Lime Odyssey: Quest for the Book of Secrets: Down One Level and the Magic Mirror


#DarkDungeons House of Darkness

House of Darkness cover


A book of house rules and addons for Dark Dungeons RPG


Contents                                                                                          Page

Addendum to Chapter 4: Creating a Character                                              5

Amazon                                                                                                                    5

Cleric options                                                                                                          6

The Corruptor                                                                                              6

Half-Elves                                                                                                                 8

Dragon Rider                                                                                               9

Warlord                                                                                                         12

Humanoid Animals                                                                                                14

Moreauvian                                                                                                 18

Master Animal                                                                                            19

Magic-User options                                                                                               21

Wood Wizard                                                                                              21

Renouncing Immortality                                                                                      24


Addendum to Chapter 5: Ability Checks & Skills                                           25

Colleges                                                                                                                    25

Guilds                                                                                                                                    26

The Bard                                                                                                        30

The Jester                                                                                                      30

The Acrobat                                                                                                 30

The Fortune Teller                                                                                       31

The Charlatan                                                                                              31

The Hermit                                                                                                   32

The Mummer                                                                                               32

The Jongleur                                                                                                 33

Herbal Remedies                                                                                                    34

Herbal Remedy Ingredients                                                                    36

Reagents                                                                                                                  40

Reagent Recipe Type                                                                                 42

Snobbery                                                                                                                  48


Addendum to Chapter 7: Spells & Spellcasting                                             55

Ool’s Spallbok                                                                                                         55


Addendum to Chapter 9: Dungeon Delving                                                   60

Dungeon Randomiser                                                                                           60

Customised Wandering Monsters                                                                    77


Addendum to Chapter 12: Into the Wider World                                          92

Aeroliths                                                                                                                   92

Castle Generator                                                                                                    100


Addendum to Chapter 15: Out of This World                                                 112

The Inner Dark                                                                                                         112


Addendum to Chapter 18: Monsters                                                                124

Alphabetical list of monsters                                                                               124


Addendum to Chapter 19: Treasure                                                                  223

Gifts from the Gods: Crates                                                                                 223

Non-random Treasure: Power Gems                                                                224


Addendum to Part 5-Additional Material:                                                       238

Flavour Text and Campaign Threads                                                                238


OPEN GAME LICENCE version 1.0a                                                                 255


WordPress fucks everything up but you get the idea. It’s for sale at cost wherever it is sold, the links will be up on the side bar.

#DarkDungeons Humanoid Animal PCs

A supplement for Dark Dungeons providing rules for playing Humanoid Animals – Puss in Boots, Beatrix Potter characters, TMNT, whatever takes you fancy!


Zombienomicon Eisegesis as a solo adventure gaming resource

Creating a solo game adventure is actually extremely easy with Zombienomicon Eisegesis.


First, metacode it out, either longhand writing on paper or on screen in notepad.


Work out all the alternatives for the main thread of your story. Remember that to really involve other people, at key points in your adventure story you should enable the “Extend” option so you can have other people enhance and alter your game.

The flow should be logical no matter whether your story is arbitrary and silly or deathly serious high fantasy or a spy story or something.

In terms of making people use randomness, there are several options. I am coding dice rollers and so on for a future release but for now, it open to you to tell a reader to roll a dice or flip a coin and then provide the options. What I am currently doing is writing out charts of outcomes, say 6 different wandering monsters on a wandering monster chart. Then instead of a roll of 6 always being the worst monster I randomize myself which position will be which monster. Then in an Episode, I add a paragraph saying for example “Pick a number between 1 and 6.” Each option leading from it is one of the random monster encounters.

USE THE POWER of the Extend-A-Story system! It is superior to physical gamebooks in that it can link back to a previous paraagraph. So for example you can have a huge long winded explanation, description or battle, and at the end of even 100 Episodes simply link back to the original adventure chapter. Likewise a long conversation with a character can return the reader to the original Episode. If you also allow extensions that will make your adventure literally, and rapidly, infinite. There are examples of this already on the site.


#MYTHICA series – Kickstarter done right, great stories

Mythica is a series of films, Kickstarter funded but really well done. The story is coherent, clear and in my opinion superior to SyFy movie of the week fare even though there may be higher ranked actors in the SyFy efforts.

It’s well worth tracking them down and paying for them.

We get what we pay for and we receive double for what we encourage. 🙂


HOW TO: Zombienomicon Eisegesis

The ZE site works like an online choose your own adventure, where you click through episodes until a story or an adventure ends. Some of them HAVE no ending yet, either because they’re long or because people haven’t written the ending!

That’s where the write your own adventure part of the fun comes in.

If you click on a link to an episode and it doesn’t exist yet, you have the exciting opportunity to actually write the episode!

Normal etiquette, and common sense, requires that for an episode to be any good and worth reading it has to make some sort of logical sense, and to follow on from what other people have written. However, there is NOTHING stopping you adding things that YOU want to see. If you think the adventure needs spicing up, or more battles, or a new character, or your favorite superhero – that’s what you can add in, like a guest star or a cameo or a crossover in a movie or comic book.

Some episodes won’t let you extend them, an when you write an episode you can also set it NOT to be linkable and NOT to be extendable. Usually if you want a choice to be serious you won’t let people add new options to weasel out of it or disrupt the flow of the story. Other times it’s a free for all and perfectly obvious that the “point” of the story is the fun and chaos. This sort of expansion also lets you take a classic book or story and change the outcome and the characters, a fascinating process in itself.

Why not give it a try?

Merlin’s Quest: Quest for the Powerstones

An interactive fiction write your own choose your own adventure. The wizard Merlin sends you to seven different realms (at least!) to recover a Sonte of Power in each one and also face a Monster King or its minions.

Straightforward fantasy RPG fun!