Gallifrey Base: the odious SJW PC face of modern Doctor Who and its gleichschaltung

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I realise the forum controllers allow and indeed encourage abuse of the forum rules when it comes to the disdain thread, but I always wonder what would happen if the Happiness Patrol type treatment was meted out on the praise thread in reverse?

No we don’t. Prove it.

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No we don’t. Prove it.

And how would one prove it better than you and the happiness patrol already do? If I persist and offer proof it will be deleted (again) or the thread will be locked.

No one is under any illusions about this, in fact it’s quite notoriously the case.

I assume this can’t be off topic since you saw fit to muscle in and call me out.

Well, here I am.

In terms of “proof”, exactly how many times does a cheerleader get to flounce into eg the “disdain” thread to argue the toss instead of express disdain before it becomes obvious to anyone not subnormal that a clear happiness patrol agenda is at work?

And I get it, I really do. Book sales and such.

Just don’t pretend it’s something different.

Glecischaltung is what it is.


The punchline: the forum owner’s attack dogs having not got the memo, they proved it to anyone normal’s satisfaction approximately immediately 🙂

Like all left wing forums whatever the stripe, be it “news”, political gossip or Doctor Who, if you toe the line you have broad latitude to act like a cunt. If you dissent, you find out all about how tolerant the subnormals of the left really are.

I was the first person in the modern era to popularise the nazi term gleichschaltung – “coordination” – explaining its meaning and use: the bullying and soft fascism of forcing people to silently assent to things they oppose through fear of ridicule, harassment, or worse.

Doctor Who is an EU sponsored al-BBC piece of shit at the moment, full of anti-white, anti-male and anti-English boilerplate, subverting the culture and society that gave us the modern world. Literally textbook cultural marxism. It is therefore no surprise that amongst the “institutions” captured by cultural marxists one would number Gallifrey Base.

This is the forum where admins had vote Obama avatars.

Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: Key2Time: Destroyer of Delights

DWMR118_destroyerofdelights_31525 Words or Less: Doctor Who does Arabian Nights, and does it pretty well.

The Fifth Doctor and new companion Amy go through the second part of the Key2Time trilogy, a retread of the Search for the Key To Time that the Fourth Doctor did on television. This time round the Key segments are causing the universe to undergo death by entropy, which also cuts down the Guardians in terms of power and gravitas. This is actually a good thing and gives some tremendous character moments and beats to the story.

The general setting is handled like a grownup version of a First Doctor historical, with a lampshaded version of a genie and cavern of wonders, which just works so well here.

The Fifth Doctor is given a real sparkle and energy too, in vast contrast to the diffident performance Peter Davison gave us onscreen. Here, as in the first part of this trilogy, he’s playful, in command, and dynamic – but still recognisable as the same character. It’s an enhanced performance, not a schizoid one.

Great entertainment, 8/10

#BBC #BBCpedo BBC: paedophilia central then and now, #DoctorWho no exception

Eighties producer John Nathan Turner and his partner Gary Downie were revealed to have pursued young fans at conventions, some of whom were below the legal age of homosexual consent at the time. Their term for fans they deemed sufficiently attractive was ‘Do-able barkers’.

This was only revealed in a 2013 biography of JNT, and it made the national press. If it had been reported at the time it would probably have resulted in convictions, scandal, and potentially cancellation. Would you rather have Eighties Doctor Who or spare some young men a potentially traumatising indignity?

Still think an ancient alien picking up barely legal Earth women is legit?

Lawrence Miles return serves on Moffat and all his works

…long-term Doctor Who viewer, told to “go away and be a fan of something else”, responds with elementary “go away and stop ruining our programme” defence: full story, page 3…

Rewatching #Buffy : The Vampire Slayer: better than I remember but still awful after Season 3

I bought the complete box set of Buffy (again), having once before bought it and found myself utterly incapable of watching more than a couple of episodes of Season 4 and Season 5.

When the show was actually airing my first wife and I watched it avidly all through the first three seasons, but the moment season four rang the changes we dropped pretty much all but casual interest and certainly never again made any effort to watch it as an event.

It picked up the usual suspects as “avid fans” at that point- the same sort of sad OCD types who have now ruined Doctor Who fandom by turning it into a niche show as far as they are able to.

This time around the show is playing in the background as I work, with me listening to all the episodes and watching Seasons 4 through 7 – the ones I simply couldn’t have cared less about when it was screening and which I thought were just nonsense.

I am watching them and finding that the Tara character is just as odiously irritating as I originally thought; the Dawn character is just as silly, arbitrary and painful as the first time around, and the ridiculousness of the plotless freefall is worse now I am actually tracking along through the seasons.

Tara as a character is just painful to watch – a distillation of the Buffyspeak they were so proud of, the tokenistic minority character they were also proud of, and perhaps worst of all the pandering to asocial audience members by telling them they can be included too! Yay! Somehow the achingly right-on pushy agendaness of it all robs what could be a sweet story arc of all but the most awful liberal talking points.

And then there’s Dawn.


Worse than anything in the later seasons – the lack of real “big bads” that actually build up properly, the self referentiality being all too tellingly an indicator of a lack of ideas, etc. – is that Steven Moffat is to Russell Davies as Espenson is to Whedon, and Doctor Who is such a terrible vehicle to plagiarise Buffy – almost beat for beat story for story. Ouch ouch ouch.

Review: #BigFinish Audio: #DoctorWho: The Condemned

Condemned, The cover

25 word or less: Mancunian Noir. Only Doctor Who can do this so well.

A joy to listen to, with a classic murder mystery plus aliens, the reappearance of Charley Pollard – who actually works well with the Sixth Doctor having previously been a Companion of the Eighth Doctor. Fortunately what could be an irritating interpolation is actually entertaining.

The story races along, has great voice acting and is complex enough to keep you entertained along the whole four episodes.

Again I’m forced to observe that this is a good adventure that the current moffat who would be signally unable to create. Too much PC garbage, too much excruciating dialogue and too much ego from the showrunner.

But back to the Big Finish Audio – this is a play that definitely is enjoyable to relisten to. It also has a great atmosphere.