The devil’s greatest trick

Ten times out of ten the pupils are trained to take aim and fire at the privileged pet-peeves of postmodernism. These are: patriarchy, phallocracy, paternalism,
racism, sexism, machismo, racist industrial pollution (that is, only that pollution that is putatively caused by the white elites and discharged on “minorities”),
Europe, Eurocentrism, the white European male, the male in general,
Columbus and the Catholics, religion, God, transcendence, metaphysics, the
spirit, colonization and early imperialism, and sometimes, ever more infrequently, “capitalism,” preferably singled out as a vague synonym for economic oppression.
Never, though, are the students made to visit the polemic upon the concrete
working of the hierarchies of real power: say, to investigate the effective composition, functioning, and history of the political and financial establishments of the West.


-Guido Preparata

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