Dave McGowan nails it.

According to Charles Buhler, a NASA scientist currently working on the force field concept, “Using electric fields to repel radiation was one of the first ideas back in the 1950s, when scientists started to look at the problem of protecting astronauts from radiation. They quickly dropped the idea though because it seemed like the high voltages needed and the awkward designs that they thought would be necessary … would make such an electric shield impractical.”

What a real journalist would have asked here, of course, is: “After dropping the electric shield concept, exactly what did they decide to use to get our astronauts safely to the Moon and back on the Apollo missions? And why can’t we do the same thing now, rather than reinventing the wheel? Don’t you guys have some of that gold foil in a closet somewhere?” No one in the American media, of course, bothered to ask such painfully obvious questions.

The 2005 report from NASA ends as follows: “But, who knows, perhaps one day astronauts on the Moon … will work safely.” Yes, and while we’re dreaming the impossible dream, let’s add a few more things to our wish list as well, like perhaps one day we’ll be able to listen to music on 8-track tape players, and talk to people on rotary dial telephones, and carry portable transistor radios, and use cameras that shoot pictures on special film that develops right before our eyes. Only time will tell, I suppose.


Twitter’s (MK) Bluebird; Facebook = conformity training; online pornography = deviancy training; #MKBLUEBIRD

bluebirdObjectives of CIA mind control experiments:

a. Disturbance of memory

b. Discrediting by aberrant behaviour

c. Alteration of sex patterns

d. Eliciting of information

e. Suggestibility

f. Creation of dependence

By the early 1970s the cover story, which was a “lie by telling the truth” stated that all experimentation was over and concluded several years previously.

Ewen Cameron’s horror house was wound up directly after the original Kennedy coup d’etat.

Saying the experiments were concluded, much like the recent announcement that HAARP experiments are over, simply means that the experimentation and prototyping phase has given way to the field operations and adoption of finished product phases.

A. Disturbance of memory

The internet in its current form has replaced the human memory. And to make sure that where the Brave New World pleasure addiction doesn’t stop people from seeking truth there is still a control mechanism, all human knowledge is being shoved, voluntarily or not, into the “cloud”, where there is no definitive version of any text.

This was the proud boast of the CIA decades ago- they will have succeeded perfectly when no one can be sure of any fact.

B. Discrediting by aberrant behaviour

A society ruled by  paedophiles and money hungry unconvictable criminals uses the lapdog media and hypnotism to make its enemies into demons to be persecuted by the unthinking masses.

C. Alteration of sex patterns

Girls, boys, girlboys, boygirls, legitimisation not of naturally occurring homosexuality or bisexuality but of violently disposed deviancy, B Spears wandering around her parents’ house naked at age 13, transexuality, pornographer satanists like the Dark brothers making music videos for soft core porn singers like Spears and Cyrus… “Gay” Marriage” which is the opposite of what the homosexual activists of the 60s and 70s campaigned for… Take your pick.

D. Eliciting of information

Facebook,Twitter (symbol: a BLUEBIRD), pretty simple stuff.

“If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear”

“Fuck off, nazi”

E. Suggestibility

Do you know anyone who watches television and believes its “news” programmes who isn’t mildly retarded in behaviour? There’s a reason it’s called TV PROGRAMMING

F. Creation of dependence

The military-industrial-political complex and the political-media-bureaucrat class require CONSUMERS not VOTERS. Votes are now meaningless and anything not a product is made invisible.

The Invisible Hand

“The purpose of the international conspiracy is to maintain a workable stability among the nations of the world and for them, in turn, to retain institutional control over their restive populations.  Thus, for these governments to admit that there may be…technological capabilities obviously far superior…could, once fully perceived by the average person, erode the foundations of earth’s traditional power structure.  Political and legal systems, religious, economic and social institutions could all soon become meaningless in the mind of the public.  The national oligarchical establishments, even civilization as we know it, would collapse into anarchy.  Such extreme conclusions are not necessarily valid, but they probably accurately reflect the fears of the ‘ruling classes’ of the major nations, whose leaders (particularly in the intelligence business) have always advocated excessive governmental secrecy as being necessary to ‘preserve national security.’  The real reason for the secrecy is, of course, to keep the public uninformed, misinformed, and, therefore malleable.”

Victor Marchetti, fake renegade from CIA / NSA

#MH17 OSCE turn up at the crash site like a fart in a lift. Who is OSCE?

Here’s an excerpt from ‘Humanitarian Spies’:

“‘Negotiated’ (that is, ‘coerced’) under threat of NATO bombing last October, the Verification agreement let the OSCE send unarmed mediators into Kosovo, supposedly to help defuse tensions. However everything about the Verification mission suggests military intelligence, not mediation.

“It was run by William Walker. Walker had no background as a mediator. He wasn’t even an expert in Balkans history or current politics. What he did know about was counter-insurgency and black ops. His role in Iran-Contra and his achievements in apologizing for the murderous El Salvador death squads all but prove he is a high-placed intelligence operative. (See ‘MEET MR. MASSACRE’ at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/meetmr.htm)

“The U.S. verification team was composed of employees of DynCorp, a Virginia company that has grown rich off Government work. At the 1993 Senate hearings on R. James Woolsey’s appointment as head of the CIA, Woolsey commented: ‘I own less than one-quarter of one percent of the — diluted shares of a company named DynCorp here in the Washington, D.C. area. And the corporation has, from time to time, had a handful of very small contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency.’ (From transcript of hearings)

Ahh, sweet understatement. DynCorp’s ‘very small contracts’ have included covert work for the Company in Columbia and Peru.

“…Given this command structure, doesn’t it stand to reason that the U.S. goal was a) to gather military intelligence and b) to establish command-relations with the Kosovo Liberation Army? The goal was to bond with the KLA which killed and is still killing ethnic Serbs and ethnic Albanian ‘collaborators’ Serbian State policemen, power line repairmen, school officials, Yugoslav troops, even state-employed wood gatherers – just like the Latin American death squads Walker ‘observed’ during previous CIA assignments.” (From ‘Humanitarian Spies‘ at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/humanita.htm )


RT.com, Apr 25 2014

Anti-government activists have detained the OSCE observer mission near Slavyansk, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has said. A protest leader in Slavyansk says they detained a vehicle carrying Ukrainian military, foreign citizens and bullet shells. The junta’s so-called Interior Ministry said Friday:

The OSCE military mission working in eastern Ukraine has been detained by a group of terrorists. On Apr 25 2014, unidentified men stopped a bus with 13 passengers entering Slavyansk from the direction of Kramatorsk. Among them were seven representatives of the OSCE, five representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a driver of the vehicle. The bus has been driven to the occupied Security Service building in Slavyansk and the passengers are currently being held there.

Meanwhile, the “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomaryov, said that a vehicle containing OSCE representatives has been stopped because it contained officers of the General Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces and munitions. Ponomaryov told Interfax by telephone:

It is true that we have detained the bus, as there we immediately found forbidden bullet shells and other munitions. We are currently sorting out who are these people driving inside it.

Ponomaryov later confirmed to RIA Novosti there are indeed members of the OSCE mission among the detained group, saying:

Together with the group of OSCE representatives there was a group of officers of the General Staff of Ukraine. We are checking the identities of the members of the mission and those of the officers.

Earlier Friday, the German Foreign Ministry said it had lost contact with the German-led group of OSCE observers dispatched to eastern Ukraine on Apr 21. According to the ministry, the group is comprised of three German soldiers, a German translator and military observers from the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry says talks are ongoing with the anti-government activists on the release of the group. On Friday, Kiev authorities launched the “second stage” of their so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in the city of Slavyansk, which has been one of the strongholds of anti-government activists in the Donetsk region. In the previous stage of the operation Thursday, five activists were reported killed in checkpoints raids, including a 22-year-old man. Slavyansk activists claim the victims were unarmed and stood guard at the checkpoints only to check the IDs of the drivers and to prevent the troops and Right Sector radicals from covertly entering the city. Inside Slavyansk, stopping vehicles and checking of IDs by armed self-defense activists has recently become frequent amid a tense atmosphere and reports of forces loyal to Kiev infiltrating the defiant city. Protest leader Ponomaryov on Friday claimed that groups of Right Sector members armed with sniper rifles and night vision equipment have been trying to get into Slavyansk under the guise of the city’s blockade by the Ukrainian troops.


AusAid, AID (USA), OSCE and the rest are a thin crust of know-nothing bureaucrats providing cover and color of law for CIA, ASIS, MI6, you name it. Usually this is legitimate and great, but when the ghosts turn up in the graveyard- it’s on for young and old. The local gangsters know who they really are. This is why the “rebels” told the OSCE to GTFO.

Don’t let the lapdog media and the political class turn MH17 into something it’s not. It’s a mass murder crime and the guilty need to be found and dealt with harshly. It’s not a pretext for a wider war with Russia.


#MH17 #falseflag analysis

MH17 was shot down by a missile. Unspent missile fuel (orange-red globs) is visible in pictures from the crash scene. It wasn’t a proximity detonation it was an impact- the missile slammed into the aircraft and detonated.

The obvious and wrong way to look at this is as a clash between nation states and their proxies, as a case of USA using CIA and NSA assets to put the blame on Russia because Putin! or something.

That makes no sense.

There is only one correct way to approach this, and that is by the book and by the evidence.

The plane went off course and out of the approved flight paths. There are only four reasons why this would happen:

1. fuel saving exercise by a criminally inept management of Malaysia Airline Systems

2. treachery by flight crew to deliberately get shot down or become a flying bomb

3. sheer incompetence by flight crew – drunk, drugged or having sex in the cockpit

4. setup – ie drifting into a danger zone in the hopes someone suicides them

4. can be made to look like 1. It is not credible this time that 2. happened. We have no evidence of 3. and won’t have corroboration of anything until the correct black boxes are replayed. I say correct black boxes because Ukraine and Russia have lots of planes and lots of black boxes.

In a case of Lee Harvey Oswald type instant info, and the attributed sources all being “intelligence”, it was immediately announced that a Buk missile did the job, that it was fired by Russian-backed rebels against the Ukraine government and that the man who did it is codename Strelkov or “Shooter”.

Too cute by half.

Whilst a war zone is full of barbarians, and it is credible that one of the combatant agencies would fire on pretty much any aircraft, there is in real life still some restraint when men are fighting, if only due to political exigency and the fact that the local warriors are always puppets of hidden controllers.

So who are the hidden controllers?

Power entities in Ukraine include:

jewish mafia;

russian mafia (which overlaps with jewish mafia);

vor y vor (“thieves in law”) – a subset of the above mafia entities including many intel agents, ex-agents and assets- equivalent to the Cubans and CIA gun running punks in USA in the 1950s and 1960s;

the kleptocrat gangsters who run the government- local thugs who are organised, but not rising to the level of the mafia, although they overlap with them;

GLADIO agents from NATO run by CIA / DIA / DEA / NSA;

Ukraine child pornography, abduction and online porn site gangsters- independent scum or mafia assets;

Gas pipeline gangsters backed by russian and jewish interests;

Cossack separatists – basically gold plated Nazis;

Local warlords who are basically robber barons.


The child porn ringleaders frequently travel to and run ops out of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia- basically any third world tinpot primitive asian country that condones flesh peddling. In the course of doing the usual bribe business in asia, these criminals of course ending up partnering with national politicans in the asian country. In highly nepotic and corrupt countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, this creates a regionalised mafia with israelis, jews, Ukraine, russians and other exotics combined into a classic criminal syndicate. They traffic everything- drugs, guns, missiles, medicine, high tech, nuclear material, bioweapons and high net worth scientists and other specialists to the highest bidder, worldwide.

This black trade directly interlinks with CIA Mena style ops, NSA control systems, DEA backward frauds and scams – setting up fake drug traffic to bust etc. as well as allowing creation of a pool of cutouts for use by Mossad, CIA, MI6, ASIS etc.

As can be seen, we’re a long way from the childish bullshit of USA hates Putin so missile! type “false flag”. This is the realm of REAL false flags.

All banks, big and small, from HSBC and Barclays down to Bughump Bank of Craphole Island, have a slush of narcodollars and black market dollars propping them up. The percentage of bank trade that is criminal ranges from 40% up to 100%. Where it is useful it is allowed. Where the nation hosting the bank gets uppity- they get crushed.

The bank of choice for the Malaysian crooks and criminal politicans is Khazanah. It’s government money laundering par excellence and its board overlaps with all the boards of the national operations it subsidises- including Malaysian Airline Systems.

Now we ask cui bono – who benefits?

Given that the Ukraine war is gangster related and a turf war and not some sort of war of national liberation, we need to look at who is benefitting from the “unlucky” MAS loss of MH370 and MH17.

When an airline gets “unlucky”- in the same way armored car companies or alpine printing presses get unlucky- what we’re looking at is orchestrated money laundering. Basically the asset has been stripped of the maximum amount of cash or resources and it is now time for jewish lightning to hit it- burn the restaurant down, wreck the armored car, burn the printing shop down, blow the airline up.

MAS has physical assets- airports and such- that will be consumed and handed off to a new combination of the same organised crime fraudsters. The worthless assets- the aircraft and crew- will be liquidated physically or financially. The responsible parties are being “false flagged” in the sense that a criminal enterprise corruption op will be masked as a war of liberation op. Amateurs and academic fuckwits will go on and on about Putin! and Obama! and so on, but this is an event relating to their bosses- the crime lords- not the puppets.


Joker Las Vegas fake patriot Democrat killers- and the psychic power of prediction