FORESEE ALPHA – print copy first edition

I have eight copies of the print edition of Foresee Alpha (first edition) left for sale. Once they’re gone… they are gone forever, it will never be reprinted in this format although it’s on sale as a digital book and free updates are on the left hand side bar.

Foresee Alpha adapts the 4C FASERIP rules to fantasy gaming, especially fantasy animated adventures type gaming.

The print edition is full color covers and interior art, black and white text, quality printed paper and card covers.

Price is $30 each including postage so if you buy one be sure and tell me where to post it…



#Foresee Alpha / #Lucharan ! reviews of roleplaying games

PDF and DOC files of all the Foresee family of games based on 4C are right there in the lefthand sidebar, and one or more of them are always available super cheap or free on Kindle or DriveThruRPG.

We welcome any fair review. 🙂


#Lucharan Mexican Wrestler RPG: Character Roster: Shang Ch’imp

Shang Ch’imp

Call me Shang Ch’imp, as my father did. It means, “Rising and Advancement of the Chimp”…

Shang Ch’imp is the surviving eldest son of a Man in a Rubber Suit Man-like Monster called Foo Man-Chimp, a scientifically modified male chimp who gained genius level intelligence. Foo is a racial supremacist Villain hell-bent on exterminating the human race and taking over the world with other super-intelligent apes.

Shang Ch’imp was originally raised as a commando, an assault specialist intended to lead covert missions against humans. However he rebelled against his father and sided with the human secret intelligence organisation CIRCUS (Criminal Investigation and Research Committee for Unified Services), to the extent at least of wanting all species to live in peace. Shang Ch’imp has Signature – Monologue, constantly speaking out loud narrating whatever is happening with his own eastern philosophy spin on things.

His father has sworn to destroy Shang Ch’imp and CIRCUS.

Melee: 11 (Tough)
Coordination: 25 (Gifted)
Brawn 18 (Tough)
Fortitude: 19 (Tough)
Intellect: 8 (Normal)
Awareness: 15 (Tough)
Willpower: 18 (Ultimate)
Damage: 73
Fortune: 41
Fame: 2
Lifestyle: 2
Weight: 111 Ibs.
Weight Division: Featherweight
Championship Ranking: 75
Repute: 0 +4 with experimental animals, +4 with CIRCUS.

Skills: Narration, Pseudo-Intellectual Philosophy, Pop Psychology, Meaningless Aphorisms, Kung Fu, Army Training, Climbing, Punch, Tumbling, Meditation

Powers: Superleap 6 (Normal), Acrobatics, Trait Increase – Coordination

LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Lucharan Drivethru RPG front coverThere is a link in the left hand sidebar – click on that to download a PDF of this rulebook. This book includes age bracket origin rules – roll once for each age bracket your character has achieved ie once for kid, once for teen, once for adult, once for mature, etc.

Over 100 individual types of Mask, over 100 powers, variations and so on mean it is virtually impossible to generate remotely similar Luchadors. There are complete rules for wrestling matches including types, effects of victory and defeat such as having to shave your head or lose you Mask, collecting other people’s Masks and so on.

But what most people think of when they think Luchador is of them as a type of superhero outside the ring. LUCHARAN! provides 4C adapted rules for generating adventures, Monsters, Robots, Villains, Undead and other threats as well as giving Foresee Alpha type rules with some changes for all the other sorts of things you might need on your adventure.



#Foresee Alpha: #LUCHARAN ! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Just finished writing LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG.

It uses the same basic Foresee rules but very much tailored to its campaign.

All superheroes are Luchadors (wrestlers) with the majority of their powers coming from a Mask which they wear. A small number of other sorts of character exist – Robots, Monsters, Undead, Spirit Companions and so on.

The focus is on two things- Bouts in the Ring for Championship points, held every game month, and whacky adventures out of the ring similar to a superhero cartoon or scooby doo etc.

It will be up on Amazon and DriveThru RPG as soon as I am able to get the time to put it up.

I will also be putting a permanent sidebar link to a Character Roster Resource which is a giant alphabetical listing of various characters. LUCHARAN! includes a “Luchadorisation” feature so the character roster will include Luchadorised versions of characters inspired by other sorts of cartoons or superheroes.


#Foresee Alpha: “I want to play Spider-Man”.

Several families are starting to run Foresee Alpha for the kids, either as a weekend thing or some week nights using miniatures (toys not wargaming) to help play.

It’s come up several times and the ‘veteran’ parents running a game handle it no problems- a Spider-Man (or Wolverine or Iron Man) type character is easily do-able in Foresee as it is in the original game that inspired it.

However one new-to-GMing parent ran into difficulties by getting hung up on the SETTING rather than the character.

Use the Saturday Morning Cartoon test: contemporaneous with the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was a Spider-Man cartoon. Neither of them were setting dependent since the situations are classic slapstick, nonlethal combat and mysteries, nothing whatsoever to do with what the villains say in the shows, which is all over the top and murderous. Playground level violence.

So in that context, it doesn’t matter that a Spider-Man type character isn’t in New York and that his Entanglement and Wall-Crawling will be used against a dragon or a horde of orcs. What matters is letting a child use his or her imagination, which these days includes teaching them how to, considering most schools are now marxist conformity factories.

Model the character – give it the appropriate powers – Wall-Crawling, Combat Awareness, Entanglement (webbing). Give it some extra Brawn and Coordination (but not too much, always leave room for improvement).

Help the child see that being bitten by a “magical” spider is equivalent to the pseudo-scientific origin from the original Marvel comics.

Include the character directly in play quickly- don’t get hung up on background. Children love telling their own stories anyway and there will undoubtedly be some kind of fan movie running in the child’s head already!

Get to a simple combat situation quickly. Make sure the enemy is tough enough to go a few rounds with ALL the characters being played so everyone gets a chance to think about what they want to do.

And Spider-Man is stalking a fantasy roleplaying world! (again).

If a scientist does it in a comic, rest assured there’s a wizard out there who can and would do the same. Likewise inheriting magical armor, a magical indestructible shield (whether you’re a cavalier or the living symbol of Liberty), and so on.

With such a small change, a lot of existing superheroes and villains work extremely well in a fantasy setting.

I am not urging people to rip off existing characters, but it is a fact that a lot of children will begin wanting to play a known character that they love. So let them. 🙂


#Foresee Alpha: University

wom046In Foresee Alpha as in its “parent” rules Character Advancement allows the acquisition of skills, powers and in this case even a class. It says that the addition must be logical and involve appropriate training etc.

But there the matter ends, and silence reigns.

Below is the solution to this offered in my upcoming campaign book BROWNSTONE. Brownstone is a campaign setting centred on a village in a germanic federation which is roughly a cross between Hammer Horror films and the classic german Romantic genre of beer drinking, love affairs and lots and lots of singing. It is also a tribute to Braunstein and Dave Arneson and Major Wesley, the real fathers of roleplaying.

The University of Xaggenstadt
This troublesome place nestles high on a peak overlooking Brownstone in the Northern mountain range known as the Bloodhammers. Across these peaks lies the Principality of Suchima, a place riven with dynastic battles over who will eventually take the place of the dead Elector of that region. Brownstone is the northernmost part of the Principality of Uarduc, and nothing to do with Suchima. The Elector of Uarduc has not even visited Brownstone in generations.

The University is split into Suchimanian and Uarducian factions, into Peasant Revolt supporters and Noble Cause followers, into those studying Books of Magic and those who follow the High Church of the Fifty Principalities, better known as the Iron Church, and further splits are between the members of each of the Drinking Lodges that students belong to. These Drinking Lodges each have a Fencing Instructor, from a School different to all others at the University, as well as a preferred time to drink at Sutter’s Inn (see Sutter’s Inn chapter of this book on page xxx).

Xaggenstadt itself is a tiny place the size of Brownstone but for many generations has been entirely given over to the University, to the point where expanding walls, battlements and buildings from the University have subsumed the place. All those still living in Xaggenstadt but not at the University are functionaries of it. There is no choice, there being no other work.

The Students of Xaggenstadt are lusty, boisterous and potentially extremely violent. They are one of the major sources of discord in Brownstone when disputes erupt and some of these professional Students are also behind the two major factions of revolting Peasants in the region.

The Peasant Revolt is a generational struggle against the Nobles and Knights who demand fealty and agricultural produce from the regions they own. The Peasants in Uarduc are uniquely placed within the Fifty Principalities since the many incursions of the Fogwall have split the Principality up into tiny pockets of land between which tendrils of the fog make travel difficult. Because of this the Peasants of Uarduc, including Brownstone, provide for themselves and their local settlements and remit nothing to any Noble or Knight unless a force is sent to collect it from them. Likewise taxes and military levies.

The two factions of the Peasant Revolt are the Aufgeheners and the Zerstöreren. Aufgeheners or Aufies are traditional Peasant freedom fighters who want life to continue along traditional lines, only with no higher authority than the local headman of a village or the mayor of a town. On the other hand the Zerstöreren or Zergies are led by devour worshippers of Demogorgon, a Named God of primal Chaos and the Spirit of Revolution. They don’t want any kind of structure and are working towards rapine, slaughter and destruction of everything, as per their God’s teachings. Aufies outnumber Zergies several times over fortunately but each side infiltrates the other as well as spying on other factions of course.

All of the leadership of the Zergies are professional Students. Several of the brains behind the Afies are also Students, leading the powerful Leveller faction at the University. Because of this involvement by Students common people who might be sympathetic to some of the aims of the Peasant Revolt normally steer clear of it.

Students are frequent visitors to Brownstone, firstly because it is somewhat bigger than Xaggenstadt but secondly their notoriety doesn’t always precede them to the settlement in the valley. They try and form trysts with local girls, drink at the local wine shop and tavern and try and obtain credit at the stores usually with little success on any count.

The Chancellor of the University holds his position according to ancient custom and the Imperial Law of the King-Emperor. Such places as a University or a Free City such as Schwartzturc are independent of any Principality under their own specific Imperial Charter, and so the Nobles or Knights or other rulers of such places are extremely powerful. The Chancellor rules until death or incapacity. Beneath the Chancellor is the Council of Deans. Each Dean rules a College, and each College teaches one or more Courses. These Courses are comprehensive and provide the entire body of knowledge of almost all known skills. Courses are described by what Skill or Power they provide or what Class they produce.

This concept of a University opens the door to a lot of new characters, because someone can easily seek to join a University and learn a skill, power or class.

Learning a Skill takes whatever time the GM sets and costs 50 Fortune or equivalent Fame points.

Learning a Power takes whatever time the GM sets and costs 1000 Fortune or equivalent Fame points.

Adding a new Class takes no less than a year of study game time or more and costs 5000 Fortune or equivalent Fame points.

The cost of education is NOT cheap. Anyone spending more than 100 Fortune (or Fame) on education at a University also takes a Lifestyle hit; permanently lower the character’s Lifestyle one rank and randomise the new specific score based on that new rank.

OPTION: Spending Fortune on Education does NOT attract Wild Magic. Or if it does, it is so well controlled and envigilated by the centre of learning that no Wild Magic effect occurs (as far as anyone is aware).

Chancellor Therag Tendap (Sage)
Primary Traits:
Melee: 7
Coordination: 8
Brawn: 7
Fort: 18*
Intellect: 35*
Awareness: 9
Willpower: 11

Secondary Traits:
Damage: 40
Fortune: 55
Lifestyle: 24
Repute: 9 +6 with Nobles, +4 with Students, -8 with Peasants

Powers: Improved Skills

Skills*: Speaks: Elven, Old Dragon, Dwarven, Halfling, Ancient Imperial Human, Teaching +2RS, Administration +2RS, Investment Banking

* = improved or added through earned Fortune spent on Character Advancement
Drinking Lodges
The Lodges are where Students who can’t afford their own rooms or “digs” in Xaggenstadt or Brownstone live, in residential dorms, as well as eat, drink and study. Each Lodge usually has a Hireling or two, a Peasant to do the cooking and the richer and snootier ones almost inevitably have a Butler or Maid. Additionally, either an alumni of the Lodge or a hired sellsword acts as their live-in Fencing Master, instructing all Students in the Lodge’s chosen Fencing School.

Courses at Xaggenstadt:

College of Law (Dean: Sunger Xolis, Human Sage specialising in Law)
Courses: Skills: Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Local Laws and Customs, Imperial Law, Rights of Succession, Wills and Testaments, Legal Theory, Chaos Lore, Order Lore, Riding (Horse), Psychology, Witchcraft Laws; Powers: NIL; Classes: Sea Captain, Noble, Knight, STUDENT

College of Divinity (Dean: Bishop Alexandra Neufang of the Iron Church, Human Priestess)

Courses: Skills: Religion (Iron Church), Comparative Religion, God Lore, Family Trees of the Gods, Exorcism Ritual, Witchcraft Lore, Social Rituals (Births, Naming, Marriage, Funeral), Public Speaking, Debate, Psychology, Riding (Horse); Powers: Healing; Classes: Priest(ess), Inquisitor, Knight, STUDENT

College of Engineering (Dean: Grond Kulsmyth, Dwarf Engineer)

Courses: Skills: Sketching, Invention, Siege Engines, Irrigation, Smithing, Metallurgy, Carving, Sculpture, Construct Component Creation, Painting, Repair Metal Objects, Drawing; Powers: Quicken Unliving, Bricklayer, Rebuilders, Weapon, One-of-a-Kind Item, One-of-a-Kind Item, Toolkit, Vehicles, Steed (Constructs only); Classes: Engineer, Tinker, Sage, Hireling, Henchman, STUDENT

College of Medicine (Dean: Wolfram Vorner, Human Sage specialising in Medicine)

Courses: Skills: First Aid, Medicine, Bonesetting, Anatomy, Dissection, Surgery, Bloodletting, Physiotherapy, Circulation Lore, Humours of the Body, Phrenology, Occupational Health and Safety, Zoology, Botany, Cold Reading, Food Preservation, Personal Hygiene, Alchemy, Sport, Healthy Foods, Veterinary Medicine, Natural Cures, Herbalism, Code Writing (Unreadable Handwriting), Midwife; Powers: Potions, Healing, Rainbow Power, Toolkit, Regeneration; Classes: Herbalist, Athlete, STUDENT

College of Natural Philosophy (Dean: Baronet Viktor von Lutzenstein, Human Sage)

Courses: Skills: Construct creation, Fire Lore, Water Lore, Air Lore, Earth Lore, Physics, Alchemy, Zoology, Botany, Mythical Animals Lore, Mythology, Treasure Lore, Folklore, Ancient History; Powers: Plant Control, Animal Brother, Animal Command, Regeneration, Pet, Steed; Classes: Druid, Hedge Wizard, Tinker, STUDENT

College of Wizardry (Dean: Vordor, Human High Sorceror)

Courses: Skills: Identify Witch, Write Scroll, Create Staff of Blasting, Create Rod of Blasting, Alchemy, Slapstick Fighting, Read Ancient Language, Speak Ancient Language, Dragon Lore, Identify Spell; Powers: Magic (choose type); Classes: Witch / Warlock (natural Black Magician); Druid; High Sorceror

College of Agricultural Attainments [snip]

Courses: Skills: Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid, Warehouse Ops, Secure Storage, Geography, Local Laws and Customs, Folklore, Riding, Drive Cart, Rickshaw, Feudal Law, Local Traditions; Powers: Contaminant Resistance, Chameleon in forests and fields, Heavy Lifting, Beast of Burden, Regeneration; Classes: Henchman, Hireling, Sailor, Peasant, Athlete, Town Guard