FBI leak on Reddit – 100% right so far


Journalism is dead, and it’s about time

This is the last election that will ever feature the lapdog media in any significant role. By next election online media will have entirely taken over.

The only reason the lapdog media still have any audience at all is that there are older people who have not adapted to the death of the journalist as a relevant tradesperson in our society.

It’s the equivalent of the 1910s – there are still horses and carts, but they’re on the way out, permanently.

Unlike the end of the age of the horse, the end of the age of the journalist is being hurried along by their own venality, corruption and incompetence. It’s the information age equivalent of the end of the corrupt pardoners and priests in the middle ages.

The wretched journalists will of course be the last ones to admit it.

Then we have the phenomenon where monolithic social media such as twitter and facebook make no attempt to disguise the fact that they simply want to replace the lapdog media and become the new slave owners. Unfortunately for them in times of revolution entire concepts are revised or thrown out. It isn’t simply a case of swapping bosses.

Of course, there are significant numbers of people who are lazy, moronic or badly educated -or all three. They will form the natural slave class to sustain control systems as they always have. But against that is the fact that “journalism” is dead. There is simply no need for propaganda organs when people can communicate directly.

The next phase of the attempt by the would-be elites to control everyone else will require paid bloggers, shills and trolls. In fact it has already become standard for such things to be done. Experiments in this regard have been carried out for decades, using fringe groups such as UFOlogy.





The photos were shared on social media (since removed) and also appear on her friend Kylie Jenner's website.The photos were shared on social media (since removed) and also appear on her friend Kylie Jenner’s website. Photo: Kylie Jenner

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are well known for their unusual parenting styles. They believe strongly in the empowerment of their two kids, Willow and 15-year-old Jaden. They do not believe in punishment, choosing instead to give their children the respect they would give to any other person.

However, this image of Willow has definitely disturbed me. The man in the picture is 20-year-old Moises Arias, best known for playing Rico on Hannah Montana. He is, apparently, a friend of the family, and there is no suggestion of any sexual relationship between the two, despite the provocative nature of the photo.


Talentless, tasteless, and a hideous troll. What a prize of a thirteen year old, complemented perfectly by closet homosexual and closet scientologist father Will “tanist of Barry Soetoro” Smith and his once-vibrant wife. Still, her high point was Demon Knight and that was an eternity ago.


Another ALP voter: racist bitch plays the #racecard

OWNERS of a Melbourne restaurant are fuming at being branded racist over the treatment of a customer and are considering legal action for defamation.

Their legal plans come as the African-Australian woman at the centre of the claims, which were published in The Age, has openly admitted that she hates white people.

The comments made by Tabotu Teklemariam, 21, on social media emerged after she claims she was turned away from Melbourne’s Il Pom restaurant for racial reasons.

“I’m going to bring you whites so down you wouldn’t know what’s coming,” Ms Teklemariam told social media followers on June 22.

“I don’t care if you think I’m being a racist cause (sic) I’ll openly admit it, I hate whites with a passion.”

Ms Teklemariam later apologised for the comments describing them as a single mistake in a “heated” moment, and vowed to continue her fight against racism.

A report published in The Age described Ms Teklemariam’s humiliation at being “attacked for being black” at the restaurant last Friday.

But Il Pom said it was 9.30pm when the woman and her boyfriend sat down and the kitchen was closed…

In a Facebook post last year, referring to an ABC report on DNA evidence about Europeans’ heritage, [Ms Teklemariam] wrote that Africans are “pure” and that “everybody outside of Africa is a mongrel”.



Fuck off out of the country you racist low class swine.

THIS is why 85% + of Australians want NO immigration at all for at least two years. Even then there will still be all of the krudd gillard illegal alien carpetbaggers fucking the country up.