Why do people still buy Marvel and #DC when they no longer resemble what they once were in any way?


Darwyn Cooke on superhero comics

“If we’re talking about mainstream comics, I think there have been a lot of real tactical errors made in this century. I can’t really read superhero comics anymore because they’re not about superheroes. They’ve become so dark and violent and sexualized. I think it’s a real wrong turn. I don’t know how a company like Warner Bros. or Disney is able to rationalize characters raping and murdering and taking drugs and swearing and carrying on the way they do, and those same characters are on sheet sets for 5-year-olds, and pajamas and cartoons. I think there’s a really odd and schizophrenic thing that’s happened within the industry. Everybody’s writing books for themselves. The median age of a creator is probably between 35 and 50 right now. Once they abandoned the notion that these characters were all-ages characters, they really limited the market.

I think the bravest and smartest thing one of these companies could do would be to scrap everything they’re doing and bring in creative people who would have the talent and were willing to put in the effort it takes to write an all-ages universe that an adult or a child could enjoy. If either one of these companies were smart enough to do that, I think they could take huge strides for the industry.”

– Darwyn Cooke

DC Comics: original trademarkable IP from the very beginning.

An Original 27 X 41 One Sheet poster for the 1932 African jungle documentary film based on Martin Johnson’s illustrated book “Congorilla” published by Blue Ribbon Books in 1931. Martin Johnson, a Kansas native and legendary explorer, directs this real-life safari adventure film. This seventy-two minute feature chronicles he and his wife Osa’s two year trek into the pigmy villages of the Itura Forest located deep in the Belgian Congo. They capture on film wild animals such as the rhinoceros, zebra, elephant and of course the legendary gorilla in their native habitats and even have some wild and dangerous encounters with fierce hippos and crocodiles. Critics agree “Congorilla” was the very best African safari documentary of its time.  Not only did it accurately depict to worldwide audiences what the African environment looked like in the 1930’s, but it also predated Ernest Hemingway’s 1935 adventure-hunting book “Green Hills of Africa” and likely inspired he and his second wife Pauline’s visit to Tanzania in 1933. Given the widespread reception of “Congorilla”, one could certainly argue that without this documentary film Hemingway would not go on to write “Green Hills of Africa” one year later. “Congorilla” was produced on an extremely low budget in comparison to other mainstream Hollywood features of the 30’s such as Frankenstein and the Wizard of Oz making posters from the Original release of “Congorilla” scarce and virtually non-existent.  This is the only Original American 1932 release One Sheet poster we have ever seen on this film. The stone lithograph artwork of the gorilla (the Johnson’s favorite animal) is spectacular and a real visual treat to see up close in person. This poster was complete and in Very Good condition prior to being linenbacked and now displays Very Fine. Extraordinarily rare and sought after. Linenbacked.


The Marvel comics reboot: childhood’s end.

DC comics never had continuity, despite their pretences to the contrary.

With the end of Marvel paper universe, and in the context of its recent convulsions to try and reflect the popular elements of the movie universe, we’re seeing the genuine end of Marvel comicbooks. They will drift on for a few years, but this is the last ten year period of their existence. After that they will be as cosmically irrelevant to the characters they birthed as ancient Scrooge McDuck comics are to the older Disney properties.

Which is not to say comicbooks themselves are dead; people still listen to opera and it really is the poster child for a dead artform. Likewise many other forms of expression which were once mainstream and then slid into obliquity.

On the other hand the Marvel Movie Universe has taken over the continuity and the central conceit of Lee’s Marvel Universe, that of a shared universe where over the top fantasy coexists with the humblest and most moving elements of human existence. Soaper Heroes.


San Diego Comic Con 2014 Is Finally Upon Us


SDCC ’14 has barely even started and already news is swamping my feed. I unfortunately can’t be there, but I’m making sure I don’t miss a beat of news. Whether it be Marvel announcing a 3rd untitled film for 2018 (making that now 8 officially confirmed but yet untitled films in the pipeline) or the barrage of poster art coming in, this week/end is going to be hectic for news. In fact, as far as headlines I deem worthy go, I usually get an average of 10-15 news items worthy of putting up on my a weekly News Roundup, but today alone I have over 30. 30! Stay tuned for some awesome announcements guys. If I can’t cover them all, look forward to them in my Roundup section.

Check out some posters released today!

Guardians of the Galaxy gets a new IMAX poster. This film officially has the…

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