Lee Harvey Sirhan Sandford

usa-election-trumpVirtually every item of alleged news about the Nevada Trump would-be assassin “Sandford” is made-up nonsense.


He is an illegal alien from Great Britain, 19 years of age and has supposedly been planning an attack for over a year – meaning he travelled from Great Britain on turning 18 and has been a penniless illegal ever since.

His “plan” he has ruminated over for a year consisted of trying to grab an officer’s gun.

How very disorganised of him.

He is supposedly an Aspergers sufferer ie he is a schizophrenic who has been misdiagnosed, or more likely he is a mind control subject which induces very schizo symptoms in the recipient.

And in the “too cute by half” smart arse intel agency style, his alleged last name “Sandford” is the generic placeholder name used in security service and police training in Britain – training exercises are set in “Sandford” etc. Cute. A little too cute. For examples of Sandford use see the DVD commentary on the movie Hot Fuzz.


A media blackout has been in effect on this matter indicating that the lapdog media were expecting this outcome.

What would be really interesting is to see who was in town that day and who shows up in the footage and snapshots. “Sandford” is a classical patsy. This is the Chicago attempt on JFK before the main event. A warm up for later use by the narrative if needed. For… The Greater Good.hf_badge_copy

Culmination, Fulmination, Fulcrum, Simulacrum

Back to writing and drawing the same story from inherited tigers through JT Neslo and Kid Celephais, reduced and refined, distilled if you like, to its purest form. A Platonic Ideal of the story concept? Not quite.

But sufficient and fit for purpose.

Whilst still no one’s idea of a top artist my artwork is now unobstructive to the story process, and helps the flow rather than crushing me. All in all, a good end to 2015, which has been a bugger of a year. 🙂


Why paedophilia?

Ancient elites are the model and inspiration for modern elites, many of whom claim direct descent from the earlier tyrants and manipulators.


All of the ancient elites had a rapacious appetite for child sex. It’s in the Greek myths, ancient African myths, ancient Europeans being the odd ones out with a lot less of it. But it was there.

Asking why this obsession with being a pedo, usually turns on boggaboo cults, devil gods etc. And yes that is an aspect. But it isn’t really why they do it. It’s all about power. Power and control. This is why young boys- who would otherwise grow up to be normal powerful men, are the favourite target for vile and violent rape.

Also, it’s cultural. In the same way islam condones and encourages paedophilia due to its prophet as described in their holy texts being a child rapist pervert, the ancient elite and their modern successors have paedophilia hardwired into their culture. To ask why paedophilia is as pointless as to ask why caviar, champagne, young mistresses, black tie or owl statues.

It’s a complete package.