Who is the Blue Horse Shoe? Exclusive Release

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Known as @EdvisoryCouncil on twitter has been at the forefront as a “Capo” exposing Trump’s opposition. He has been a story here on Avenger, for his artful and precise take down of Cheri Jacobus.

Shots Fired! Jacobus Takedown!

And now, Stephen Stone one of Ed’s closest has given Avenger a complete exclusive about Ed. Without any edits or retractions we will provide the story in full disclosure.

Caught Up in The Game
By: Stephen Stone
I first “met” Cheri Jacobus late afternoon January 2, 2016 while tweeting. Up to this point, I was weighing options with regards to whom I would support for President. This Presidential Cycle shaped up to be the first one that I’ve sat out since 1980. It was hard to do as I started in the business as a young lad running errands, making copies, and answering the phones for a well-known Republican Political Organization. Then…

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