1995 Maricopa County fake terror attack on train: Tension Tactics / #Arkancide

On his August 19, 1995 radio address, President Clinton complained that Congress still had not passed “his” Anti-Terrorism Bill. “It’s hard to imagine what more must happen to convince Congress to pass that bill,” Clinton warned, in the manner of an ominously veiled threat.

Then just two months later, on October 9, the nation witnessed its first attack on a passenger train, when Amtrak’s “Sunset Limited” was derailed while enroute from Phoenix to San Diego. The derailment, caused by sabotage, resulted in over 100 injuries, including one death.

The terrorists left behind a cryptic note, calling themselves the “Sons of the Gestapo.” The mainstream press quickly jumped on this latest “terrorist” attack, coming as it did only six months after the Oklahoma City bombing. While no one, including law-enforcement officials, had ever heard of the “Sons of the Gestapo,” the purveyors of deception immediately played it up as the obvious work of a “Right-wing” militia group.

FBI officials were more cautious however, speculating that the attack may have been the result of a “disgruntled employee.” Exhaustive searches through numerous data-bases revealed no group called “Sons of the Gestapo,” and only someone with the technical knowledge necessary to disable a warning system on a railroad track would be capable of executing such a stunt.

It may not have mattered however. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, any such attack on American citizens would be excuse enough to push the Anti-Terrorism Bill through Congress. And the press and anti-militia activists such as the ADL and the SPLC were eager to jump on the militia connection. “Sons of the Gestapo,” they asserted, could only be the pseudonym for a Right-wing hate-group.

Yet law-enforcement officials had only an enigmatic message to guide them. The note left behind by the saboteurs rallied against the ATF and FBI for their actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and stated, “This is not Nazi Germany.”

Why anyone would attack a passenger train to exact revenge on government officials for killing innocent civilians (or blow up babies as revenge for killing children) is beyond credulity. Yet, as in the Oklahoma City case, this was the message that the saboteurs — and the government-controlled press — wanted us to believe. America was filled with hateful Right-wing extremists who would do anything — kill anyone, women, children, babies — to pursue their violent anti-government agenda.

As Attorney General Janet Reno announced in the Oklahoma City case, so the local U.S. Attorney, Janet Napolitano would declare: “We are going to pursue every bit of evidence and every lead very thoroughly… until we find the person or persons who committed this crime.”[1320]

While the FBI swarmed through Maricopa County, interrogating local residents and harassing the few isolated “desert rats” who inhabited the surrounding countryside, a real investigation was being conducted by a lone Maricopa County Sheriff. With the assistance of Craig Roberts, a retired Tulsa police officer with military intelligence experience who worked on the Oklahoma City investigation, the Sheriff was able to uncover some amazing information.

What they found was that other than rescue vehicles, there were no vehicle tracks entering or exiting the crash site. Moreover, the site itself was extremely remote, being near the summit of the rugged Gila Bend Mountains, which surrounded the site to the east, north, and west. It was there, along a sharp S-curve, that the perpetrators had pulled 29 spikes from the tracks, causing the fatal crash.

Why had the perpetrators chosen such a remote location, Roberts wondered? Had they picked a more accessible spot, he reasoned, it would have surely lessened their chances of being caught, as all they would have had to do was drive to the nearest highway. In this case, the nearest road was Highway 8, 38 miles away, necessitating a difficult drive over rugged terrain, at the same time as law-enforcement officers would surely be on a heightened state of alert.

What Roberts and his sheriff partner also discovered was that 90 minutes away by air, in Pinal County, was a mysterious air-base known as Marana. The locked-down facility was owned by Evergreen, Inc., a government contractor reportedly involved in drug smuggling during the Iran-Contra period. The base, located off of Highway 10 between Phoenix and Tucson, was the site of strange night-time training maneuvers involving black and unmarked military-type helicopters. Passersby had also witnessed black-clad troops dropping into the desert en mass, using steerable black “Paracommander” parachutes.
This began to raise some interesting possibilities. Had the perpetrators been dropped into the site by air, then picked up by chopper? Both Roberts and his colleague at the Sheriff’s Department were experienced military pilots. They observed that it would have been easy for a helicopter to fly low through the mountain passes, avoiding radar, and insert and extract a team. As Roberts noted, “A full moon, wind out of the south at 8 knots, and a clear sky… would be an ideal night for air operations.”[1321]
The possibilities of a covert paramilitary commando team being responsible for the attack raised more than a few eyebrows at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, until they began investigating a lead provided by a sympathetic FBI agent that several hikers had seen a small group of parachuters drop into the desert that night. They also discovered the following information:
…a VFR target squawking 1200 that left Tri-City airfield in Albuquerque on a southwest course, climbed to 10,500 feet, then, when it was exactly due east of the Amtrak site, turn due west and flew a course line that took it one mile south of the site. But just before arriving over the site, it dropped to 8,500 feet. After crossing the target zone, it turned on a southwesterly course towards California at 8,500 feet. Albuquerque contacted the Los Angeles Center which tracked the aircraft to a landing at Montgomery Field in San Diego.… It crossed the valley south of the bridge at 1940 hours (7:40 p.m.)
Since the winds that night were at 8 knots out of the south, a drop one mile from the target site would compensate for wind drift. Moreover, such a flight is not required to file a flight plan listing its passengers, and an aircraft flying out of Albuquerque, squawking on transponder 1200 wouldn’t look particularly suspicious.
When they checked with the refueler at Montgomery Field, the records indicated that the “N” number checked to a Beachcraft, registered to Raytheon. Raytheon owns E-systems. Like Evergreen, E-Systems, based in Greenville, Texas, is a covert government contractor, reportedly involved in drug-running. The NSA contractor allegedly developed sophisticated systems to create electronic “holes” which would allow planes to cross the border without tripping the NORAD Early Warning Systems. E-Systems, which is reputed to have “wet-teams” (assassination teams), was directed by former NSA Director and CIA Deputy Director Bobby Ray Inman.
While it is possible a jump was made from the twin-engine Beechcraft, a plane commonly used for such purposes, it still left the problem of the team’s extraction. With the radar track information, the Maricopa Sheriff then went to the Air Force at Yuma, who monitor the Aerostat radar drug balloons. The DEA balloons have “look-down” capability for detecting low-flying aircraft. The Master Sergeant at Yuma agreed to help out. A short time later he called back.
“Sorry,” he said. “We can’t help you out.”
“What? Why?” asked Jack.
“The plug’s been pulled.”
“What does that mean?”
The sergeant sounded very uncomfortable when he replied. “We really wanted to check this out, but all I can say is the balloons were down that night.”
“Why?” asked Jack.
“All of them?” asked Jack, incredulously.
“Yes, sir.” The sergeant sounded very nervous.
“All I can tell you is that they were ordered down for maintenance. It came from above my pay grade.”
One has to wonder what “above my pay grade” means. Why would all the balloons be ordered down for maintenance? Obviously, a cover-up was in progress.
It was beginning to sound suspiciously like the hurried demolition of the Oklahoma Federal Building, to prevent any independent forensic analysis of the bomb site. Or the Secret Service removing President Kennedy’s protective bubble from his limousine; failing to secure the windows and rooftops along the parade route; and changing the route at the last minute.
Like the two foregoing examples, only the government — or shadow elements within the government — had the capability of pulling that off. No “lone nut” or criminal syndicate could order such last-minute changes, or orchestrate such a massive and well-executed cover-up. Moreover, no militia group could order all the radar balloons down on the night of the attack.
As a Maricopa County resident stated to the Arizona Republic regarding the FBI’s so-called militia theory, “Buddy, you can’t get three people out here to get together on what kind of pickup to drive, and you think we’re going to form a militia?”
Obviously, no militia would benefit from such an attack. And what about the “Sons of the Gestapo?” As Roberts wrote: “…as an old Southeast Asia hand (a marine sniper during Vietnam), I remember that one of the terms used by Phoenix Program assassins working under MACV-SOG (Military Advisory Command, Studies and Observations Group) was a twisted bar-room version of the last acronym. “Yeah,” a drunk trooper would mention. “I’m SOG… a son of the Gestapo.”[1322]
The Phoenix assassination program, as previously discussed, was organized by the CIA’s William Colby, Ted Shackley, and fielded by General John Singlaub. Singlaub commanded Second Lieutenant Oliver North. Shackley, Singlaub, and North would go on to orchestrate the secret and illegal Iran-Contra operation, smuggling drugs into this country at such places as Mena, Arkansas… and Marana.[1323]
Curiously, whenever Iran-Contra drug shipments came in for the California run, the drug balloons under “Operation Watchtower” were shut down. Could this be the same mechanism that shut them down the night of the attack?
Then, in September of 1997, a confidential FBI memo intended for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Phoenix was accidentally faxed to the Arizona Republic, the Associated Press, and other news media. The memo states that the FBI’s prime suspect is “a man with law enforcement and firefighting experience who recently moved out of Arizona.”[1324]
Apparently, the “Sons of the Gestapo” note left behind was a “false flag,” a distraction designed to serve a political purpose. In this case, that purpose — like the Oklahoma bombing which preceded it — was to connect the Amtrak attack with the Patriot/Militia movement. Considering the reaction of the mainstream press, it appears they have largely succeeded.

OK CITY BOMBING reposted from old blog

Thursday, August 30, 2012




Mark Miller
“It brings me no joy to watch McVeigh die, no closure, it doesn’t bring my grandkids back. He deserves to die, but with the death of McVeigh, so dies the truth.” Those were Cathy Wilburn’s words to HIGH TIMES, shortly before being one of the chosen witnesses to watch convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh be put to death via chemical injection on June 11, 2001, at the United States penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana. McVeigh, 33, was the first person to be executed by the federal government since 1963. A fatal injection of potassium chloride stopped his heart at 7:14 AM, CDT.

McVeigh was convicted and sentenced to death in 1997 for detonating a fertilizer bomb, concealed in a rented Ryder truck, that blew off the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. Collapsing floors in the nine-story structure buried victims under masses of steel and concrete. It was the worst domestic terrorist attack in US history, killing 168 people, including 19 children attending daycare, and injuring over 500 others.

McVeigh had originally been scheduled to die on May 16, but on May 10, the Justice Department turned over more than 4,000 previously undisclosed FBI investigation papers to his attorneys. Attorney General John Ashcroft cited the FBI blunder and delayed the execution until June 11. Some of the documents in question relate to the distinct possibility that McVeigh did not act alone in the bombing.

On May 31, McVeigh agreed to seek a further delay, based on the notion that the FBI papers would have helped him avoid the death penalty at trial by implicating others in the bombing. However, on June 6, federal District Judge Richard Matsch, who presided over McVeigh’s 1997 trial and sentencing, dismissed his attorneys’ argument that the FBI had worked a “fraud on the court” by withholding the 4,000 papers. Matsch rejected the request to delay the execution, and on June 7, McVeigh decided against further appeals, including to the Supreme Court, and chose to die.

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiray — page 2

As the international media horde descended on the modest Midwestern town of Terre Haute, the focus was predictably on McVeigh, portrayed as America’s greatest villain, having acted alone in planting the truck bomb in front of the Murrah building that fateful morning.

The official version holds that the OKC federal building was targeted by McVeigh and coconspirator Terry Nichols in retaliation for the FBI’s assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas on April 19, 1993, in which 80 men, women and children died (“Appointment With the Apocalypse,” May ‘01 HT).

Though McVeigh served in the Persian Gulf war, winning a Bronze Star for courage under fire, he was extremely antigovernment and sought to punish the Feds on the second anniversary of the Waco assault.

McVeigh was arrested 90 minutes after the OKC bombing, for driving without a license plate. The next morning, just as he was about to be released from police custody, he was identified as “John Doe #1,” and charged with the bombing.

That McVeigh was “John Doe #1” implies there was a “John Doe #2” — and there was, at the beginning of the investigation. Throughout 1995, the FBI conducted a massive manhunt for “John Doe #2,” but then the Justice Department and the FBI suddenly reversed themselves, and announced it had all been a “big mistake,” that there was no “John Doe #2” and McVeigh acted alone.

Cathy Wilburn thinks otherwise. Her life was changed forever when her grandsons, Chase Smith, 3, and Colton Smith, 2, were killed in the bombing. In addition to being one of the victims chosen by Attorney General John Ashcroft to witness McVeigh’s execution, Wilburn has been the most vocal and passionate critics of the “official version” during her six-year sojourn to, as she puts it, “gain the truth of what really happened in Oklahoma City.”

Wilburn has visited many of the sites connected to the case, be they official or conspiratorial. She has slept in the same hotel room where McVeigh spent the night before his arrest. She has visited Elohim City, the Christian Identity compound in eastern Oklahoma which McVeigh is documented to have visited and phoned in the weeks prior to the OKC bombing.

Wilburn, her husband, Glenn, and their daughter Edye Smith have filed a $30 million lawsuit against McVeigh, Andreas Strassmeir of Germany, Michael Brescia and Michael Fortier for involvement in the bombing. She says the suit is still in the courts.

Michael Fortier, an Army buddy of both McVeigh and Nichols, was the government’s star witness in both their trials, and was sentenced to 12 years for failing to notify anyone of the bombing plot. Nichols was sentenced to life in federal prison after refusing to reveal any further information regarding his role in planning the bombing.

According to an Oklahoma County grand jury, there were no additional conspirators beyond Nichols and McVeigh. In December 1998, the grand jury found no evidence the federal government had advance knowledge of the bombing, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They found no connection between the bombing and Elohim City, nor to anyone overseas, including Germany.

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiray — page 3

Despite the findings of that grand jury, Elohim City is clearly at the center of the unofficial investigations into the bombing. A 400-acre compound located near Lawton, OK, it is home to approximately 100 men, women and children who are part of the growing Christian Identity (CI) movement.

CI is a racist, anti-Semitic theology which holds that there are essentially three distinct types of people: the “true Israelites” created by God, meaning those of Western and Northern European extraction; Jews, who are the offspring of Satan; and “mud people” — all nonwhites, descended from pre-Adamic “lower species.” The white “Israelites” should rule the world, while Jews are to be executed and “mud people” enslaved.

CI is the religion of choice for white supremacist neo-Nazis and Christian “Reconstructionists,” who would establish a theocracy in the US, replacing the Constitution with biblical law. It also intersects with creationism, which appeals to those offended by the notion man evolved from a mere monkey, regardless of the fossil record. The belief that people, or certain people, were created directly by God, and are therefore “superior,” plays right into CI doctrine.

Elohim City was founded in 1973 by Robert Millar, a Canadian CI preacher who was the “spiritual advisor” for Richard Wayne Snell, a neo-Nazi executed by the state of Arkansas the same day as the OKC bombing. Millar brought Snell’s corpse back to Elohim City for a hero’s funeral.

Snell was put to death for murdering a black Arkansas state trooper and a jeweler he thought was Jewish. On April 15, 1995, he told prison officials there would be a bombing at an unspecified location on the day of his death. Four days later, Snell’s startling prediction came true in OKC.

Snell and his neo-Nazi group, the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord, had cased the very same Murrah building for a terrorist attack back in 1983, but abandoned the plan when the rocket launcher to be utilized blew up in Snell’s hands while being test-fired.

“It’s ludicrous to believe it’s only a coincidence McVeigh picked the same building Snell targeted in ’83, and that Snell’s body was taken to Elohim City,” Cathy Wilburn states.

What of Michael Brescia and Andreas Strassmeir, the two Elohim City roommates also named in Wilburn’s suit? Brescia has been identified as “John Doe #2” by Catina Lawson, McVeigh’s ex-girlfriend, and by Dennis Mahon, former Imperial Dragon of a Ku Klux Klan sect. Mahon, like McVeigh, was a frequent visitor to Elohim City.

Brescia sports an interesting resume that includes being part of a bank-robbing speed-metal band called Cyanide, as well as being a member of the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), which boasted of their plans to kill Jews and deport blacks.

Cathy Wilburn believes the string of 22 Midwestern bank robberies by the ARA in 1994-95 was intended to fund their racist agenda, including funneling money to McVeigh in the months prior to the bombing, as he traveled the US and stayed in motels with no apparent means of income.

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiray — page 4]

Although the other three ARA members involved in the robberies were arrested shortly afterwards, the FBI did not bust Brescia until January 1997. It was members of a militia group headed by Arlin Adams who posted flyers accusing Brescia of being involved in the OKC bombing throughout Philadelphia.

The posters read: “UNWANTED by the FBI — Michael Brescia a.k.a. ‘John Doe #2.'” They also contained a photo of Brescia juxtaposed with the familiar sketch of “John Doe #2” that was circulated by the FBI immediately following the bombing — the “John Doe #2” which the FBI said did not exist. It took a public pressure campaign for the FBI to finally move in and arrest Brescia. He was only convicted of the bank robberies, not the bombing, and has since been released from prison.

Andreas Strassmeir is a former German army official. His father is Gunther Strassmeir, one of the architects of German reunification, and former chief of staff for former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Strassmeir was present with his father at the official ceremonies celebrating the annexation of East Germany by West Germany. He came to the US in 1989, and eventually served as chief of security for Elohim City for two years, including the time prior to and following the OKC bombing. He returned to Germany in late 1995.

According to his attorney, Kirk Lyons, Strassmeir was assisted in his escape from the US by GSG-9, the German counterterrorism unit. Lyons has been an attorney for neo-Nazis, Klansmen and Holocaust deniers, and has himself been videotaped participating in neo-Nazi activities in Germany.

Carol Howe, informant for the BATF who infiltrated Elohim City, says that the bombing was masterminded by Strassmeir, who allegedly exerted profound control over McVeigh.

Howe warned her BATF case agent that the terrorist underground of Elohim City was planning to blow up a federal building in either Tulsa or OKC, with a probable target date of April 19, 1995. She identified Brescia as “John Doe #2” during a BATF debriefing following the bombing, and said McVeigh went by the alias of “Tim Tuttle” when visiting Elohim City.

The BATF confirmed in 1997 that Howe was a source — after claiming for two years that the idea that the Feds had prior knowledge of the bombing was a “conspiracy theory.” US authorities now admit they had advance warning, but that the info provided by Howe was too vague for them to act.

Strassmeir, 42, is an enigma, in that his role in and motivation for the bombing is uncertain–he has been portrayed as both a violent neo-Nazi and a government informant working undercover for the BATF.

“I don’t think Strassmeir was working for the BATF, but he was someone the government didn’t want to touch,” Cathy Wilburn comments. “He was protected by someone, he was working for someone.”

Oklahoma Bombing Conspiray — page 5

When US officials sought to question Strassmeir in 1997, they were told by German police and intelligence that neither had any data concerning him. This seems improbable, as Strassmeir would likely have needed a security clearance to attend the reunification ceremonies. Also, his alleged neo-Nazi ties to Elohim City would have been likely monitored by German intelligence.

One possibility for the Strassmeir cover-up was to protect then-Chancellor Kohl from scandal preceding the 1998 election, given his friendship with Strassmeir’s father. (Kohl was defeated by Gerhard Schroder). Kohl himself has longstanding ties to the residual elements of the Third Reich in Germany, including associations with Nazi industrialist Fritz Ries and Eberhard Taubert, a Goebbels propaganda official who was employed by the West German national-security establishment.

Besides the German connections, there is also McVeigh’s link to the neo-Nazi tract The Turner Diaries and its notorious author, William Pierce.

The 1978 novel dramatizes a fascist takeover of the U.S. in which federal buildings are blown up. It served as a blueprint for the Order, the neo-Nazi group which robbed armored cars and assassinated Alan Berg, an outspoken Jewish radio host in Denver, in 1984.

McVeigh was said to be so obsessed with the “message” of The Turner Diaries that he sold the book at gun shows and even passed them out to friends. A copy of the book was found in his car the day of the OKC bombing.

Ironically, Pierce himself told 60 Minutes that the OKC bombing was a “mistake,” as it failed to advance the neo-Nazi cause because there was no sustained rebellion. He promised, “One day there will be real, organized terrorism — aimed at bringing down the government.”

Finally, there is the possibility that fascist elements within the U.S. military may have been involved, at least in creating the “mad bomber” Timothy McVeigh.

According to the book The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of TerrorM, McVeigh claimed that the Army had implanted him with a microchip, a miniature subcutaneous transponder, inserted in his buttocks, in order to keep track of him. “We used this with military personnel in the Iraq war, where they were actually tracked using this particular type of device,” says Dr. Carl Sanders, developer of the Intelligence Manned Interface biochip.

Following the war, McVeigh took a job at Burns International Security, where fellow employee Lynda Haner-Mele described him and his personality:

“Timmy just wasn’t the type of person who could initiate action. He was very good if you said, ‘Tim, watch this door–don’t let anyone through.’ The Tim I knew couldn’t have masterminded something like this [the OKC bombing]. It would have had to have been someone who said: ‘Tim, this is what you do. You drive the truck.'”

That the OKC bombing may have been engineered behind the scenes by fascist elements in the military, the German government and on the neo-Nazi/CI fringe seems fantastic, yet the evidence continues to mount in that direction, regardless of being covered up by the government or ignored by the mainstream press.

McVeigh was quoted in the book American Terrorist as saying, “I did not do it for personal gain… I did it for the larger good.”

Was that “larger good” a fascist overthrow of the US government, with Christian Identity zealots and neo-Nazis ascending to dictatorship? Time will tell if the prognostications in The Turner Diaries come to fruition.

As for Cathy Wilburn, she has both a documentary film and book in the works, as she continues her personal quest to expose the truth of the OKC bombing. McVeigh’s execution may have satisfied the majority of Americans, but people like Wilburn, who believe there’s much more to this than just a “lone nut bomber,” know that full justice has yet to be served as long as people and groups such as Brescia, Strassmeir and Elohim City continue to go free.

(Additional research for this story provided by Cheri Seymour.)

#CharlieHebdo : enjoy a rich full flavoured conspiracy theory

Great summary for first 4 minutes, after that you’re on your own with the videographer’s conclusions. I will say though that although I do NOT think #CharlieHebdo was a hoax, it does indeed have all the hallmarks of #GLADIO and the strategy of tension.

As one of the leading neonazis in Italy said of the Milan bombing of which he was part, whilst thinking they were fighting the forces of communist subversion and maintaining independence from the State, the terrorists were in fact tools of the security forces and the State.

They were genuine violent extremists but they were still totally coopted by NATO intel and CIA for use as tools to scare the population into clamoring for police state measures.

What were once called communist subversives tomorrow may be called something quite different…


“My Honour Is Loyalty” : German #GLADIO

Newly discovered documents show that in the years after World War II, former members of the Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS formed a secret army to protect the country from the Soviets. The illegal project could have sparked a major scandal at the time.

By Klaus Wiegrefe

For nearly six decades, the 321-page file lay unnoticed in the archives of the BND, Germany’s foreign intelligence agency — but now its contents have revealed a new chapter of German postwar history that is as spectacular as it is mysterious.

The previously secret documents reveal the existence of a coalition of approximately 2,000 former officers — veterans of the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS — who decided to put together an army in postwar Germany in 1949. They made their preparations without a mandate from the German government, without the knowledge of the parliament and, the documents show, by circumventing Allied occupation forces.

The goal of the retired officers: to defend nascent West Germany against Eastern aggression in the early stages of the Cold War and, on the domestic front, deploy against the Communists in the event of a civil war. It collected information about left-wing politicians like Social Democrat (SPD) Fritz Erler, a key player in reforming the party after World War II, and spied on students like Joachim Peckert, who later became a senior official at the West German Embassy in Moscow during the 1970s.

The new discovery was brought about by a coincidence. Historian Agilolf Kesselring found the documents — which belonged to the Gehlen Organization, the predecessor to the current foreign intelligence agency — while working for an Independent Historical Commission hired by the BND to investigate its early history. Similar commissions have been hired by a number of German authorties in recent years, including the Finance and Foreign Ministries to create an accurate record of once hushed-up legacies.

Kesselring uncovered the documents, which were given the strange title of “Insurances,” while trying to determine the number of workers employed by the BND.

Instead of insurance papers, Kesselring stumbled upon what can now be considered the most significant discovery of the Independent Historical Commission. The study he wrote based on the discovery was released this week.


#Ferguson : Limbaugh: it was scripted, it happened but was not spontaneous, not real

Rush Limbaugh has now even joined the “lapdog media are lying scum” camp although he doesn’t connect the dots as to who those whores lie for:

Anyway, the announcement finally came, and I looked at Kathryn, I said, “Listen to all these people on TV.  They’re just vamping and filling time and they’re just trying to flap their gums until the real news is made.”  The whole thing, to me, made me feel like I was watching a scripted event.  Now, one of the allures supposedly of reality TV is that it’s real, that there isn’t a script.  That’s why audiences really like it, like The Real Housewives of whatever, or whatever reality TV show. But let me tell you, there is no such thing as improvisation or reality TV.  It’s all scripted.


He’s a warrior for the republican cause, so is still trapped in the false paradigm of the illusion of choice – red-blue puppet show, left-right dichotomy… But he nails this one.

The political-bureaucrat-media class is the enemy of the anglosphere.


GLADIO – chapter and verse.

DISC is counterpart to the ITAC front run GLADIO, which came back to the USA where its proponents originated in what some might see as classical blowback but which in fact was really simply the natural evolution of a highly hostile organism.

GLADIO created right wing cadres out of pre-existing trained paramilitary personnel across Europe, ostensibly to oppose communist takeover during World War 3 or through subversion activities of the native communist movements in each country.

GLADIO almost immediately implemented Tension Tactics, deliberate targeting of civilians for death to force the citizenry into a state of fear or “tension” where they would demand their own enslavement in return for protection from perceived threats.

Of note is the use of the ultranationalists and fascists who knew full well what the real agenda was. They unhesitatingly carried out the terror campaigns.

GLADIO right-wing phase only ended with the fall of the soviet union and the completion of the coup in America in 1992-1993.  At that point the Third Force was in control of the last bastion of freedom. The next phase of GLADIO has simply flipped from the 1930s fascism / communism false dichotomy to a new false dichotomy of benevolent totalitarian government versus islamic terror.

Since western governments have assumed the draconian powers post-911 that GLADIO had as its initial objective, the same basic process must now be repeated again and again until a marxist style world government has been established.

False resistance to this government will take the form of apparently spontaneous fascist uprisings. However, this will be entirely false. Fascism is socialism with a nativist element. This makes it easy to subvert by other socialists. It also encourages politically simplistic solutions and violent revolution. This profile in turn justifies ever more heavy handed treatment and also maintains the Tactic of Tension- scaring the rest of the population.

The other concurrent process is to define or “position” real freedom fighters in the dualistic Hegelian false opposition terms so any genuine uprising or outcry can be immediately incorporated into the false narrative.