#WikiLeaks precommitment verification hash


Auda ibu Tayi

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Wikileaks hash-browns while they’re hot:

pre-commitment 1: John Kerry 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809

pre-commitment 2: Ecuador eae5c9b064ed649ba468f0800abf8b56ae5cfe355b93b1ce90a1b92a48a9ab72

pre-commitment 3: UK FCO f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d80d02a072f74

These are for document verification. They can be used to prove prior knowledge of the contents of files.

Given a particular file, you can get a “digest” of that file by running a cryptographic “digester” like this:

Type this at a terminal:

openssl dgst -sha256 what_actually_happened_to_vince_foster.txt

See this as a result:

SHA256(what_actually_happened_to_vince_foster.txt)= c5a10ecdbdae4ade3559fae06b6ee42642de2b9bc32703fb5a7e0039f25f338b

(The entirety of the example file above is the string “I killed him.” followed by a single newline.)

Only someone with knowledge of the exact (bit-for-bit) contents of the file could produce that particular digest.

The goals of publishing the digest may include (but are not limited to):

* Proving to someone *else* who has the file that you have the file as well, without revealing the file’s contents (this can be used as a credible threat of disclosure)

* Proving to the world (perhaps posthumously or otherwise unable to communicate) that you had the file at a certain date, without revealing the file’s contents (this is what “pre-commitment” above means)

In all likelihood this means that something has spooked Assange.

Nothing may come of this. If this is an “or else”, the other party may back down and the files would remain a shared secret.

The situation is likely fluid.

2016 really is something else folks.

No country for young men: #Deadpool arrested on Sydney train by time wasting plods

Deadpool arrested on Sydney train: Police alerted to superhero armed with guns, grenades and ninja swords

Police speak with a man dressed as Spiderman and armed with guns, grenades and samurai sw

Police speak with a man dressed as Deadpool and armed with guns, grenades and samurai swords. Picture: Stephen Cooper

  • Reuben Rose, dressed as Marvel character Deadpool was hauled off a train at Blacktown by police
  • Concerned commuters had reported him after seeing his guns, swords and grenade
  • His superhero get-up, however was in aid of children’s hospice Bear Cottage

Police stormed a packed Sydney peak hour train this morning after reports of a man armed with handguns, grenades and samurai swords was travelling in the last carriage.


A real crime is committed every 8 minutes, gillard is yet to be arrested or even interviewed by these bums and middle eastern organised crime is rampant. But they can spare a half dozen rentseeker clock punchers to harass a charity working superhero.



Spider-Man: Myth or Menace? Costumed terrror in Times Square

Pols Promise a Solution Against ‘Elmo Bullies’

An Elmo costume character greets a child in Times Square. (Photo:Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Though complaints about Times Square can fill an entire encyclopedia, at the latest Times Square Alliance’s Midtown conditions meeting, one issue took center stage: how to deal with Elmo, Hello Kitty and Spiderman, among other costumed characters.

Costumed characters that panhandle or offer pictures in exchange for money have proliferated in Times Square, as noted by the Wall Street Journal, adding to the usual commercial chaos of the famed town square.

And while they may seem cuddly, elected officials said the characters are a serious problem.

“This is a cancer on Times Square that has to be excised soon. It spread from the West Coast, where it began in Hollywood, outside of Mann’s Chinese Theater,” State Senator Brad Hoylman said. “The panhandlers are exploiting the First Amendment, but I don’t think you have a First Amendment right to harass and threaten people as some of these characters have done.”

The alliance’s director, Tim Tompkins, said they’re not all bad — but their presence, and the number of complaints, has grown in the last two years.

“The problem is not with the folks that are out there making kids happy in an appropriate way, the problem is the folks that are both subtly and not so subtly intimidating and harassing people,” Mr. Tompkins said.

The companies that own the characters being depicted are also interested in addressing this issue, Mr. Tompkins added, and having a way to get troublemakers out of their character’s costumes. He called on the City Council to regulate them.

“If you have a licensing scheme, then you have the ability to leave the people alone who are doing the right thing, but also go after the people that are not doing the right thing” he added.

Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer told reporters she was open to examining a slew of possible solutions.

“Legally, what do we want to do?  We want to regulate them? We want them to be licensed? How do we not infringe on the First Amendment?” she asked.

But she said those characters who are not doing the right thing have become a real problem for tourists and children.

“They accost people. I’ve seen it with my own eyes — they ask to take a picture, they ask for money, they chase people to the ATM sometimes for money. They are very aggressive and it doesn’t show a good picture of New York,” Ms. Brewer said.

Buy your own giant robot


The Kuratas will have a top speed of around 6 mph when mobile movement is fully functional, and the pilot can adjust the height of the robot to achieve the best vantage point. It runs on a diesel engine too, so keeping it on the road shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Bear in mind though that the video does make liberal use of CGI as the Kuratas takes to the streets.

The Kuratas features several weapons as well. The first is the LOHAS launcher, which shoots water-filled bottles at enemies with high speed. Suidobashi notes that it’s designed to be an “eco-friendly” solution, to be used more for demonstration rather than actual combat. The twin gatling guns, meanwhile, can shoot out 6000 BBs per minute, activated when the pilot smiles, with facial tracking helping the Kuratas to stay locked on the target.

You’ll be able to purchase down the line for a cool $1.3 million.


Jellyfish + Human = power blast superpower

And suddenly Cadre Bear’s palm blasters aren’t quite so far fetched…

Scientists Combine Human Cell, Jellyfish Into Living Laser – FoxNews.com

I love finding articles that support comicbook superpowers. 🙂

Note the original article is from 2011, and this stuff’s never publicised until perfected. So there are people out there walking around with the ability to power blast people. Except in real life it’s like my Eternium game- the supervillains run society,  so there are no bright costumes, no heroes saving the day… Just assassins killing people in crowds or while some lone investigator is jogging the night before a big revelation about the doppelganger in the White House…