Sandy Hook direct testimony


Ignore the silly sound effects, the actual speech is extremely interesting. Not interested in the commentary on it but the testimony itself is detailed and really helpful to fill in the sequence- since the official report has no proper timeline, no proper sequence, no index…


Sandy Hook research resources

Kaitlyn Roig’s phone is yet another potential continuity error, or an inconvenient factoid. Did she give it to the gunman? Did a gunman take it off her? Was it found in a glass factory? How did the shooter(s) get buzzed in that morning? Did they get buzzed in or did they just walk in past the negligent secretary earlier on in the morning?

The Testimony of Roger Craig

Roger Craig was a man who saw things he wasn’t meant to see on 22 November 1963.

This graphic novella provides his own testimony in his own words, together with the vicious defamation of his character certain sources poured out upon him.

Included is the complete corrected and annotated but otherwise unaltered text of When They Kill A President together with live links to some of the most exotic- and possibly crucially important- online resources relating to the conspiratorial weirdo maniacs who conspired against and murdered JFK!

The Testimony of Roger Craig

The Testimony of Roger Craig

The Testimony of Roger Craig

Key eyewitness to the JFK assassination Roger Craig gives his own testimony in the previously edited transcript of his never published book. This is the unexpurgated version.