Fiji Time: video of the fake explosions at Boston Bombing, man breaking the glass at lenscrafter etc.

The art of illusion. The Big Lie. False Flag.

The Testimony of Roger Craig

The Testimony of Roger Craig

Key eyewitness to the JFK assassination Roger Craig gives his own testimony in the previously edited transcript of his never published book. This is the unexpurgated version.

Justin Gillis, tell us again about “the Bigger Picture”

Let’s all use facts like little babies

Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

If the year were 1965 AND this were the Soviet Union AND he was writing in Pravda AND CAGW was required Party Line THEN I would understand Justin Gillis’ latest piece in the New York Times.

Justin Gillis, New York Times’ Environmental journalist, has been at it again attempting to shore up the Great Global Warming cause in his latest “opinion column” somehow erroneously placed in the Science News section of the International New York Times online at:

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