Obama and Castro’s Body Language in Cuba Shows Power Play

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When US President Barack Obama wanted to put his arm around the shoulder of Cuba’s President Raul Castro, Castro was having none of it. No matter what language you speak, the international language of “body language” speaks volumes.

If Obama succeeded in placing his arm around Castro on Live Cuban TV, it would make Castro appear weak  to his citizens. It would give the impression that Obama ( who is a head and shoulder taller than Castro) dominated the get-together and was more powerful than Castro.

Putting your arm around someone’s shoulder shows that you are in control or are more powerful.  That is was what Obama was trying to say with his body language.  It was also way too friendly of a gesture for two countries who have not had an American President on Cuban  soil for almost 80 years. No matter how good a time Obama may have had…

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Day #4 – Cruz Mistress Saga – Roger Stone: Ted Cruz Won’t Sue National Enquirer “Because The Allegations are Mostly True”…

The dam broke yesterday.

This is an opportunity for cruz to have an intervention and try and get mentally healthy. But he won’t, he doesn’t have any non-Luciferians around him to get him to jump off of the carousel.

Heidi the “wife” bankster? As if.

Carpenter #TheThing groupie? As if.

The hos he paid to listen to his drivel? As if.

And for the last time TRUMP DIDN’T DO THIS.

Who is the Blue Horse Shoe? Exclusive Release

Avenger News Social

Known as @EdvisoryCouncil on twitter has been at the forefront as a “Capo” exposing Trump’s opposition. He has been a story here on Avenger, for his artful and precise take down of Cheri Jacobus.

Shots Fired! Jacobus Takedown!

And now, Stephen Stone one of Ed’s closest has given Avenger a complete exclusive about Ed. Without any edits or retractions we will provide the story in full disclosure.

Caught Up in The Game
By: Stephen Stone
I first “met” Cheri Jacobus late afternoon January 2, 2016 while tweeting. Up to this point, I was weighing options with regards to whom I would support for President. This Presidential Cycle shaped up to be the first one that I’ve sat out since 1980. It was hard to do as I started in the business as a young lad running errands, making copies, and answering the phones for a well-known Republican Political Organization. Then…

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Day #3 – Ted Cruz Mistress Crisis…

#CruzSexScandal scandals plural in fact. Mormon Family Values, Evangelicals not so easily fooled.