of heart” about leaving, having done just one series with Capaldi.

The pair, who have drawn widespread acclaim for their partnership, also bonded during the World Tour to promote series eight, for which they visited seven cities across five continents in 12 days.



Moffat has stifled innovation to farcical levels. They are literally out of new ideas. And now they’re stuck with a companion. Judging by her unilateral decision, they have no other options and no master plan. Anyone who still thinks arcs are a good idea in Doctor Who need their head read- if there is so little control, so little real planning and apparently no consultation with actors dictating scripts- wrap it up, give it to someone else.

All this, and a shower of shit female Master.

Good times eh?

Steven Moffat, Doctor Who, The Caretaker and soldier bashing

If nothing else this moronic soldier bashing is highlighting how few people still serve, as well as the general abysmal ignorance about volunteerism, conscription and what you’re “made to do”.

Even during conscription, anyone objecting to fighting is given an equally or more dangerous job to do if they go to the front- ambulance driving for example.

Volunteerism shows a level of commitment no civilian would achieve. Least of all television writers given the opportunity to run a show they once regularly described in the 1990s as “rubbish”.

In terms of volunteer soldiering, it’s basically exactly what the Doctor has been cast as since the Patrick Troughton moonbase speech onwards.

In terms of the culture which pays the licence fees so the BBC can make Doctor Who, it’s extremely poor taste and rather anti-English to have a go at armed services personnel, especially when they’re now regularly dragged into corporate wars around the world.

Doctor Who doesn’t have to go to the “my country right or wrong” fascist support the troops rhetoric of American progamming, but flabby civilians whose idea of a war is arguing on a forum (or in the case of Moffat secretly reading every word on this one) should just leave it right out.

It’s as bad in its way as the right-on politics and tone deaf socialistic claptrap of the seventh doctor.

If the Pink character supposedly just did his turn as a squaddie or similar and never rose up the ranks, as well as the odious reference to “officers” as being something out of the Sharpe series- evil English lords etc. – whoever is writing this needs to get out more. A guy who never earns a promotion in reality is a hopeless soldier. Hopeless. To never qualify as a specialist etc. let alone drift through as a dog soldier- not representative.

But then we had the stupid acrobatics so perhaps he was some kewl commando and they had a secret mission and it all went wrong and he shot civilians because OFFICERS! Not hackneyed or trite at all then. Also in this day and age if civilians quote unquote were shot, he’d have been disciplined, prosecuted probably.

Load of tripe from beginning to end.

And for a cartoon parody of a Doctor whose catchphrase seems to be :shut up: this is another unneeded layer of unpleasantness.

Lawrence Miles explains, critiques and nails Moffat Who…

The Moffat Times-Table

If you don’t know the basics, then you’ll never be able to write a script with mathematical precision. Repeat after me…


“Monsieur… what are you doing in my fireplace?”

“Look, I’m in the television!”

“Monsieur… what are you doing in my television?”


“Today… nobody dies!”

“Oh, you wonderful, impossible man.”

“Today… nobody dies! Thanks to that wonderful, impossible man.”


Contrived love interest.

“You don’t know me, but I’m going to be important in your future.”

“You don’t know me, but I’m going to be a contrived love interest in your future.”


Inevitable love-interest death.

Timey-wimey paradoxical non-explanation.

Inevitable love-interest death, averted by timey-wimey paradoxical non-explanation.


“Are you my mummy…? Are you my mummy…? Are you my mummy…?”

Real-world thing likely to make children pretend to be scared.

“Hey, I’ve been eaten by shadows…! Hey, I’ve been eaten by shadows…! Hey, I’ve been eaten by shadows…!”


Unexpected super-powers.

Absurd fetishisation of the Doctor.

Imminent godhood.


Sitcom characterisation.