Book of Mysteries: Ogreon

ogreonOgreon, unlike William Wellblessed, said his magic word just once, and remained in his transformed state forever. Even when knocked unconscious in a fight, he no longer reverts back except in the most unusual circumstances. As of issue 2 he hasn’t actually clashed with The Mighty Bill yet- but since he’s even bigger than Bill and seems more savage- perhaps The Mighty Bill will finally get to have a fair one-on-one fight?


MSHRPG: Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon: Alien Race: Beholder (aka “Watchman” aka “Vigilante”)

Dungeon Master describes the beholder as “a foul and evil beast that came up from the Underworld and destroyed all things of beauty.” It is a creature that fires assorted energy beams and tentacles from its eleven eyes and guards a portal home. It’s lair is dubbed the Valley of the Beholder; a once beautiful valley that it has rendered barren. Sir John defeats the beholder with a flower that Diana gave him, it promptly deflates and sinks into a fissure, revealing an ocular style portal home.
The Beholder is an alien from a race of eleven-tentacled cycloptic spherical tyrannical monsters.
There are sub-breeds of Beholders including blind albino dwarves, troll-like even more monstrous creatures and there is said to be a planet-sized Beholder out in the eldritch stars somewhere…
All normal Beholders are apex predator carnivores. They use their various energy rays to “tenderise” or alter meat for nutritional reasons but basically they will kill and eat any sentient or nonsentient life form that is made out of meat.
They are also a paranoid and extremely violent race which attacks on sight and rarely enters into discussions with non-Beholders unless they have encountered impressive, famous or obviously very powerful beings. They are violent, not suicidal.
Middle of the bell curve Beholder
Fighting Good (10)
Agility Excellent (20)
Strength Good (10)
Endurance Good (10)
Reason Excellent (20)
Intuition Good (10)
Psyche Good (10)
Health 50
Karma 40
Resources 6
Popularity -30
Known Powers:
The Beholder has twelve eyes: one on the end of each of its eleven tentacles, and a large central eye. The large central eye simply provides vision. Each of the eyestalks has a different power. Each eyestalk is considered a tail and the power emits from its “tip”, the eye. The Beholder is a devastating opponent because it can use all eleven eyestalks each combat round. Each makes a separate attack to hit using range combat rules and the Beholder’s statistics, as though it is firing a range weapon.
All eyestalk powers have Good range, Type A. NOTE THIS. None of the eyestalk powers have differing ranges. All have Good range. Other effects of each power’s Rank are unchanged.
Eye:   Power:
1 EE1 Cold Generation, Rank: Remarkable
2 EE7 Kinetic Bolt, Rank: Amazing
3 EE10 Plasma Generation, Rank: Remarkable
4 EE4 Fire Generation, Rank: Monstrous
5 EC14 Light Control, used only to create illusions and manipulate ambient light, Rank: Monstrous
6 EC11 Gravity Manipulation, Rank: Good
7 DT22 Weakness Detection, Rank: Unearthly
8 DT20 True Sight, Rank: Monstrous
9 MCo5 Ionization, Rank: Good
10 MCo3 Disintegration, Rank: Excellent
Other powers:
Beholder Physique:
*Magic Resistance
A Beholder reduces all damage from magic attacks -2 CS.
*Body Armor
A Beholder’s tough leathery hide provides Excellent protection from all physical attacks.
Weaknesses / Limitations:
My Reputation Precedes Me:
Beholders are so hideous, and their behaviour matches their ugly exterior so well, that whenever they first enter an inhabited area they must make a Red FEAT check on their Psyche or local heroes will immediately gather to destroy it as soon as word reaches them that a Beholder is present.
Leaves Are Free, Leave Them Be:
Beholders can be instantly destroyed by the touch of Sir John’s Flower, an unique bloom that grows in The Realm. A character need only touch this flower to a Beholder to instantly destroy it. No damage needs to be cause by the flower, the character merely needs to succeed in touching the Beholder with the flower.
Dropping the flower on the Beholder would also theoretically work although the Beholder would have every opportunity to fire rays at whatever flower-based missile was shot at it. Throwing an unaerodynamic flower at a Beholder is pretty silly unless the person throwing it has some jaw dropping powers at work.
Xenophobic Homicidal Mania:
Just as non-Beholders have learned at their cost that a Beholder must be destroyed on contact lest it in turn destroy them, this is based on basic Beholder psychology. Beholders hate and on some level fear all non- floating spheroid forms of life. This unreasoning hatred means Beholders will not live in peace with any other races. They are also suspicious of their own kind. This means Beholders can never have contacts in any normal sense, can never team up with other villains or monsters, and are so violent that they will attack any non-Beholder who they believe is weaker than them on sight. They will not retreat from a battle unless it is obvious to them that they have a real chance of losing. They are basically nazi bullies. Brave up to a point; merciless; vicious.

MSHRPG: Dungeons and Dragons cartoon: Power: Omnipresence

dungeon_master_3“How does he DO that?”

The Dungeonmaster, and several other mystical or high level beings, have an uncanny habit of popping up out of nowhere, no matter the previous location of the character or the distance they would have to span.

Power: Omnipresence

Omnipresence is a “precursor” or “meta-” power, because without another power with which it would be used, such as teleportation, telekinesis or sense based powers, it is of little use.

Omnipresence is the power of being, in a virtual sense, “everywhere at once”. Another way of describing this power is “Imminence” – the character may be apparently physical and in a single place, but in reality the character is actually everywhere, with only a fraction of their energy manifesting what seems to be a normal physical form. Using a peculiar quirk of the physics principle known as the Observer Effect, a character with Omnipresence can safely travel to any location in range where anyone or any sentient animation or machine that they are familiar with (acquaintance, casual study of person or better level of knowledge) happens to be at the time.

The character simply nominates that they want to “go to X” where X is the character or sentient machine etc. to whom they wish to travel and they appear next to that character in the new area.

With no FEAT roll required, the character can automatically relocate (with no other power use required) from whatever area they currently occupy to any other area within Feeble range.

With a green FEAT roll the character can relocate to any area within the Power rank of the character’s Omnipresence BUT ONLY IF THEY HAVE A TRAVEL RELATED POWER.

When using Omnipresence at white or green level of success, there is no guarantee of safety when the character arrives at the new location. Wherever possible the Omnipresence assisted movement will not lead to the character’s automatic death or injury, but the travel may well put them in almost immediate threat from a monster or character that can sense magical or spacetime disturbances, or if the new location is inside a castle, monster infested forest or undead infested graveyard all normal encounters and hazards of the new location take immediate effect.

If their travel related power is a vehicle, steed, running or flying or any other type of movement which “takes time” Omnipresence will if necessary temporarily shift the power rank of the travel power to whatever it would have to be to arrive at the new location within one turn. This might mean that for one turn a horse or character or car travels at hyperspeed, or that a dimensional door temporarily warps space and time just enough for the “impossible” travel to occur.

If the character has a travel related power that involves “instantanteous” travel such as portals, teleportation and so on then Omnipresence is simply modifying the distance and ability to travel to a previously unknown location of the power.

A yellow FEAT roll on Omnipresence finds the safest possible area within the new location for the character, even if this is not right next to the character being used as the Observer Effect focus.

Alternatively, a yellow FEAT roll will allow the Omnipresence user to lock on to any one location of any one member of a super team or equivalent group of no more than eight characters but only as if a green FEAT roll was made- for example a yellow FEAT roll takes the user safely to the side of Iron Man, or a yellow FEAT roll treated as green success takes the character to a random member of the current Avengers team. If a team has more than eight members currently active then the power chooses randomly from the first eight listed members.

Red FEAT success with Omnipresence creates a Zone of Calm sufficient for the character to appear within if a specific person is nominated or alternatively is treated as yellow success if a team is nominated.

The Zone of Calm is a small area within which the character appears. It endures for a period of time equal to the power rank for Omnipresence or until the character moves out of it. The Zone of Calm is Feeble in range around the character, a Feeble radius centred on where the character first appears. It is immobile and the moment the character moves out of range of it the Zone of Calm instantly disappears. The Zone of Calm applies to the character, and at the character’s choice, anyone else entering the Zone whom the character wishes to extend the effect to. This facilitates the character when they wish to instruct or communicate with the character or team they are visiting.

Consequences of failure: a failure to make the FEAT required results in Omnipresence being unusable for 2-20 turns (2d10). Any form of critical failure, whether modified or naturally rolled, results in Omnipresence being unusable until the next Karma award (or penalty) for the character.