The “Delegate Stealing” Frenzy–Part 1


The media is still hyping, for every state, the narrative that “Cruz is grabbing Trump Delegates”.


The Republican voters who DO know the rules and play, or have played, the game, are very familiar with this. For the rest of the voters, PLEASE DON’T PANIC. THIS HAPPENS EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, AND EVERY CONVENTION. If anything, we are lucky at the moment, because states passed laws binding delegates.

In the past, THE LAST TIME DELEGATES WERE BOUND AT ALL WAS AT THE 1976 CONTESTED FORD/REAGAN CONVENTION.  I don’t generally cite Wikipedia, but that gives a decent account of the events at the convention. Other than that, Convention Delegates have always voted “their conscience”, or with the people–since the two usually went together.

Here is a good Q&A Regarding The Convention.

So, Where Are We, Then?

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The latest Lyin’ Ted moneygrubbing email scam





Please don’t forward this to any Trump supporters…

Here’s why Friend: My campaign is going to BEAT Donald Trump, and they won’t want to hear this.

Together, you and I are going to defeat Donald Trump — just like we handily defeated Trump in Wisconsin last night.

Last night was a turning point for our campaign, and we won because voters are standing up to Trump’s outlandish lies and voter pandering.

Voters now know that Donald Trump is simply smoke and mirrors with no real leadership or ability to unite Republicans and defeat Hillary Clinton. They know Donald Trump will say or do anything to get a vote, but that when push comes to shove, we can’t trust a single word he’s said.

Wisconsin is just the beginning. There are still many states left to vote, and your donation right now — a recommitment to my campaign — will ensure we are victorious in those states too.

Friend this is key –> Every delegate that we win between now and the convention is CRUCIAL to stopping Donald Trump from winning the primary and then losing in November — essentially handing the election to Hillary Clinton.

So, simply put, the stakes are too high to not act.

My closest advisers have set a must-hit goal to raise $500,000 by Friday, April 8th, at noon. That means we need everyone reading this email to chip in at least $5 — or even $35 or $100 — whatever you can afford. But I need your donation before Friday at noon.

Will you use the special buttons below to chip in $5 or more right now to strengthen our campaign and send Trump a message that I am going be the Republican candidate who defeats Hillary Clinton?

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The fact is — our campaign’s momentum is on the rise, and the Trump campaign is SCARED.

They know that if we get enough support in response to Wisconsin’s victory, then we can defeat him. Friend: it has NEVER been more critical to stand with me than it is right now.

Donald Trump is going to try everything he possibly can to take my campaign down, he will literally stop at nothing to taint and slander my name (and my family), and I need your help to fight back and defeat him.

Friend, our goal to raise $500,000 by Friday is CRITICAL. We can reach that goal and even surpass it if everyone reading this email donated $5 right now.

Your donation of $5, $25, $50, or more will guarantee we have the funds necessary to run strong, winning campaigns in all of the states who are about to vote.

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Our nation’s future is hanging in the balance of the actions you and I take over the next few days. We MUST continue this momentum and continue our path to victory.

As a result of last night, I know that our campaign is going to win the delegates needed to secure the nomination. But, I also know this: I can only win if I have your support. Can I count on you right now to chip in $5 or more to take back our nation?

Together, we will beat Donald and Hillary Clinton.

God Bless our great country and you and yours.

For liberty,
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

P.S. Our campaign’s momentum is on the rise because we are uniting the Republican Party. I am focused on restoring our nation rather than tearing us apart. Time is running out though, Friend. We cannot win the delegates needed unless we have the funds to run a winning campaign. Fighting against Donald Trump is not easy. He has almost unlimited budget and the leftist media in his hands. I am running a campaign of dignity and purpose, and I refuse to stoop down to Donald’s level. So, please, Friend, I hope that I will have your support right now as I fight day and night to win this election.

P.P.S. We’ve set a goal to raise $500,000 by Friday afternoon. Can I count on you to chip in just $5 or more right now to help us get there?