LIME ODYSSEY Quest for the Book of Secrets webisode 2


LIME ODYSSEY: Quest For The Book Of Secrets, 20 second clip #1


#FakeHistory Hidden Figures appropriates white culture. Again.


This nice white lady is the negress math genius who helped NASA.


-Cinco Jotas

#MYTHICA series – Kickstarter done right, great stories

Mythica is a series of films, Kickstarter funded but really well done. The story is coherent, clear and in my opinion superior to SyFy movie of the week fare even though there may be higher ranked actors in the SyFy efforts.

It’s well worth tracking them down and paying for them.

We get what we pay for and we receive double for what we encourage. 🙂


Review: Jurassic World

9b3I really thought, despite the fact he’s a pedo of some sort, that commercial desire would outpace his preoccupations and allow him to make some interesting films. Instead, we get trademark FUCKING annoying “kids” and just fucking terrible crap all round.

Also since they keep edging towards my trademarked and copyrighted concept from 2003, I just want to end by reminding everyone that “DNAosaur” and the detailed concept of a genetically engineered creature that looks the way we WANT dinosaurs to look is trademark and copyright Jonathan Peter Nolan 2003, 2005 and 2016 and following, all rights reserved worldwide.

This is the Jurassic version of Jaws 3, right down to the blackface billionaire.