Culmination, Fulmination, Fulcrum, Simulacrum

Back to writing and drawing the same story from inherited tigers through JT Neslo and Kid Celephais, reduced and refined, distilled if you like, to its purest form. A Platonic Ideal of the story concept? Not quite.

But sufficient and fit for purpose.

Whilst still no one’s idea of a top artist my artwork is now unobstructive to the story process, and helps the flow rather than crushing me. All in all, a good end to 2015, which has been a bugger of a year. 🙂


Why paedophilia?

Ancient elites are the model and inspiration for modern elites, many of whom claim direct descent from the earlier tyrants and manipulators.


All of the ancient elites had a rapacious appetite for child sex. It’s in the Greek myths, ancient African myths, ancient Europeans being the odd ones out with a lot less of it. But it was there.

Asking why this obsession with being a pedo, usually turns on boggaboo cults, devil gods etc. And yes that is an aspect. But it isn’t really why they do it. It’s all about power. Power and control. This is why young boys- who would otherwise grow up to be normal powerful men, are the favourite target for vile and violent rape.

Also, it’s cultural. In the same way islam condones and encourages paedophilia due to its prophet as described in their holy texts being a child rapist pervert, the ancient elite and their modern successors have paedophilia hardwired into their culture. To ask why paedophilia is as pointless as to ask why caviar, champagne, young mistresses, black tie or owl statues.

It’s a complete package.


George Adamski: changeling shaman of the cosmic genies


was swapped for another child at the age of 4 on the docks in New York;

lied constantly despite having real paranormal experiences;

provided countless specific details of space travel later confirmed by astronauts BEFORE any such details were known by the public;

had shared experiences corroborated by other eyewitnesses, ie not all of his experiences were “subjective”;

met the Pope;

provided advice to the White House a year before the Cuban Missile Crisis;

photographed types of UFO later photographed filmed and encountered by other people for decades after his death right up to the present day.

True lies. A charlatan with real powers. He met real aliens- who are most likely Elves…

I am a natural skeptic but some firsthand experiences convince me otherwise

The example I always use when talking to my wife is the bleeding statues of the virgin mary. As a kid, like lots of people, I gobbled up all the paranormal unsolved mystery type books I could find. I was a prodigy so as a precocious reader I was reading that crap from age 3, reading at an adult (university) level at 7 and so on.

Most of the mysteries offered some form of plausible explanation- whether mundane or extraordinary. Despite eventually going into artistic fields and law, I was originally very serious minded and of scientific bent. I was quite happy to be skeptical and not credulous.

As such, statues of the virgin mary that wept or bled seemed like ultra bullshit to me. They were outside my reality box and therefore I was incapable of conceiving that the stories were true. And I am quite confident in saying that 9999 out of every 10,000 of such stories are either hoaxes or outright lies with no physical basis. But in other circumstances I eventually came to have cause to experience directly a statue that bled. And despite very irrational efforts not to analyse it but to “debunk” it, by so-called Forteans who were nothing more than what I would now call armchair shills and know-all know-nothings, the statue bled on for a considerable time. I have no idea if it was a god or psychokinesis or some absolutely bizarre natural property of the exact combination of organic oils, stone and wood that did it, but a substance very nearly identical to human blood- although lacking certain plasma characteristics- leaked out of it.

My first marriage involved direct contact with the world of intelligence service personnel, many of whom are frighteningly venal and incompetent at low levels but at higher levels they would have to be the single greatest collection of practical intelligence in our civilisation. I am temperamentally unsuited to be such a person although intellectually certainly up there with them. They have incredible discipline and an ability to submerge their ego, and I do not. These soldiers in secret wars are an amazing bunch.

My point is this. When thinking about let’s say 9/11, Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing, one thing I learned in my first marriage was this. Thinking the unthinkable solves the unsolvable. I experienced this also during my time as an inquiry agent and profiler. It isn’t always easy, but sometimes the unthinkable, the unbelievable, the truly incredible, is not only something someone else has already thought of, something that does not require the belief of armchair experts, and something that may seem incredible to you not because it is impossible but because you have fallen into the trained habit of our media and educational systems to parrot what you have been conditioned to remember rather than thinking for yourself. This is what makes successful intelligence operations and criminal enterprises invisible to the general population.

An example from 9/11. What if the secret being kept is that not only the twin towers and WTC7 were pre-wired for demolition, but many other buildings and bridges are as well, for the sake of anticipated invasion and war? A secret like that would terrify the general populace.

An example from Sandy Hook. What if most of the media stars from the event are local people who are simply liars? Some of whom belong to demonic cults? Can’t keep them off TV. Especially when the lapdog media is permeated by their co-religionists. And no, I don’t mean jews. I mean paedophile cultists.

An example from the Boston Bombing. There has been a drill with the same specific data points occurring at the exact time of each of the recent false flag events. This may well indicate that a government faction is behind these events. Or it may indicate that the third world terrorists that are arrogantly farmed by organisations like the FBI aren’t the total fucking morons many handlers believe them to be. In other words, if the terrorists are the genuine perpetrators, they are exploiting information leaks and scuttlebutt they obtain from their handlers to carry out attacks when they know our pants are down.

An example from all the recent events.

Cui bono? Who benefits?

Not on a grand scale of cosmic wars between good and evil. Who actually, literally, specifically benefits? Who were seen as criminal scum before 9/11 and unimpeachable heroes afterwards? Not politicians. Think of some others.

Were public school teachers popular before Sandy Hook? Were the marxist lessons they were forcing on our kids popular?

Boston Bombing. Cui bono? What happened when illegal search and seizure occurred in Boston? Did the people rise up against the militarised police in the streets, going through their homes?

Aurora Colorado. Cui bono?

These are real questions. They aren’t as sexy as the cosmic war type fantasies and they aren’t as appealing to people as the crisis actors bullshit. I am certain, to a moral certainty, that crisis actors have been involved in each of the recent events. But very few of them. Very few. It just isn’t how it works, and common sense would tell you that. What is used is an approach where people who already have a high clearance, can more easily get their relatives temporarily recruited into events, because part of the vetting is already done. For example grandparents and parents have already been vetted for eg Top Secret clearance. So putting them into a compartmentalised situation is quite possible and professional. Provided they aren’t made into a load bearing member for too long. Just do their bit and send them back into civilian life. Guard a corridor, fly a route with a case, drive a truck, attend at a firehouse. The only normal risk is that they will exceed their role, overact, or gild the lilly. Their role is to be unobtrusive. But some of them will yield to the temptation to grab the limelight.

As for the Truth Movement, it is an absurdity. No such thing will ever exist. This is because genuine truth seekers and researchers are acting in the spirit of the amateur, which is to say, they are charitable, non-profit, dedicated hobbyists seeking the truth. The moment THE MOMENT anyone identifies themselves as taking the lead, they are also every time promoting a for-profit operation of some sort, whether it is a radio show, a DVD, a book or a doomed legal action. It isn’t about the multi million dollar lawsuit or the cosmic warfare or the American Constitution for people like that, it’s about the nickel and dimes they can’t or won’t earn with a normal job. If any of these grifters have qualifications, they are not relevant ones to what they intend to do. The sole exception to this to date for Sandy Hook is Wolfgang Halbig, on whom the jury is now well and truly out given that he isn’t answering the phone to researchers but only to promoters. Strike One.

Remember that in the context of 9/11 the nascent outrage and suspicion of the lapdog media was largely hijacked by a potpourri of “qualified” “professionals”, most of whose groups descended into infighting and diversions. Hardly the actions of people committed to a revolutionary truth.

Start your own revolution and cut out the middle man.

As for myself, despite numerous qualifications I think the main two that have served me well when I look at these events is a decade of doing detailed due diligence, and reporting all criminality I have found despite enormous personal cost; and secondly seeing at first hand how a “burn notice” works.

I have no time for the Veterans Today type stuff, it’s secondhand smoke. Ditto zeitgeist and “smallstorm” – looks like grifting to me. Amounts to nothing. Never leads to revolution or resolution. It’s the modern equivalent of all those pulp books on the Loch Ness Monster. Why on earth would they want resolution? Bang would go the sales wouldn’t they?