#Foresee Alpha / #Lucharan ! reviews of roleplaying games

PDF and DOC files of all the Foresee family of games based on 4C are right there in the lefthand sidebar, and one or more of them are always available super cheap or free on Kindle or DriveThruRPG.

We welcome any fair review. 🙂


#Foresee Alpha: #LUCHARAN ! Mexican Wrestling RPG

Just finished writing LUCHARAN! Mexican Wrestling RPG.

It uses the same basic Foresee rules but very much tailored to its campaign.

All superheroes are Luchadors (wrestlers) with the majority of their powers coming from a Mask which they wear. A small number of other sorts of character exist – Robots, Monsters, Undead, Spirit Companions and so on.

The focus is on two things- Bouts in the Ring for Championship points, held every game month, and whacky adventures out of the ring similar to a superhero cartoon or scooby doo etc.

It will be up on Amazon and DriveThru RPG as soon as I am able to get the time to put it up.

I will also be putting a permanent sidebar link to a Character Roster Resource which is a giant alphabetical listing of various characters. LUCHARAN! includes a “Luchadorisation” feature so the character roster will include Luchadorised versions of characters inspired by other sorts of cartoons or superheroes.


D&D Was a Wargame: I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

The Mule Abides

It’s common to see people saying that old-school games like Dungeons and Dragons (1974), or its new-school sequels like D&D 4E, or indie games like Burning Empires, are like wargames. In at least one case, that’s incontestably true: the covers of all three original D&D booklets announce that these are “rules for fantastic medieval wargames campaigns playable with paper and pencil and miniatures figures.”

However, the meaningfulness of drawing a parallel between any given RPG and “wargames” as an abstract, monolithic entity is hugely overstated. The genre of wargames encompasses enormous diversity in theme, content, and playstyle. Wargames have a considerably longer history than RPGs, and have undergone at least as much change over time. People who talk about something being “wargamey” based solely on their experience of the contemporary wargames industry are talking out their ass. If someone says “Yu-Gi-Oh and poker dice  are like RPGs; I know…

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#ForeseeAlpha documents on the site #Foresee #4C

To counter any clusterf*cks by third parties re formatting etc. etc. I am putting up documents as free downloads, especially for people who outlay money on print or ebooks that are not up to snuff but also just because it’s convenient and part of the 4C ethos.

On the left sidebar as well as a link to for sale versions and comics on DA etc. there will be document links which are text-only. In terms of finish, .DOC files are early works in progress, PDFs are completed to publication standard. PDFs are never going to be identical to print versions for lots of reasons but the upside is that the DOC and PDF production process will always include all errata we can incorporate and the latest rules tweaks. I am aiming not to have that awful D&D effect of endless rules and endless rules revisions.


Foresee Alpha front cover #4C #Foresee

Front cover for the Foresee Alpha gamebook:

Slight changes made to this but it’s basically the same.

Foresee Alpha #FantasyRPG

Adapted from Phil Reed et al.’s “4C” public domain retroclone game toolkit, I wrote up a gamebook to simulate cartoon / comicbook fantasy roleplaying – more light hearted (sometimes), less violence (sometimes) and more oddball and weird stuff.

Anyway, test doc of the game is ready, click the link to obtain your own copy.


I am still going to have it printed at IndyPlanet as well as do a PDF and Kindle eBook version including artwork.