Zombienomicon (R) – Celephais

I did a comic a few years ago called Kid Celephais, basically a sort of Walter Mitty meets H.P. Lovecraft’s version of the Dream-Lands. It wasn’t particularly good, more an exploration of ideas.

Now I am returning to Celephais, under the Zombienomicon (R) umbrella.

I am adapting Celephais itself in the same way Marvel adapted the ‘real’ Conan stories first before splitting off into their own continuity. Much the same approach here, I will begin with Celephais, adapting it word for word as text for the comic book pictures. This is effectively the origin of a Superman type character, albeit the god of a city-state in the Dream-Lands.

On such sparse threads I am then going to weave the further adventures of Kuranes, as the hero of Celephais (and Ooth-Nargai) and Serannian the city in the clouds. Adventures, mysteries and so on.

I am putting it under the Zombienomicon (R) rubric for three reasons. Firstly, adapting the public domain HPL work is going to lead to spinning off of new tales, and these tales in my own mythology properly fall under the Zombienomicon type story cycle – forbidden book, altered realities and so on. Secondly, Kuranes as Dream-Land Superman is a titanic character and he needs serious threats and challenges for his adventures to be remotely interesting. Deadoids, vampires, lost pocket universes and powerful adversaries come naturally from the Zombienomicon worlds. Thirdly it suits the general atmosphere of neo-Gothic, watercolor artwork and so on.

I am using a variety of art techniques on the Celephais stuff, ranging from scanned watercolors, GiMP rendering, and scanning and distorting collages.

I keep toying with the idea of doing 3D physical art too – physical maquettes and cardboard standup versions of the city, or some location that warrants it. I did a little bit of that for Bogatyr (which became part of the Zombienomicon Eisegesis book) and it’s fun, if time consuming. I really need to set a table up properly if I am going to be photographing physical cardboard etc. and that might be the dealbreaker. No time. No space.


Culmination, Fulmination, Fulcrum, Simulacrum

Back to writing and drawing the same story from inherited tigers through JT Neslo and Kid Celephais, reduced and refined, distilled if you like, to its purest form. A Platonic Ideal of the story concept? Not quite.

But sufficient and fit for purpose.

Whilst still no one’s idea of a top artist my artwork is now unobstructive to the story process, and helps the flow rather than crushing me. All in all, a good end to 2015, which has been a bugger of a year. 🙂


Manifestation Manifesto

In physical reality back down in the Black Iron Prison, control of the means of production- and the human workers who toil as slaves – is EVERYTHING.

We exist because a higher entity dreams. The entity’s dreams express themselves as stories. These stories exist imaginally, and physically. Anyone can see this is true- nothing expressed physically exists before the concept of it is brought into consciousness first.

One might argue that natural phenomena exist without prior thought. But that is to mistake perception for the gross reality which our lower senses elevate to total reality. This is NOT total reality. Total reality is dream + story + idea + physical realm.

Gautama Buddha: with our thoughts we shape the world.

New Testament: faith can move mountains and WILL when you address your mind and spirit properly to the task. Jesus could not heal the faithless. What is called the Holy Spirit, or the Comforter, the Defender, is the animating principle of reality.

Philip K. Dick knew this instinctively and reached for it again and again ever more clearly before his premature passing from this realm.

In my own work, Swamp Man is the latest attempt to explain and express these ideas, but many of my past works touch on it in a more feeble and incoherent way.



Special 7: dream team from current superheroes

Marvel (Disney) have turned their published comics into a trademark farm with no consideration for whether for example popular characters would actually join teams – sometimes one character is in five teams. Hilariously stupid and moneygrubbing.

Likewise DC’s car crash of a continuity has resulted in a basic porridge of unmemorable stories and incongruous characters doing questionable “adult” things with context being a passing fancy rather than essential element of story telling.

So let’s visit the world of 2114, when today’s trademarks and copyrights will in most cases long since have been destroyed or resold and broken up. In 2114 we will be more or less free to make a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (itself nothing more than the Alanmooreisation of the traditional pulp cliches).

The Special 7 – Justice Avengers

1. Wolverine

He’s too popular not to be included.

2. Wonder Woman

She’s iconic and by a century from now she will have reclaimed pop culture ascendancy.

3. Spider-Man

This will not be Peter Parker, but a spideroid of some kind will still be a folkloric popular figure

4. ?????????

A female character not yet known, probably non-white, definitely spawned from new media

5. Captain Marvel / Thor

A shazam type alter ego superhero will undoubtedly still be popular. I would tip Thor, made up in the colour scheme of Captain Marvel. So an updated green climate change is real Thor dressed in red and gold.

6. Flash

Flash will regain relevancy and obtain a dramatically revised origin as physics and revelations about anti gravity make his powers more UFO and less frankenstein

7. Hellboy / Hellgirl

A portmanteau character that allows people who don’t want to admit they find Jack Kirby’s autodidactic art ugly, Hellboy or an updated female version is probably the only non Disney / Warner character to be included.

Female Captain America by ToHeavenOrHell on deviantART