Trump: Master of the Game, sales hypnosis and why he will win in 2016. #Trump2016

#CharlieHebdo : enjoy a rich full flavoured conspiracy theory

Great summary for first 4 minutes, after that you’re on your own with the videographer’s conclusions. I will say though that although I do NOT think #CharlieHebdo was a hoax, it does indeed have all the hallmarks of #GLADIO and the strategy of tension.

As one of the leading neonazis in Italy said of the Milan bombing of which he was part, whilst thinking they were fighting the forces of communist subversion and maintaining independence from the State, the terrorists were in fact tools of the security forces and the State.

They were genuine violent extremists but they were still totally coopted by NATO intel and CIA for use as tools to scare the population into clamoring for police state measures.

What were once called communist subversives tomorrow may be called something quite different…


#MH17 industrial scale coverup: “after the crime, the coverup” – PM Tony Abbott

Remember folks, no one is allowed to research anything lest you be called a “conspiracy theorist” (phrase created 1953 by CIA).

There is no conspiracy theory regarding #MH17 – except the official one!

Yes, like 9/11, 7/7, Barcelona Bombing, Bali Bombing and all the rest: the official version promoted in the lapdog media narrative is in every case… A conspiracy theory.

Mwao mwao.


#BundyRanch – due legal process

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We believe that the BLM acted illegally.
We have decided to file reports at the Sheriff’s Office.
Together we can take real action!! 

If you were with us at any of the events the week of April 5-12,
when the BLM was threatening us all, we encourage you to join us and
file a Criminal Report with the Clark County Sheriffs office.

Join us Tomorrow morning at 10am as we file our Criminal Reports at
the Clark County Sheriffs office in Las Vegas NV. You do not need to
be a resident of Clark County or the state of Nevada to file a Criminal Report.

The Clark County Sheriffs office is open daily 8am-4pm and you can
file your Criminal Report anytime.

But, if you want to join us, we will be there tomorrow morning May 2nd at 10am.

If you witnessed or were subjected to any of the following crimes,
please come and file a report with us:

Men blocking access to public land
Men blocking public roads
Men harassing people for taking photos
Men impersonating Police officers
Men claiming to be a police officer and refusing to show valid identification
Men threatening to use Tasers
Men threatening to fire upon unarmed civilians
Men using attack dogs 
Men pointing weapons 

We believe that the BLM men who pointed guns at over 1,000 people
on April 12th near the I-15 freeway south of Mesquite committed a
criminal act and that the Clark County Sheriffs office should be required
to investigate.

The only way to get the Clark County Sheriffs office to investigate is to
file and personal, individual “Criminal Report” with the Sheriffs office. 

Simply calling them will not do it. We need as many of you as possible
to go down to the Sheriffs office and file a formal “Criminal Report”.

It is time we took some real action and the first step is to request the
Sheriffs office take a stand one way or the other on how the BLM
behaved throughout this period.

Location: Clark County Sheriffs office
400 So Martin Luther King Blvd
Building C
Las Vegas NV
Map Click Here: Sheriffs Office Map

Time: 10am Friday May 2nd

If you cannot join us in the morning please visit the Sheriffs office
any day between 8am-4pm and file a report about what happened to you.

Some may say this won’t do any good. That is not true. We must use
the legal system to put a stop to this sort of activity.

This is your chance to make a difference!

We need as many of you as possible to file a formal “Criminal Report”
in order for the full gravity of what happened to be properly documented
and dealt with in an official capacity.

Please don’t let this opportunity to make the Sheriff do his job slip away.


PS – Please pass this along to anyone who you may know that was with us when the BLM men were threatening us all.

PPS – If you are not getting emails you can join us just click here. Http://

#BundyRanch : don’t let lapdog media liars guide you to their false truth.

Journalists are lying scum. They whore themselves out to the political class and serve the same ends. Cliven Bundy is no more a racist than I am Chinese.

Bundy was called a racist for the first time A MONTH AGO, when this first broke out.

This demonstrates the classical lapdog media / CIA Mighty Wurlitzer approach of applying a false narrative in defiance of, and over, any facts of a matter.

And at the end of the day, just like Jefferson’s opinions on Christianity or Washington’s opinions on smoking weed, they are small issues when set against the larger issues of liberty.


#BundyRanch NextNewsNetwork claims 200 feds readying for raid

#BundyRanch #ObamaHatesCowboys The Truth

You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.