Jazzpunk: I invented the term.

What’s that you say? Proof I invented the term “jazzpunk”?


I don’t intend to be yet another creator ripped off, accused of plagiarism by fuckwits mind you, and disparaged. I create a lot of stuff, and a lot of it is ripped off, and I am fucking sick of it. Even my fucking NAME was ripped off when a certain person was on the way up and on the make and I was a published author with Z list popularity. I’ve been far too slack for the last seven years in protecting my IP. Fuck that.

The Smell Of Lime (TSOL)

The Smell Of Lime

Lost on an alien planet (or is it?) a group of people from Earth wake up dressed only in their underwear and with no tools, cell phones, food or drink…

Who sent them there?

And what does the mystery have to do with Toynbee Tiles?

The Smell Of Lime

The Testimony of Roger Craig

Roger Craig was a man who saw things he wasn’t meant to see on 22 November 1963.

This graphic novella provides his own testimony in his own words, together with the vicious defamation of his character certain sources poured out upon him.

Included is the complete corrected and annotated but otherwise unaltered text of When They Kill A President together with live links to some of the most exotic- and possibly crucially important- online resources relating to the conspiratorial weirdo maniacs who conspired against and murdered JFK!

The Testimony of Roger Craig

Ever Notice

Ever notice how many heroes in film resemble idealised versions of the director’s own view of himself?

Watching scanners it struck me how not the Scanner but the psychiatrist helping him (and interpreting the film for us) looks quite a bit like a more filled out benevolent version of the contemporary Cronenberg. There are other examples – even Star Wars 1977 had this element.