Science Fairs Make Scientists

Watts Up With That?

Guest Essay by Kip Hansen

I complain a lot about poor science being done by what I assume to be professional scientists. I’d like to think that if I were in their labs, I would do better. [ *** see note ]

If we want good science, and we do, we need good scientists. If we want good adult scientists, we need to get the kids – junior high and high school kids — started off in the right direction and on the right foot.

I spent the last two days judging a science fair here in Cape Canaveral, Florida, along with 50 or more other dedicated people.

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The real reason for flooding in Somerset Levels? Not global warming – the pump was turned off!

Watts Up With That?

Huntspill_sign We’ve previously covered the absurd claims that “global warming” was the cause of flooding in Somerset, UK here and here , with yesterday, even a senior scientist at the Met Office disagreeing with the spinmistress in charge , Julio Slingo’s claim about an AGW connection. Now we learn the real reason. The ROF pumping station was turned off in 2008 and nothing was done to replace it, while at the same time the Huntspill sluice gates to drain water to the sea seemed to be improperly managed by the EA.

I’m repeating the comment here to give wide distribution.

Bishop Hill writes: Commenter “Corporal Jones’ Ghost’ left this comment on one of the flooding threads.It looks to be quite important.


I want to tell you what really has happened on the Somerset Levels.

I am remaining anonymous for good reason, I think you’ll understand why.

You have…

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Snowden, Booz Hamilton, Carlyle, and the spider web

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Snowden, Booz Hamilton, Carlyle, and the spider web

by Jon Rappoport

February 14, 2014

Edward Snowden worked for Booz Hamilton, a private company, and was assigned by his employer to work at the NSA.

The infamous Carlyle Group owns a majority stake in Booz Hamilton.

Carlyle manages global assets of roughly $170 billion. The companies it invests in employ 650,000 people.

Others have run down the important names connected to Carlyle, from George HW Bush to Frank Carlucci to James Clapper, James Baker, etc.

With Booz Hamilton, Carlyle, and NSA, we are in the house of the military-industrial-intelligence complex.

With a cursory glance at a search engine, you’ll also be able to make connections between Carlyle and Goldman Sachs.

This is a section of the spider web that operates nations and banks and wars and surveillance.

Enter Edward Snowden with his 20,000 or 58,000 or 1.2 million or 2…

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