even in the West there are thriving pockets of third-World indolence and corruption. I think none more obvious than those employed within the media disinformation complex. It is not their uniform liberalism that necessarily earns this occupation such broad public contempt. But rather their pristine absence of professionalism.

The Kakistocracy

That being called “racist” is considerably more damaging to one’s career than being called unprofessional is one of the more luminous signs of our societal decay. One of these terms being the province of emoting juveniles, while the other represents a pillar of civilization. The Western culture of professionalism is much of why you are reading this in a warm home with electricity, rather than loping after a gazelle across the Serengeti with your bare scrotum swaying to an adder’s gaze. It was the professional discipline of routinely outnumbered soldiers that held the ground we now drape in red carpets. The professionalism of scientists, engineers, architects, and physicians who eschewed pleasant sloth for the grinding labor that gave us the infrastructure and appurtenances we diligently take for granted. One could cripple many keyboards in banging about the importance of ambient professionalism to the civic hygiene of western society, particularly compared…

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Journalism is dead, and it’s about time

This is the last election that will ever feature the lapdog media in any significant role. By next election online media will have entirely taken over.

The only reason the lapdog media still have any audience at all is that there are older people who have not adapted to the death of the journalist as a relevant tradesperson in our society.

It’s the equivalent of the 1910s – there are still horses and carts, but they’re on the way out, permanently.

Unlike the end of the age of the horse, the end of the age of the journalist is being hurried along by their own venality, corruption and incompetence. It’s the information age equivalent of the end of the corrupt pardoners and priests in the middle ages.

The wretched journalists will of course be the last ones to admit it.

Then we have the phenomenon where monolithic social media such as twitter and facebook make no attempt to disguise the fact that they simply want to replace the lapdog media and become the new slave owners. Unfortunately for them in times of revolution entire concepts are revised or thrown out. It isn’t simply a case of swapping bosses.

Of course, there are significant numbers of people who are lazy, moronic or badly educated -or all three. They will form the natural slave class to sustain control systems as they always have. But against that is the fact that “journalism” is dead. There is simply no need for propaganda organs when people can communicate directly.

The next phase of the attempt by the would-be elites to control everyone else will require paid bloggers, shills and trolls. In fact it has already become standard for such things to be done. Experiments in this regard have been carried out for decades, using fringe groups such as UFOlogy.




Day #4 – Cruz Mistress Saga – Roger Stone: Ted Cruz Won’t Sue National Enquirer “Because The Allegations are Mostly True”…

The dam broke yesterday.

This is an opportunity for cruz to have an intervention and try and get mentally healthy. But he won’t, he doesn’t have any non-Luciferians around him to get him to jump off of the carousel.

Heidi the “wife” bankster? As if.

Carpenter #TheThing groupie? As if.

The hos he paid to listen to his drivel? As if.

And for the last time TRUMP DIDN’T DO THIS.

AFR: “world is fukt”

The Worst of Perth

Many thanks to Pete F, Cookester, et al for the heads-up about today’s Perth edition of the Australian Financial Review. Let he (or she) who is without quilt yadda yadda. I’m off to lunch at Galippoli with Ray Hughs.IMAG23491507607_10152420311578478_4907736360717332450_n10155983_10152420311703478_8441057661493634701_n

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AEC corruption in Western Australia: marxist dominated electoral commission adds literally incredible number of new voters for dodgy poll.


reblogged from Piers Ackerman, the last honest journalist in the lapdog media

THE Australian Electoral Commission can’t explain irregularities which occurred at a pre-poll mobile polling booth set up for the re-run of the West Australian senate election, which is being held because the commission lost 1370 votes from the original senate election last September.

That sounds like a government agency which doesn’t even know when it’s in trouble.

The AEC has been responsible for lost votes, missing votes and bungling staff at a cost of millions of dollars.

Another worrying anomaly in the WA poll, which casts greater doubt on the conduct of the election, is the registration of almost 30,000 new voters.

The increase is well above the average growth in WA’s population, raising fears an extra 10,000 phantom voters may have been added to the roll since the September election.

Electoral commission data shows jumps in WA enrolments of 21,000 before the 2010 federal election, 12,800 before last September’s election and 28,900 before tomorrow’s election.

Australians for Honest Elections president Lex Stewart called on the AEC to “come clean” and describe the procedures and due diligence it has used to check whether this anomalously high number of extra enrolments were genuine, or were padding?

“When were the last ‘habitation reviews’ conducted, and how far-reaching were they?” Stewart asked.

“Or do we conclude that the AEC does not care about an accurate electoral roll?”

Stewart noted that the Court of Disputed Returns is, almost unbelievably, forbidden by the Electoral Act from inquiring into bodgied electoral rolls and phantom false enrolments, a matter of real concern.

The numbers don’t stack up. The integrity of the voting system is in doubt.

Voter fraud is serious but there has been a lack of political will to tackle this blight on Australian democracy.

A thorough review and the adaptation of a new, secure structure is necessary to restore the public’s faith in the system.