One of our sons was abducted.

One of our sons was stolen from a park after he played football with his friend. Fortunately by some miracle or blessing of God – or maybe because the local police knew quite well there was a sex offender prowling the area – a stop and search caught the filth who did it at the local shops, with our son in the back of the van, petrified.

I am not home at the moment but I will be there in days and then I will know more.

But it is insanely terrifying to be overseas when something like this happens.

The worst part of all is that this known sex offender is yet another pervert Afghan illegal immigrant aka ‘refugee’.

In the space of several hours what could have become something that destroyed my entire family was resolved. Which with all the other stuff we’re dealing with at the moment here and overseas- I don’t know. It’s like we’ve been cursed or something.

What the FUCK is wrong with the world?

Not much for me to do other than worry and wait for the plane to begin the journey home.



2 thoughts on “One of our sons was abducted.”

  1. It was a quick thinking and persistent shopgirl from the local shops who is the hero. She had called and harassed the police all day about the pervert loitering in his van at the shops next to the park. There are three schools in the same area and school children go into the shop all the time, including during the day. The pervert had been chatting up children or trying to already and she hassled the police into turning up. The cops saw or did nothing and left, then came back and the filth had already grabbed our boy so he basically drove directly into the car park where police were already at both ends and that was that.

    If not for the young lady at the shop being so proactive… Whole different ending.


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