Lucharan! running a campaign where all the superheroes are mexican-style wrestlers

Lucharan! Seems to be a Z-List sort of hit, with good sales across different digital platforms. I will print some hard copies soon too to complete the circle of life for a little-regarded RPG.

The challenge a couple people have asked me directly about is how in hell to run more than a fun but shambolic one-off session where everyone’s superhero is basically a character from scooby doo meets batman or josie and the pussycats.

Well that’s just it- as recent years of Archie comics have demonstrated, it is best to just play it straight.

Other than the necessary existence of super powers and their focus being wrestling and wrestling masks, everything else can be as serious, comicbook, fantastical, cinematic or any other flavor that you care to create for the game. If you are running it for kids as some seem to be, then just continue to copy the wrestling series or comicbook or whatever that kicked it off.

I know some family based games are running MSHRPG adventures straight only with Luchador superheroes- that is seemingly working really well. I guess because having wrestler superheroes is no sillier in principle than having a guy dressed as a bat or a spider or an American flag. And the strict code against killing makes Lucharan! more silver age or old school than many modern comicbooks and in that way more suitable for family gaming, it seems.

One aspect of Lucharan! That I really do recommend strict adherence to though is that if the game session is long enough to permit it, and in all cases in campaigns, make sure there are regular competition matches for the wrestler characters. Even if they are not fully roleplayed or wargamed out, make sure they are in there, just like all those ludicrous ball games the Harlem Globetrotters played in ther cartoon or all those concerts Josie and the girls sort of performed in their cartoon.

Keep some distinctive anchoring storyline against which all the random supervillainy and general comicbook insanity plays out.

Also, a Luchador flavor game really should include genetic mutants, Aztec supernatural evil and at least one oppressive big business plutocrat gangster.

Other than that, I think the game is too young for anything else I suggest to not reek of pretention.



#Foresee Alpha / #Lucharan ! reviews of roleplaying games

PDF and DOC files of all the Foresee family of games based on 4C are right there in the lefthand sidebar, and one or more of them are always available super cheap or free on Kindle or DriveThruRPG.

We welcome any fair review. 🙂


#Lucharan Mexican Wrestler RPG: Character Roster: Shang Ch’imp

Shang Ch’imp

Call me Shang Ch’imp, as my father did. It means, “Rising and Advancement of the Chimp”…

Shang Ch’imp is the surviving eldest son of a Man in a Rubber Suit Man-like Monster called Foo Man-Chimp, a scientifically modified male chimp who gained genius level intelligence. Foo is a racial supremacist Villain hell-bent on exterminating the human race and taking over the world with other super-intelligent apes.

Shang Ch’imp was originally raised as a commando, an assault specialist intended to lead covert missions against humans. However he rebelled against his father and sided with the human secret intelligence organisation CIRCUS (Criminal Investigation and Research Committee for Unified Services), to the extent at least of wanting all species to live in peace. Shang Ch’imp has Signature – Monologue, constantly speaking out loud narrating whatever is happening with his own eastern philosophy spin on things.

His father has sworn to destroy Shang Ch’imp and CIRCUS.

Melee: 11 (Tough)
Coordination: 25 (Gifted)
Brawn 18 (Tough)
Fortitude: 19 (Tough)
Intellect: 8 (Normal)
Awareness: 15 (Tough)
Willpower: 18 (Ultimate)
Damage: 73
Fortune: 41
Fame: 2
Lifestyle: 2
Weight: 111 Ibs.
Weight Division: Featherweight
Championship Ranking: 75
Repute: 0 +4 with experimental animals, +4 with CIRCUS.

Skills: Narration, Pseudo-Intellectual Philosophy, Pop Psychology, Meaningless Aphorisms, Kung Fu, Army Training, Climbing, Punch, Tumbling, Meditation

Powers: Superleap 6 (Normal), Acrobatics, Trait Increase – Coordination

LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Lucharan Drivethru RPG front coverThere is a link in the left hand sidebar – click on that to download a PDF of this rulebook. This book includes age bracket origin rules – roll once for each age bracket your character has achieved ie once for kid, once for teen, once for adult, once for mature, etc.

Over 100 individual types of Mask, over 100 powers, variations and so on mean it is virtually impossible to generate remotely similar Luchadors. There are complete rules for wrestling matches including types, effects of victory and defeat such as having to shave your head or lose you Mask, collecting other people’s Masks and so on.

But what most people think of when they think Luchador is of them as a type of superhero outside the ring. LUCHARAN! provides 4C adapted rules for generating adventures, Monsters, Robots, Villains, Undead and other threats as well as giving Foresee Alpha type rules with some changes for all the other sorts of things you might need on your adventure.



#Foresee Alpha: #LUCHARAN ! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Just finished writing LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG.

It uses the same basic Foresee rules but very much tailored to its campaign.

All superheroes are Luchadors (wrestlers) with the majority of their powers coming from a Mask which they wear. A small number of other sorts of character exist – Robots, Monsters, Undead, Spirit Companions and so on.

The focus is on two things- Bouts in the Ring for Championship points, held every game month, and whacky adventures out of the ring similar to a superhero cartoon or scooby doo etc.

It will be up on Amazon and DriveThru RPG as soon as I am able to get the time to put it up.

I will also be putting a permanent sidebar link to a Character Roster Resource which is a giant alphabetical listing of various characters. LUCHARAN! includes a “Luchadorisation” feature so the character roster will include Luchadorised versions of characters inspired by other sorts of cartoons or superheroes.