Lee Harvey Sirhan Sandford

usa-election-trumpVirtually every item of alleged news about the Nevada Trump would-be assassin “Sandford” is made-up nonsense.


He is an illegal alien from Great Britain, 19 years of age and has supposedly been planning an attack for over a year – meaning he travelled from Great Britain on turning 18 and has been a penniless illegal ever since.

His “plan” he has ruminated over for a year consisted of trying to grab an officer’s gun.

How very disorganised of him.

He is supposedly an Aspergers sufferer ie he is a schizophrenic who has been misdiagnosed, or more likely he is a mind control subject which induces very schizo symptoms in the recipient.

And in the “too cute by half” smart arse intel agency style, his alleged last name “Sandford” is the generic placeholder name used in security service and police training in Britain – training exercises are set in “Sandford” etc. Cute. A little too cute. For examples of Sandford use see the DVD commentary on the movie Hot Fuzz.


A media blackout has been in effect on this matter indicating that the lapdog media were expecting this outcome.

What would be really interesting is to see who was in town that day and who shows up in the footage and snapshots. “Sandford” is a classical patsy. This is the Chicago attempt on JFK before the main event. A warm up for later use by the narrative if needed. For… The Greater Good.hf_badge_copy

#PKD on the rise of Nixon and the #uniparty #kakistocracy

One asks, Why should such disparate groups as the Soviet Union and the US intelligence community back the same man? I am no political theoretician, but Nicholas one time said, ‘They both like figureheads who are corrupt. So they can govern from behind. The Soviets and the fuzz, they’re all for shadow governments. They always will be, because basically each of them is the man with the gun. The pistol to the head.’

No one had put a pistol to Ferris Fremont’s head. He, was the pistol itself, pointed at our head. Pointed at the people who had elected him. Behind him stood all the cops in the world, the left-wing cops in Russia, the right-wing cops in the United States. Cops are cops. There are only divisions of rank, into greater and lesser. The top cop is probably never seen.

However, Nicholas was no political theoretician either. In point of fact he had no idea how the coalition behind Fremont had formed; in fact he had no idea it existed. Like the rest of us over those years, he simply stood amazed as prominent politicians were murdered and Fremont rose rapidly to power. What was happening made no sense. No pattern could be discerned.

There is a Latin motto, when one is seeking to know who has committed a crime, that goes, Look to see who gains. When John Kennedy was murdered, and Dr King, and Bobby Kennedy, and the others, when George Wallace was crippled, we should have asked, Who gains? All men in America lost by these dreadful senseless murders except one second-rate man whose way was now clear to the White House: clear to get in and clear to remain. Who otherwise would have had no chance.

We should forgive ourselves, though, for not figuring out who was doing it and why; after all, it had never happened in the United States before, although the history of other countries is full of it. The Russians know it well; so do the English – take Crookback Dick, as Shakespeare calls Richard III. There was the paradigm for this: Richard, who murdered his way to the throne, killing even children, and all with the excuse that nature had made him ugly. Nature had made Ferris Fremont ugly too, inside and out. Personally, it never entered my mind. We thought of a lot of possibilities, but not really that. The Tartar mind had never schemed for the American throne until then.


Philip K. Dick, Radio Free Albemuth


other than his skipping over the kakistocrat murderer LBJ’s involvement #PKD lays it out pretty well. PKD fell for the red-blue puppet show as so many others did. Nothing Nixon did or was is in any way different to LBJ.


Is it 1860 yet?

The final year of president lightworker o’clusterf_ck is going to be one for the ages.

A dizzying combination of

1. laundry list of how the oppressed subjects have failed him

2. the first tiny inklings from rebel “journalists” that maybe just maybe everything about him is a lie and he’s an affirmative action hire

3. unconstitutional governing on a scale stalin only dreamed of

4. the lapdog media doubling down to maintain the lie ie their “narrative” – as they always do

5. terrorist attacks

6. “syrian” “refugees” bringing the Sweden / UK style rape and violence epidemic to the heartland

7. mysterious deaths around the clinton crime family – it’s what they do – for example wouldn’t want to be a private secrethttp://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=360758ary, email manager or financial arranger for the witch or her vile daughter

8. the nadir of American potency in foreign policy – the Popeye “I can’t stands no more!” moment is coming for the freeborn American people.

9. ISIS triumphant

10. Trump assassination attempt. He’s bucked the status quo and he isn’t quitting – the status quo will buck him back in exactly the same way JFK and RFK were hit – CIA, LBJ, Malcolm Wallace; Thane Eugene Cesar for RFK, etc. I still think the most likely patsy for the hit is Bergdahl or someone like him. Bergdahl is a “returned defector program” alumnus and they are usually the ones used.

L. Fletcher Prouty on the Three Tramps and Edward Lansdale

3 tramps with new shoes, Ed Lansdale walking past, casual police escorts one of which has a listening device in his ear similar or identical to the ones used in the plaza… and so on

The POTUS of 2024

Following the coup of 1963, an elaborate series of interlinked plans covering both “sides” of politics set up a group of men who were to be paid for their services with the “top job”. With the sole exception of Jimmy Carter, who was a B-list choice to act as a circuit breaker when too many people were choking on the endless procession of puppets (he was still a puppet though- he didn’t want to die in office) from 1963 to today each president has been a willing accomplice, as corrupt as any third world politician, controlled through blackmail concerning their predictable vices and bribery.

Mae Brussell identified Ronald Reagan as a man being groomed to enter this esteemed brotherhood of evil as far back as 1968, and by 1972 she was constantly wittering on about him as a future president of fascist America. Leaving aside the chameleon definition of fascism and indeed nazism, she was absolutely correct. Reagan was anointed and elevated.

My point is this. Who are the Ronald Reagans of today? As I predicted before his election, Barry Soetoro is a “magic negro” (I was the first to use that term in relation to him on my old blog) and another Jimmy Carter. There is also something of the 1840s presidents about him- a johnny appleseed sowing the seeds of future civil war.

The obama era is so desperately awful that there will be natural revulsion to electing any other creature like him. This will produce a “swing to the middle” and will also produce fear based voting. The Cantor loss wasn’t part of the script but a swing towards a polarising figure who seems to have the fix be in is the “tell”. Reagan, Nixon and LBJ were polarising figures who nevertheless kept getting elevated and helped out by their criminal contacts and foreign friends.

To see who the controllers want to elevate next, look for political figures, even those whose careers seem to be over, but who just will not fuck off and disappear for good. These persistent but polarising figures are the presidents for the next 20 years. Since behind the scenes they’re all pals, and although on a personal level they are sociopaths who all want to be the fake alpha, if one particular scheme doesn’t elevate one of them on time another will be filling in.

Palin is the George Wallace of the 21st Century, although she may be coopted Jimmy Carter style for a run at the White House. If she stays true to her faux conservative values and genuinely goes rogue, she will be assassinated.

Likewise in the American negro community, since the murder of MLK Jr by FBI Division 5, the DIA and the mob there have only been approved fake leaders like Jesse “FBI informant” Jackson and the rest. Andrew Young and other genuine leaders have been sidelined- of course they didn’t want to die too, they’re only human. And please don’t think Louis Farrakhan is a real leader. He’s intel through and through, diverting black people from real self awareness and self discovery. Anyone thinking rap is representative of real black culture is insane as well. It was invented by the jewish music mafia and marketed using all the resources of CIA in the media- which IS the lapdog media.

The Hegelian fake duality of left and right is used to keep people off balance. Like when a martial artists makes a victim kuzushi, off balance, it isn’t about throwing the target left or right, it’s about making the lurch and stumble left and right. Once someone is kuzushi, it takes little effort to keep them that way, and the effort they must make to keep upright exhausts them, making them easy prey, if they don’t eventually just lose consciousness from the strain.

America: kuzushi.


The Conspiracy Chain by Mae Brussell

The Conspiracy Chain by Mae Brussell

Mae: There are necessary connecting links in every assassination conspiracy. If any link of that chain falls apart and becomes exposed, the parts of the larger plot are more visible. When every element of that chain holds together and is present in the evidence and testimony regarding any particular murder, there has to be a larger conspiracy.
The most important link in that chain is the selected decoy or patsy. Whoever is arrested at the scene of the crime, to the exclusion of other suspicious persons, becomes the “assassin.” This single person must serve a purpose, namely, to divert all attention away from those people who have armed him and located him at the scene of the crime.
Letters and diaries are always present and easily located to support the predetermined cover story. They provide a “motive”, and are the glue that cements (we are told) the “loner” to his single purpose.
In preparation for his “act”, the decoy or patsy is moved across countries or overseas, traveling and staying at safe houses. He has no friends, no jobs, no means of support while at the same time staying at fancy hotels, spending lots of money, getting phone messages, and meeting lots of people. Very few people have the money to spend years in transit like these patsies, whose chances of being in selected locations at the precise moment their victim is murdered are minute and impossible without assistance.[1981] INTERVIEW WITH MAE BRUSSELL ON THE ASSASSINATION OF JOHN ONO LENNON