Feathered dinosaurs

Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb

There are a few people out there who seem to doubt that many dinosaurs had feathers (I’m looking at you Steven Spielberg) and that birds are just one kind of feathered dinosaur that survived the end-Cretaceous mass extinction around 65 million years ago. To settle the question once and for all, here are some pictures.

Just look at this lovely wryneck, posted by @skokholmisland yesterday (Skokholm is an island off the south-west coast of Wales, less well-known than its neighbour, Skomer – I visited it on a field course when I was at school).

Doesn’t it look all reptilian?

And if you are still a doubter, here’s a fantastic illustration by paleoartist Mark Witton (you can buy copies of Mark Witton’s fantastic art here), of Therizinosaurus as a terrifying giant pigeon:

Here’s a typical illustration of Therizonosaurus, taken from Walking with Dinosaurs. Frankly, once you’ve…

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DISC, Bigfoot and Angel Hair

Gabe Valdez established beyond any question, any question, that “Dulce Base” horseshit was NSA, AFOSI, AEC and other agencies (NASA, SAP black budget private companies) using unknown but human “UFO” vehicles as their standard travel means, providing transportation for several extremely secret operations: “cattle mutilations” (atomic test monitoring, bioweapon research), “bigfoot” (unknown intelligent race being spied on and interacted with by special forces killers, secret diplomats) and “skinwalkers” (genies / jinn, bioweapon research).

Common features of the secret human cabal who carry out specific and meaningful operations are invisibility created by technology, UFO type vehicles with all too human lawn mower quiet engines, helicopters rigged up to fake UFOs, men in black, ie AFOSI hoaxers, and a concerted effort to deceive and disinform normal people who cross the path of their own operations – or the path of unknown entities who are intelligent non- homo sapiens species – more than one – reptilians, bigfoot, sea devils and others.

It’s a secret world, where the human agents use disguises, secret technology which helps make it all mysterious, secret spacecraft and aircraft and stage magician tricks. This same secret world is maintained so that the human operatives can go about their business unimpeded as they monitor and research phenomena. Men dress up as aliens or monsters while they seriously and with great intensity investigate REAL aliens and monsters.

There are some monumentally stupid people making a living by pimping gibberish to the gullible, and these self helpers add to the confusion which is the objective of the camouflage and conceal operatives. Under this con game and intel operation is a set of real phenomena. The real phenomena include:

X: a Martian civilization with surviving Martians as well as knowledge of the Martian origins of “humanity” – alien hybridized modern humans who supplanted the furry shaggy original human races – ogres, trolls, kobolds and elves.

Y: an Antarctic civilization with surviving coneheads as well as knowledge of the Antarctic race’s secret control of human cultures.

Bigfoot: surviving prehistoric races. Not all of them are “primitive”; not all of them are peaceful or friendly; they include the race of People Herders, ie meat eaters who once mass farmed “humans” as slaves and food.


The creation by the CIA and NSA on behalf of DISC of “ufology” replaced the pre existing Forteana researcher community. By creating categories they also created automatic category errors and prevented the growth of the original honest and open minded SKEPTICAL Fortean researchers who DID NOT put things into arbitrary categories such as “Bigfoot”, “Faeries”, “UFOs”, “space aliens”, “supernaturals”, “spirits”, “ghosts” and so on.

With closed categories of science, magic, faith and other fictional sorting patterns it prevents scientific inquiry using the scientific method – BY THE PUBLIC. Meanwhile in private and in secret DISC and others are researching in the same way that Newton or Tesla did- with no arbitrary limits and no fictional categories.

The only real clues we have to what is conducted in secret comes from two processes: Fences and Opposites.

Despite all the Poe type stuff – “the best place to hide something important is in plain sight” – no emphasis on something important, leave it lying around – the most secret most intense solution stuff is not left lying around. It is fenced off. Area 51, Area 52 (the Utah alien biology labs), other places so secret it is death to persist in discussing them: Naylor Place for example. Try researching that one, The Village of the Prisoner, if you’ve grown weary of life. This is the principle of FENCES.

The other clue comes from OPPOSITES. To see what is closest to the truth, simply look at what the lapdog media, the government and other control systems tells you is absurd and unthinkable. For example Roswell: BOTH sides of the “truth” were provided by military intelligence: weather balloon AND crashed alien spaceship were provided by intel and BOTH are therefore automatically false. The truth is too dangerous and secret to be released. And the truth is NOT either the second level disinformation promulgated by lie pimps: the truth is NOT about progerie victims being used as test subjects on balloon suspended nazi flying wings. That is all true but it is not the Truth you are seeking. Look at the OPPOSITES.

What is Opposite? The Opposite is that which is forbidden, either forbidden by being ridiculed or forbidden by being buried by a lie.

Lies like aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Lies like Bigfoot being a primitive homind or a gorilla relative. Lies like no water on Mars or the Moon, no blue skies on Mars, no life on the Moon.

What is the ultimate absurdity in the field of UFOs? Answer that and you have found the Truth.

What is the ultimate absurdity in the field of Earth science? What do you “know” about the planets? What do you “know” about space travel? Who is telling you these things? And what are their qualifications- and motivations?

Have you ever heard of Townsend-Brown? He invented a “UFO” drive that worked.

Then by sheer coincidence he founded a major UFO civilian research group.

And no one ever makes the connection.

Why did a wave of military intelligence deception agents create a wave of civilian UFO groups?

Anyone who talks about Zeta Reticuli is either a fool, conman or a liar.

Anyone who dismisses life on Mars is a fool, conman or a liar.




Airline Mechanic Turns Whistleblower – Reveals Details of Chemtrail Operation

Are the real chemtrails intended to stave off the coming Ice Age?

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Airline mechanic turns whistleblower

NOTE: The credibility of anonymous whistleblowers is understandably questionable but it gives investigators a place to look in order to further explain the aerosol geoengineering operation we now know is being used to weaponize our weather and heat our climate – and possibly much more.

It’s interesting that the “Honey Trucks” that remove human waste from the lavatory are instrumental in re-filling the aerosol tanks secretly installed aboard the aircraft.  Since the lavatory and aerosol access points are co-located on the aircraft the operation is barely noticeable by anyone with no reason to suspect anything.

If the Honey Trucks are equipped with a single tank, the aerosol units aboard the aircraft would necessarily be filled before the lavatory waste could be drained into the same tank inside the Honey Truck.  This opens up the possibility of cross-contamination when aerosols are mixed with human waste due to botched sequencing or…

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So You Don’t Believe in Chemtrails?

Reclaiming Sovereignty

by Vincent Andersen © 2013

That’s fine. Neither do most people….who don’t have to live under them. But chemtrails are not just something you believe in, like some believe that there will be 75 nubile virgins waiting for them in Heaven if they just kill a few infidels. There’s no documentary evidence for that. But there is documentary evidence for the existence of chemtrails which is overwhelming and inescapably conclusive, and so here’s just a taster for some of it.

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John Keel 1975 – the two types of scientist #Forteana

“In all fairness, we must admit that there are two types of scientists. Type A works for a large corporation or an important government agency. He is a proven producer. He has helped develop new soaps and toothpastes and atomic engines. He is  rarely quoted in the press. In his spare time he writes scholarly papers that make a contribution to his chosen field. While he can have a large ego and other human failings, he does not seek publicity and his rare public statements are carefully worded and often make good sense.

Type B is not a producer. He is usually a teacher at some university or small college. He is caught up in the vicious ‘publish or perish’ atmosphere of our educational system and so he grinds out reams of books and papers, generally based on the systematic plagiarism of the works of Type A. He seeks publicity and is frequently seen placing his foot in his mouth. It is a common practice for newspapermen to call upon the nearest available ‘authority’ when an unusual event occurs. If, for example, a meteor flashes across the local skies, the reporter will phone the professor of astronomy at the nearest school. This professor will either talk off the top of his head or he will scurry to his bookshelf and quote from the works of a Type A scientist.

Much of the scientific rubbish you read in your daily newspapers comes from the mouths of Type B. Type A is usually too busy, too inaccessible or too smart to pontificate for the press.”

All that has happened in the forty years since Keel penned this pungent piece is that the Type Bs have inherited the Earth.



Missing 411 and John Keel’s JADOO encounter with a Yeti

Paulides and the 411 crew have been coy to the point of secrecy in refusing to offer their own theories on what is causing the disappearances in national parks.

They seem quite sure of some causation, going so far as to broadly hint at the involvement of a furry hominid race, a giant bird and other cryptids in some cases, whilst steadfastly refusing to put money down on a particular culprit in a particular case.

There is however a list of common elements by type of unexplained disappearance. and one of these elements is the disappearance of experienced wilderness explorers in areas near a lake where there are large boulders – and the presence of a “bigfoot” type (TYPE – but in other ways NOT typical of the gentle wood ape) entity.

Here is something from 1956, from the long lost JADOO work by John Keel:

“Following the hot and cold Yeti trail, I arrived at last in the northern village of Lachen, 8,800 feet above sea level, where the natives grabbed me excitedly and led me through the tortuous passes to the marsh. …

Cautiously I moved forward, staggering up an inclined path strewn with giant boulders. Finally, I emerged onto the edge of a sweeping cavity filled with water, where broken trees and decayed bushes poked up like skeletons.

That was there I saw it!”

The Keel encounter with Yeti matches many of the details of the Missing 411 “sasquatch” cases.

Keel also notes in his usual scattershot way the connection between sightings of glowing balls of light and Yeti, “crazy bears” in North American Indian folk stories, and so on.

Personally I still think some of the furry strangers are surviving “Neanderthals” who are neither primitive – nor benevolent. They don’t “come out of” UFOs dropped off by aliens – they’re the pilots. But anyway.