Trump Arizona Delegates Stolen?

#VOTESCAM – fight it destroy it, or enjoy living in the live remake of THEY LIVE.


Political one upmanship, fraud, or malfeasance!

Picture of an old voting machine.  Now we use electronic online voting subject to massive voter fraud.  Ask the Trump campaign or the delegates at the GOP Arizona State Convention.  I was one of them, a state delegate and a national delegate candidate, and this is an eyewitness account of the serious voting irregularities.



Ladies and gentlemen, we have been had by “electronic voting” for the Arizona GOP “At Large” national delegate candidates.

I verified that I was on the Trump “at large” slate before voting. I voted the one button “Trump” slate (this one button votes for all of the candidates listed on the Trump slate). My voting receipt of 56 names did not include my name.  I should have received at least my vote.

This happened to a half dozen others that I know of speaking to them first hand, including former Governor…

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