Scott Adams vs Twitter

“if Twitter is suppressing my political speech, I consider it moral treason against the people of the United States even if it is allowed under their terms of service, and even though it is technically legal. I hope I’m wrong, and that my problems are simply technical in nature. Because if Twitter is doing what people say they are doing, and suppressing certain types of speech, the company needs to die for the good of the Republic.

And I trust that it will.”

-Scott Adams

Facebook Executives Lied – Leaked Internal Documents Show Small Group of Editors Do Control Content…

Social media is social engineering.

Facebook is an open sewer.



XRAYULTRA : debunking “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”

XRAYULTRA’s debunking video has been struck down on Youtube and he has been locked out of his account. As a result, I am hosting his banned video here. This was not requested by Xrayultra, I do this for any banned video which has been censored by fascist scum.