Oddball Characters : #ON The Omnisicient Narrator

on2_by_flying_tiger_comics-d891kldLooking like Rod Serling but functiong more like the interventionist or activist Watcher from the now defunct comicbook Marvel Universe, ON The Omnisicient Narrator is a framing device, a character who introduces the action as in my Book of Mysteries comicbook series, but who can also turn up Hitchcock like in crowd scenes, or even assume a role temporarily – old wizard in subway, victim of mugging, taxi driver, scriptwriter waiting in an office – as the need arises.

I’ve been doing “meta” characters since I was a child, but it’s reached the point where I have perfected them to my own liking and have decided to start really using them. Even in Conundrum, whose central premise is that the universe is a lot less “magical” than the superstitious might want, there is still “real” “magic” as well as stage magic and illusions. So in Conundrum, ON will show up. Sometimes in person as it were, more often just look for his color scheme in some random person, animal – or even object!