From books to comicbooks

 I used to be a prolific professional writer.

I cranked pulp fiction out at an astonishing rate, getting the books published and moving on. Originally, I had two literary agents but I fired both of them. They were part of a control system, and a fake front in publishing, that is responsible for the pablum that clogs bookshops to this day.

I went out on my own, started a nonfiction work- a criminology textbook- that I am still yet to finish. I wrote a history of Ancient Rome, got it into some schools, wrote some wargames based on it…

…Then the fire left me and I stopped writing.

Since I had written professionally from the age of seventeen it didn’t stress me out too much, and as time passed I just quietly abandoned the writing game.

Then I realised how illiterate most people are, even those who would think of themselves as educated. I realised that, in the reference frame of my lifetime, there was no reversing this barbaric trend.

And so I returned to writing, in the form of comicbook scripting and writing. In an age of illiteracy a partly visual medium seemed the logical form in which to communicate.

And here we are.

The Smell Of Lime (TSOL)

The Smell Of Lime

Lost on an alien planet (or is it?) a group of people from Earth wake up dressed only in their underwear and with no tools, cell phones, food or drink…

Who sent them there?

And what does the mystery have to do with Toynbee Tiles?

The Smell Of Lime