4 thoughts on “1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)”

    1. There’s a lot to go through in a real academic talk, but it struck me when he said regarding the climate change in the ancient world, “the Hittites didn’t druve SUVs”.

      The climate changes, it’s the human causation that is the nefarious attribution by modern leftists.

      If an earthquake storm hits the Pacific Rim, that’s the US, Japan and Asia screwed, and we would be at the mercy of the third world savages even more than at present.

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      1. I enjoyed his somewhat dry tongue-in-cheek sense of humor sprinkled throughout a presentation that held great possibilities to be just above the boring level. He was an engaging fellow.

        A Pacific Rim earthquake would be a devastating thing for the West Coast area. The East Coast and Middle America would put up a valiant resistance.


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