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If you already read Parts I through III and want to skip the preface, you can jump to the beginning of Part IV.


I am publishing this story somewhat hastily in response to the hue and cry on the Above Top Secret forums. Apologies in advance for those areas that I would have improved or omitted entirely had I spent more time thinking about what others wanted to hear and less time thinking about what I wanted to say. I attempted, where it occurred to me, to explain the terms and workings of the things I mention, but I may have forgotten to explain some items which could cause confusion and/or Google searches. I will attempt to update this document in the coming weeks as I have time, to improve the clarity and eliminate elements which may unnecessary or uninteresting to others.

This began and remains a personal…

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Dave McGowan nails it.

According to Charles Buhler, a NASA scientist currently working on the force field concept, “Using electric fields to repel radiation was one of the first ideas back in the 1950s, when scientists started to look at the problem of protecting astronauts from radiation. They quickly dropped the idea though because it seemed like the high voltages needed and the awkward designs that they thought would be necessary … would make such an electric shield impractical.”

What a real journalist would have asked here, of course, is: “After dropping the electric shield concept, exactly what did they decide to use to get our astronauts safely to the Moon and back on the Apollo missions? And why can’t we do the same thing now, rather than reinventing the wheel? Don’t you guys have some of that gold foil in a closet somewhere?” No one in the American media, of course, bothered to ask such painfully obvious questions.

The 2005 report from NASA ends as follows: “But, who knows, perhaps one day astronauts on the Moon … will work safely.” Yes, and while we’re dreaming the impossible dream, let’s add a few more things to our wish list as well, like perhaps one day we’ll be able to listen to music on 8-track tape players, and talk to people on rotary dial telephones, and carry portable transistor radios, and use cameras that shoot pictures on special film that develops right before our eyes. Only time will tell, I suppose.


Never A Straight Answer – more old lies about Mars disproven

Do we finally have proof of life on Mars? Unexplained methane spikes suggest bacteria is living on the red planet

  • Nasa scientists in California have revealed evidence for life on Mars
  • They say methane spikes on the planet could be produced by bacteria
  • And, at the moment, there is no better explanation for the spikes
  • The signs were spotted briefly occurring by one of Curiosity’s instruments 
  • Life is the chief producer of methane on Earth, although there are many non-biological processes that can also generate the gas
  • But no such process could be ruled out during tests – suggesting there may be bacteria living on or under the surface of Mars

DISC side six

Defence Intelligence Security Command

As per the “Torbitt” document, DISC (see expositions above) was created immediately after the Paperclip Nazis hit the desert states of the USA, and was the creation of Wehrner von Braun.

von Braun was a casual but enthusiastic SS officer and Nazi, who used slave labour without compunction, including overseeing productivity related duress, torture and execution. The mittelwerk operation was the brainchild of Hans Kammler, who by all accounts continued through 1945-1961 in much the same vein as had occurred during the official WW2 era in the west.

von Braun created DISC when the “space program” in America was still overtly militarised- prior to the formation of the “civilian” front organisation which eventually became NASA.

This is one of those virtually unknown and unnoticed details of real history, buried in first person testimony and unequivocal documentary evidence in the American national archives… Not classified but buried in the files. Since 99% of “history” is nothing more than hagiographical regurgitation and reading other people’s badly written and poorly researched books, DISC is immune from critical widespread analysis. For this reason even the exact meaning of the acronym is lost to public researchers.

Let’s first look at the chronology.

1945 – WW2 ends officially.

1946 – Paperclip brings a horde of Nazi “wizards” to the USA, concentrating them in nazified desert settlements where swastikas are openly worn or put on buildings. von Braun creates DISC, which is an exact mirror of the Nazi subgroup of the SS who oversaw technical highly secret projects- with the same tripartite focus: project management (including its sinister aspects), cover stories and secret intelligence work to totally conceal the reality of the projects and their aims, defence procurement and acquisition. Ghost rockets in scandinavia. WW2 USA air heroes travel to scandinavia and western europe on secret missions with double legend cover- in other words within the secret world compartmentalised security required deep cover.

1947 – First wave of post-war assassinations; third force warnings begin from disparate sources (newspaper men, Agatha Christie, script writers for film, FBI [some elements], soviets, non-zionist jewish groups); First sightings of cylinder UFOs; Roswell; Maury Island.

1948 – Illegal shift of CIA activity from intelligence concentration and “inbox” accountable briefings to covert operations within USA and abroad. Struggle between CIA and pentagon DIA begins leading eventually to the victory of the CIA through use of the rewritten “Pentagon Papers”.


It’s important to understand that DISC, the reality of “flying saucers” being secret aircraft, and the communion with entities such as The Nine has been revealed several times, by both the entertainment media and by insiders. They have never been believed and taken seriously to the full extent they should be.

Currently there is another wave of disbelief in the extraterrestrial theory of UFOs (aliens come from outer space) but as in Nazi Germany a significant fraction of all groups and all publishers are under the control of the government. By “government”, as in Nazi Germany, one must understand that the equivalent of the SS are in day to day control of the USA now. They brief the media, the media carry out the orders, just like the weekly briefings by Goebbels in Nazi Germany.

We will in time reach the point in this history where the coup is detailed but suffice it to say when Paperclip occurred it made Dallas 1963 inevitable. Not because JFK “knew the truth about UFOs” or “was going to end the Fed” etc. but because he and his brother were setting up their own parallel organisations  and faction in competition with DISC.

Leroy Fletcher Prouty made this point clearly and again it was ignored in favour of “sexier” things he said, but he made the point – it isn’t “the CIA” and “the FBI” and “the DIA” and so on. He said it was people who knew each other within each organisation. He is describing a cross-agency team. This secret team constitutes DISC. DISC is the official organisation all these people second themselves to on a permanent basis.

DISC created NASA as civilian cover for both the secret space programme and the “official” Apollo etc. hopeless sad space programme.

This is identical to how the original Nazi German version of DISC, together with its Zionist allies (yes you read that right- check the documents and educate yourself, the Zionists were the only jewish group to ally with the Nazis until the jig was up) created both the extermination  programme and the “holohoax” opposition. Lost in the endless Hegelian kabuki is that even if the true figure of dead as acknowledged in writing and stone at Auschwitz is 300,000 dead and not the mythical 6,000,000 dead, mass murder is mass murder. But as with the Apollo hoax, it’s important to self invalidate. This is the essence of Nazi, Hegelian, operations. Self invalidation prevents mental comfort. It prevents stagnation. This is the Nazi solution to the inevitable end of empires- all must fall. Unless they knock themselves over first, self invalidate and reinvent.

Remember your Machiavelli, or read it if you haven’t. Machiavelli plus Hegel equals “keep the outer forms for the peace of mind of the sheeple and sleeple – change the inner workings to your liking”.

Nazism was a spectrum of unified beliefs ranging from blood sacrifice heathenism to racial doctrine Christianity to atheistic high technology futurism to mystical ecological paganism. At different times during the Thousand Year Reich, better described as the Millennial Reich, since each head of the hydra will have its own thousand years, each of these branches of Nazism will have its dominion. It doesn’t matter which branch “wins”. Because all are part of the Nazi continuum. And the others that are not in the top spot will strive to fill it.

Thus climate change.

Thus global deistic new world order government based on a pacifist herd population and a violently oppressive governing class.

Thus the “no planes” “holohoax” “zionazi” type controlled opposition.

Thus transhumanism.

Thus Esalen.

Thus the new world order freemasons, none of whom belong to any form of freemasonry legitimately descended from Lodge Zero.

Thus the space aliens UFO fiction with its zeta reticulans and its magic technology.


To end part one, let’s look at some stunning resemblances.

Before the silly space alien explanation for people being experimented on, who were the group most likely to be abducting people and performing horrifying medical procedures on people?

The Nazis.

Who did Barney Hill, not his confabulating bossy and vapid wife, claim to have seen during their abduction?


Who were the group notoriously infected with heathen mysticism to the point that it affected their military naming conventions, mission selection and timing of operations, before NASA?

The Nazis.

More soon.