Journalism is dead, and it’s about time

This is the last election that will ever feature the lapdog media in any significant role. By next election online media will have entirely taken over.

The only reason the lapdog media still have any audience at all is that there are older people who have not adapted to the death of the journalist as a relevant tradesperson in our society.

It’s the equivalent of the 1910s – there are still horses and carts, but they’re on the way out, permanently.

Unlike the end of the age of the horse, the end of the age of the journalist is being hurried along by their own venality, corruption and incompetence. It’s the information age equivalent of the end of the corrupt pardoners and priests in the middle ages.

The wretched journalists will of course be the last ones to admit it.

Then we have the phenomenon where monolithic social media such as twitter and facebook make no attempt to disguise the fact that they simply want to replace the lapdog media and become the new slave owners. Unfortunately for them in times of revolution entire concepts are revised or thrown out. It isn’t simply a case of swapping bosses.

Of course, there are significant numbers of people who are lazy, moronic or badly educated -or all three. They will form the natural slave class to sustain control systems as they always have. But against that is the fact that “journalism” is dead. There is simply no need for propaganda organs when people can communicate directly.

The next phase of the attempt by the would-be elites to control everyone else will require paid bloggers, shills and trolls. In fact it has already become standard for such things to be done. Experiments in this regard have been carried out for decades, using fringe groups such as UFOlogy.




Bowe Bergdahl is a fake defector – Returned Defector Program

Yes, Bergdahl is doing and saying traitorous things.

Just like Lee Harvey Oswald did.

Bergdahl is a FAKE defector and a FAKE traitor. He is part of deep black programs and do NOT believe he is a real traitor. This is an updated version of Oswald handing out fair play for Cuba leaflets whilst working at the office of FBI nazi Guy Bannister. This is a classic sheep dip operation. Do NOT be fooled, keep this information safe and watch out.

This is a set up for Bergdahl to be a patsy in a future major assassination plot. Presumably against Palin or any other outsider who runs against Hillary Clinton or Romney.

There is a small select group of frontmen allowed to be president and if you aren’t one of them, expect the secret team to eliminate you… and pin it all on Bergdahl.


#RFK: “Sirhan did not kill Bob.”

Hotel employees Martin Patrusky, Juan Romero and Jesus Perez lined up to Kennedy’s left had a perfect view of the shooter.  They are only a few feet from Kennedy and hence the shooter with nothing blocking their view.  Boris Yaro, Valerie Shulte, Thane Caesar and Richard Lubic are behind and slightly to the right of the senator and also would have seen the man behind Kennedy shooting.  Evan Freed standing slightly forward and to Kennedy’s right did see the second shooter and said so in his affidavit.  If anyone had been hard to see it would have been Sirhan.  At 5’ 2” the view of Sirhan would have been blocked by Karl Uecker and Frank Burns, Jr.  But these witnesses all had an unimpeded view of the second gunman.

After finishing the re-enactment Mr. Burns walked toward me his eyes blazing.  “Sirhan did not kill Bob,” he said.  Elaborating he told me the autopsy placed a gun one inch from behind Kennedy’s head while Sirhan never got closer than a foot or two and was in front of Bob.  “When I testified at the trial no one, not the prosecutor or the defense, asked me about distance.”

As I left Mr. Burns to his painful memories I went away admiring his courage.  To tell the truth puts him at great risk of CIA retribution.  “Sirhan did not kill Bob.”  Coming from a man who was standing next to Kennedy when he was shot makes him a target.  And a hero.