#Zombienomicon (R) Eisegesis selected for PKD Film Festival!

The Philip K. Dick Film Festival has officially selected Zombienomicon Eisegesis to be part of its competition in 2017. We are in the virtual reality / new media / script category. This is a great honor and I hope we both do justice to the memory of the complex genius of PKD as well as … Continue reading #Zombienomicon (R) Eisegesis selected for PKD Film Festival!

Zombienomicon Eisegesis: what is “Eisegesis”?

EISEGESIS: the interpretation of a text (as of the Bible) by reading into it one’s own ideas — compare exegesis. Eisegesis (/ˌaɪsəˈdʒiːsəs/; from the Greek preposition εἰς “into” and the ending from the English word exegesis, Greek ἐξήγησις, which in turn is derived from ἐξηγεῖσθαι “to lead out”) is the process of interpreting a text … Continue reading Zombienomicon Eisegesis: what is “Eisegesis”?

Zombienomicon Eisegesis as a solo adventure gaming resource

Creating a solo game adventure is actually extremely easy with Zombienomicon Eisegesis.   First, metacode it out, either longhand writing on paper or on screen in notepad.   Work out all the alternatives for the main thread of your story. Remember that to really involve other people, at key points in your adventure story you … Continue reading Zombienomicon Eisegesis as a solo adventure gaming resource

Zombienomicon Eisegesis – PKD International Film Festival version – off to the printers

A major step completed. Several actually. The ZE website is up, people are extending stories and inventing new ones, as desired. The physical graphic novel, the GN part of the GNARG, has gone off to the printers. Ten copies to the film festival for judging, giving away and such. It is more or less done. … Continue reading Zombienomicon Eisegesis – PKD International Film Festival version – off to the printers

HOW TO: Zombienomicon Eisegesis

The ZE site works like an online choose your own adventure, where you click through episodes until a story or an adventure ends. Some of them HAVE no ending yet, either because they’re long or because people haven’t written the ending! That’s where the write your own adventure part of the fun comes in. If … Continue reading HOW TO: Zombienomicon Eisegesis

Zombienomicon Eisegesis list of story hubs

Zombienomicon TM Eisegesis is a write your own / choose your own shared novel website. Other than the copyrighted stuff from the accompanying graphic novel it’s a free for all. Dedicated story hubs so far: DOCTOR WHO FAN FICTION: https://thezombienomicon.com/eas/read.php?episode=63 Philip K. Dick at Disneyland online version: https://thezombienomicon.com/eas/read.php?episode=385 SCIENCE FICTION / SCIENCE FANTASY hub: https://thezombienomicon.com/eas/read.php?episode=12Continue reading Zombienomicon Eisegesis list of story hubs

#PKD #Zombienomicon #Eisegesis : Tony and the Beetles

Part of the interactive fiction component of Zombienomicon Eisegesis is extending and holographically interpreting the public domain works of Philip K Dick. This is an extension into choose your own adventure format of Tony and the Beetles: http://thezombienomicon.com/eas/read.php?episode=347 Do read the prior chapters, or the original story, before adding to it though! Enjoy!  

Zombienomicon Eisegesis

Zombienomicon Eisegesis is my epic graphic novel, a work that will and can never end. It is on one level a Gnostic horror story but it is also a homage and indeed pastiche of Philip K. Dick and other influences dear to me such as Charles Fort and John Keel. To add to the confusion … Continue reading Zombienomicon Eisegesis

Zombienomicon (R) – Celephais

I did a comic a few years ago called Kid Celephais, basically a sort of Walter Mitty meets H.P. Lovecraft’s version of the Dream-Lands. It wasn’t particularly good, more an exploration of ideas. Now I am returning to Celephais, under the Zombienomicon (R) umbrella. I am adapting Celephais itself in the same way Marvel adapted … Continue reading Zombienomicon (R) – Celephais