#Foresee Alpha errata: Pulling Your Punch

In the Damage paragraph of the Combat chapter: below is the correct paragraph:

Any successful hit inflicts damage that is subtracted from your Damage total. When your Damage points are reduced to 0, you are Dying (see Dying in the Gamemastering chapter). Any attack doing damage can instead be treated as a stunning attack and roll on the Concuss chart with the amount of Damage as the Rank Value for “Brawn” being compared to the defender’s Fortitude. Converting to stunning attack is called Pulling Your Punch.


Updated Foresee Alpha rulebook available from the sidebar now incorporates this correction.

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To counter any clusterf*cks by third parties re formatting etc. etc. I am putting up documents as free downloads, especially for people who outlay money on print or ebooks that are not up to snuff but also just because it’s convenient and part of the 4C ethos.

On the left sidebar as well as a link to for sale versions and comics on DA etc. there will be document links which are text-only. In terms of finish, .DOC files are early works in progress, PDFs are completed to publication standard. PDFs are never going to be identical to print versions for lots of reasons but the upside is that the DOC and PDF production process will always include all errata we can incorporate and the latest rules tweaks. I am aiming not to have that awful D&D effect of endless rules and endless rules revisions.


Foresee Alpha front cover #4C #Foresee

Front cover for the Foresee Alpha gamebook:

Slight changes made to this but it’s basically the same.