Why paedophilia?

Ancient elites are the model and inspiration for modern elites, many of whom claim direct descent from the earlier tyrants and manipulators.


All of the ancient elites had a rapacious appetite for child sex. It’s in the Greek myths, ancient African myths, ancient Europeans being the odd ones out with a lot less of it. But it was there.

Asking why this obsession with being a pedo, usually turns on boggaboo cults, devil gods etc. And yes that is an aspect. But it isn’t really why they do it. It’s all about power. Power and control. This is why young boys- who would otherwise grow up to be normal powerful men, are the favourite target for vile and violent rape.

Also, it’s cultural. In the same way islam condones and encourages paedophilia due to its prophet as described in their holy texts being a child rapist pervert, the ancient elite and their modern successors have paedophilia hardwired into their culture. To ask why paedophilia is as pointless as to ask why caviar, champagne, young mistresses, black tie or owl statues.

It’s a complete package.


25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart

Never forgive, never forget. You can always confirm who the real truthteller in the pack is- they’re the dead one.


25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart

A bunch of people seem to believe there’s a conspiracy behind Andrew Breitbart’s death. The theory is that Breitbart had a video from Obama’s college years that Obama didn’t want released. So he had to die. posted on March 2, 2012, at 1:42 a.m.


























When political correctness goes wrong: cultural marxism’s own goals

Others again declare that Cain derived his being from the Power above, and acknowledge that Esau, Korah, the Sodomites, and all such persons, are related to themselves. On this account, they add, they have been assailed by the Creator, yet no one of them has suffered injury. For Sophia was in the habit of carrying off that which belonged to her from them to herself. They declare that Judas the traitor was thoroughly acquainted with these things, and that he alone, knowing the truth as no others did, accomplished the mystery of the betrayal; by him all things, both earthly and heavenly, were thus thrown into confusion. They produce a fictitious history of this kind, which they style the Gospel of Judas.



I’ve lived through the period where the homosexual activists originally said that homosexuality was a choice, therefore about freedom, therefore good and to be championed. I subsequently lived through the period where the homosexual activists clobbered the medical researchers who found brain deformity and other inborn errors of reproduction to cause homosexuality and the homo activists continued to say it was a choice, etc.etc.

Then came the era when the homosexual activists 180ed and now homosexuality was something you were “born that way”. I lived through that too, that’s the era we are in now.

It raises an interesting question.

Before the politicisation of genetics, back when I studied it at university, we talked of genotypes and phenotypes

PhenotypeThis is the “outward, physical manifestation” of the organism. These are the physical parts, the sum of the atoms, molecules, macromolecules, cells, structures, metabolism, energy utilization, tissues, organs, reflexes and behaviors; anything that is part of the observable structure, function or behavior of a living organism.GenotypeThis is the “internally coded, inheritable information” carried by all living organisms. This stored information is used as a “blueprint” or set of instructions for building and maintaining a living creature. These instructions are found within almost all cells (the “internal” part), they are written in a coded language (the genetic code), they are copied at the time of cell division or reproduction and are passed from one generation to the next (“inheritable”). These instructions are intimately involved with all aspects of the life of a cell or an organism. They control everything from the formation of protein macromolecules, to the regulation of metabolism and synthesis.

Source: http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/bc/ahp/BioInfo/GP/Definition.html

– the way that all Down Syndrome patients look more like each other than their progenitors or siblings- as though all Down Syndrome progeny were related to each other, and not to their parents.

There was an open question about how certain phenotypes- probably, all phenotypes, were almost like new species or subspecies- repeating attempts by fractured genetic code to replicate a new strain of a species. In other words, if you let a particular phenotype breed, it will express its genotype more and thus become more common. It’s a less vague version of the nazi programme of killing off defectives (judged by phenotype) to alter the genotype of the German People- itself a phenotype. Some very smart scientists came up with the nazi programme, they knew what they were doing. What they were REALLY doing. You see, the “phenotypes” that were being radically selected against in nazi Germany were behavioural. That’s what it was all about. It is the most radical modern example of a society based on “passing”.

But back to the point about homosexuals. Homosexuality is a fatal phenotype for a species since it prevents reproduction. Humans have evolved one exception- which is the symbiotic or parasitic reproduction by homosexuals using surrogate carriers or inseminators. Another example from animal species is where homosexual entities adopt normal* offspring from normal* members of the species.

By acknowledging that homosexuality is an inborn error caused by brain deformity and endocrynological failure, cultural marxists and homosexual activits have created the perfect storm for themselves.

The original reason the homosexual activists fought against the truth and said it was a choice to be homosexual is that they knew full well what anyone with common sense knows: if something has a physical cause in biology, it can be altered. It can be changed for better or worse.

In simple terms, it means that transgenic gene therapy can “cure” homosexuality.

When the possibility of a genetic cure for homosexuality becomes common public knowledge, look for the homo activists to swap their behaviour back to being a choice.


*normal: conforming to typical commonly occurring phenotype, expressing typical commonly occurring genotype. A better but more confusing word is normative. Means exactly the same thing and the increasing use of normative is just another example of cultural marxism forcing word change to change behaviour and thought. Like nazi Germany and all marxist states.