#Degeneration – is the welfare state causing human degeneration?

“The word degenerate, when applied to a people, means that the people no longer has the same intrinsic value as it had before, because it has no longer the same blood in its veins, continual adulterations having gradually affected the quality of that blood….in fact, the man of a decadent time, the degenerate man properly so-called, is a different being from the racial point of view, from the heroes of the great ages….I think I am right in concluding that the human race in all its branches has a secret repulsion from the crossing of blood….” Arthur de Gobineau (1855) Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races.

“When under any kind of noxious influence an organism becomes debilitated, its successors will not resemble the healthy, normal type of the species, with capacities for development, but will form a new sub-species, which, like all others, possesses the capacity of transmitting to its offspring, in a continuously increasing degree, its peculiarities, these being morbid deviations from the normal form – gaps in development, malformations and infirmities…” Bénédict Morel (1857) Treatise on Degeneration.

“…Any new set of conditions which render a species’ food and safety very easily obtained, seems to lead to degeneration….” Ray Lankester (1880) Degeneration: A Chapter in Darwinism.

“The ego-maniac neither knows nor grasps the phenomenon of the universe. The effect of this is a want of interest and sympathy, and an incapacity to adapt himself….the absence of feeling, and the incapacity of adaptation, frequently accompanied by perversion of the instincts and impulses, make the ego-maniac an anti-social being. He is a moral lunatic, a criminal, a pessimist, an anarchist….” Max Nordau (1892) Degeneration, page 266.

“It has become the fashion to regard any symptom which is not obviously due to trauma or infection as a sign of degeneracy….this being so, it may well be asked whether an attribution of “degeneracy” is of any value, or adds anything to our knowledge…” Sigmund Freud (1905) Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.


Rat outta Hell: Family finds enormous ‘Ratzilla’ in their kitchen

  • rat outta hell 4.jpg
    Justus Bengtsson-Korsas
  • rat outta hell.jpg
    Justus Bengtsson-Korsas
  • rat outta hell 2.jpg
    Justus Bengtsson-Korsas
  • rat outta hell 1.jpg
    Justus Bengtsson-Korsas

A family in a suburb of Stockholm was briefly terrorized by an enormous rat — not including the tail — that had family members jumping on chairs and left the cat “terrorized for a week.”

The behemoth, dubbed a “rat from hell” by Swedish website The Local, crawled into the family’s kitchen through a hole up from the cellar. Signe Bengtsson was the first family member to spot the beast.

“I couldn’t help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream,” she told The Local.

‘I couldn’t help but do the old classic and jump on the kitchen table and scream.’

– Signe Bengtsson

Reached by phone Thursday at their house in Solna, a few kilometers north of Stockholm, Erik Korsas told FoxNews.com he at first didn’t believe his wife’s description of the scurrying critter.

“Next time I will believe my wife when she hears something behind the dishwasher,” he said.

Korsas said his smallest boy had labeled it a “Putin rat,” but not because of any resemblance to the Russian leader.

“He said it because it had invaded our home — and therefore it was a Putin Rat.”

An exterminator eventually killed the rat, which measured 15 inches from nose to claws — not including the tail. Ordinary rat traps wouldn’t do for Ratzilla: For this task, the exterminator brought in special giant rat traps.

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