Zombie version of Lost in Space vs Star Trek

In the same way Star Trek became a (manufactured) phenomenon the monstrously unoriginal but very safe Walking Dead has attracted fan addiction and kudos.

And in the same way Lost in Space is always considered the retarded camp cousin of Star Trek, Z Nation is the same backwoods retard version of the Walkng Dead, supposedly.

Having watched all of both, I actually prefer Z Nation to be honest. It has a quicker pace, the characters don’t do the same illogical and willfully stupid crap all the time and there aren’t the same number of “special” episodes to let a medium talent actor have his or her moment. It also has a much more interesting world.

Most of the weaknesses are inherited from the Walking Dead comic book, which like most comic books was incredibly derivative in the first place. Z Nation is just rattling along on its own vector, a little like the way Stargate on TV had to make its own road.

Perhaps another example is the Buffy versus Charmed experience. At the height of its mass appeal, each week Buffy would end and people would jones for a fix until next week– leading to Charmed changing its premise and content enough to cater to the Buffy audience. Z Nation helps Walking Dead fans scratch their itch, but it can find its own destiny.

I like Walking Dead too, but don’t suck its dick- it isn’t all that and neither is the 99% other people’s content comic it comes from.


Amalgam Universe: LOST in Time

Amalgam Comics was a publishing imprint shared by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, in which the two comic book publishers merged their characters into new ones (e.g., DC Comics’ Batman and Marvel Comics’ Wolverine became the Amalgam character Dark Claw).

Lost in Space plus Doctor Who = LOST in Time

A crotchety old man called Doctor John Smith (a pseudonym) breaks into the United Nations experimental time travel colonisation project known as JUPITARDIS 2 – Juxtaposed Unified Project Into Time And Relative Dimension In Space, phase 2.

He’s looking for his dark-haired grand daughter, Penny Foreman. In reality, she and he are time travellers themselves, trying to find their way to their home on Alpha Centauri. Accompanying Doctor Smith is his robot K-9, a robotic dog with caterpillar treads instead of legs and a transparent crystalline head.

The mission he infiltrates with his robot is an attempt to send the first of a proposed ten million families through time to a pre-cataclysmic past where the present can’t be impacted.

Leading the mission is Colonel Alistair Lethbridge West, assigned by the UN to be mission commander and “muscle”.

Head of the family that is travelling through time is DoctorIan Robinson and his wife Barbara. They are taking their child prodigy son Adric Robinson and their extremely attractive blonde daughter Rose Robinson. Penny Foreman was added after she made an application and proved so astonishingly gifted that the project scientists realised not to allow her to travel as part of the mission would have been madness.

When the blue-hulled saucer-shaped time machine activates, the secret presence of Doctor Smith and the K-9 Robot destabilises the time vortex field and the time machine crashes in an unknown time and place…


God I love Amalgam universes. My favourite is still Apollo Creed, the boxer turned astronaut who built a rocketship to go to the moon to defeat the Cylon Raiders in a winner takes all boxing match…