‘Splodey Head Alert – Oregon Poll: Donald Trump 53%, Hillary Clinton 26% (Independents)…

Trump’s magic is the same type of charisma that was MANUFACTURED for JFK to some extent, but which Trump, if anything, possesses naturally to a larger degree:

the “life of politics and the life of myth had diverged too far” during the dull years of Eisenhower and Truman. It was Kennedy’s destiny, Mailer thought (along with many others), to restore a heroic dimension to American politics, to speak and represent the “real subterranean life of America,” to “engage” once again the “myth of the nation,” and thus to bring a new “impetus … to the lives and the imaginations of the American.”

–“The Life of Kennedy’s Death” by Christopher Lasch in the October 1983 issue of Harper’s magazine

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