Twisted view of life and justice

The whole point of anglo-saxon civilisation is, IT DOESN’T MATTER IF CULTURAL DIFFERENCES MAKE PEOPLE BARBARIC.

Barbaric or not, the principle, until recently perverted by socialist judges, is that all are equal before the law. And that DOESN’T mean all have equal rights, it means all are equally culpable and liable for their acts. Equal rights have nothing to do with it, and until fairly recently the whole idea of giving any weight to barbaric local customs was ridiculous.

If you go to a third world shithole, they expect you to toe the local line no matter how barbaric, vile, disfunctional and dishonest.

But when the monsters are allowed to flood into a white country, the whites are meant to be sidelined, exterminated, raped and silenced.

One law, one language and one culture. It isn’t difficult. THAT is what the marxists and embedded foreigners are deliberately destroying.

And it isn’t helped by having 3% of the population occupy 80% or more of the legal offices and judicial appointments and that the overwhelming majority of that 80% are marxists and hostile to white culture and anglo-saxons and anglo-celts.