ADVISORY WARNING #Grepolis ripoff

I was shocked today to see just what happens when you choose not to join an alliance and you get ganged up on by multiple players from an alliance. I have been playing about a month now, had built up to 4,700 points. I had made 4 or 5 gold purchases and was building up a nice city. Then I was ganged up on by 3 players from an alliance I refused to join, was conquered after 24 hours worth of an attack and I lost my entire game, my city, the money I had paid in, the time I spent putting my city in order, and told to start from the very beginning again. Since this is the case, I am now quitting this game and will never recommend it to anyone for the ludicrous game rules that drive many players away from games like this and obviously there are no rules in place to prevent single players from being ganged up on and losing the finances they paid in. I had more than 2,300 in gold when I was attacked and I lost all of that and was told to create a new city in a new world by the game following the attack. This is just stupid and totally turned me away from this game.

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