#Missing411 – the one that got away

One day as a young boy I wandered off into the desert unescorted. When my uncle found me missing he went searching for me. Years later he told me the distance I traveled that day, from the point I started to the location he found me, was way to far for me to have covered given the time, especially considering the level of my own abilities, the terrain, heat of the day, etc. He told me he had tracked me some distance quite clearly, then my tracks suddenly just ended as though I had disappeared into thin air. Knowing I didn’t have a large supply of water or any at all he continued to look in areas he thought I might seek out and just happened across me — many, many miles from where he had last seen my tracks. How I got there he couldn’t say with any amount of certainty. However, he told me, and he kept it a secret from his wife even to the point of burning my shirt, that my shirt below both shoulders as well as part way down the back and along my sleeves were punctured in spots and appeared to have what he called grip marks on them. So too, my skin had red abrasions almost like minor scratches as though my arms had been clutched by something. He told me he was sure I had been carried off and if he hadn’t happened across me I may had been carried off even further, maybe even never to be found.

In that my uncle was not able to get me to tell him verbally — OR I was unable or unwilling to put into words my experience of what happened that day — my uncle suggested I sit down and draw whatever pictures came to mind that related to the event. All of those drawings are long gone as are any finite memories of same, except for one. I remember it clearly as if only yesterday because of the striking comparison my uncle made between one of my drawings and an ink and watercolor drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci. They were nearly identical, desert landscape and all. The major exception was that where Leonardo’s drawing depicted a lake with a shape similar to a bird, my drawing, although having a similar shape, was instead, a SHADOW of a giant bird.




Missing 411 and John Keel’s JADOO encounter with a Yeti

Paulides and the 411 crew have been coy to the point of secrecy in refusing to offer their own theories on what is causing the disappearances in national parks.

They seem quite sure of some causation, going so far as to broadly hint at the involvement of a furry hominid race, a giant bird and other cryptids in some cases, whilst steadfastly refusing to put money down on a particular culprit in a particular case.

There is however a list of common elements by type of unexplained disappearance. and one of these elements is the disappearance of experienced wilderness explorers in areas near a lake where there are large boulders – and the presence of a “bigfoot” type (TYPE – but in other ways NOT typical of the gentle wood ape) entity.

Here is something from 1956, from the long lost JADOO work by John Keel:

“Following the hot and cold Yeti trail, I arrived at last in the northern village of Lachen, 8,800 feet above sea level, where the natives grabbed me excitedly and led me through the tortuous passes to the marsh. …

Cautiously I moved forward, staggering up an inclined path strewn with giant boulders. Finally, I emerged onto the edge of a sweeping cavity filled with water, where broken trees and decayed bushes poked up like skeletons.

That was there I saw it!”

The Keel encounter with Yeti matches many of the details of the Missing 411 “sasquatch” cases.

Keel also notes in his usual scattershot way the connection between sightings of glowing balls of light and Yeti, “crazy bears” in North American Indian folk stories, and so on.

Personally I still think some of the furry strangers are surviving “Neanderthals” who are neither primitive – nor benevolent. They don’t “come out of” UFOs dropped off by aliens – they’re the pilots. But anyway.